CoPilot announces new Premium navigation apps for Windows Phone

When it comes to GPS navigation apps, everyone has their favorite for various reasons. Whether it is prior experience, preferred UI, or unique features, not all nav apps are equal. This morning, CoPilot GPS, a titan in the field of GPS navigation, has announced their new Premium series of apps for Windows Phone, including one for the US and another for Europe.

Currently, CoPilot has their free app on the Store, which receives regular updates. Although free, the app has in-app purchases that unlock premium features with a lifelong license. Now, the Premium versions offer a paid version upfront, but on a lower cost and yearly basis. As a result, you do not need to fork over nearly as much money to use the app.

CoPilot Premium has been available on iOS and Android for some time now, but the company has brought over the popular app in a wider effort to support Windows Phone. Indeed, all their Premium apps are now on the same release cycle with the announcement of the Windows Phone version (the iOS app was updated just two days ago).

The big selling point of CoPilot Premium is unlimited use of voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation and one year free ActiveTraffic service. Additionally, users get access to ActiveRoutes, which plans your trip based on current traffic speeds, giving users multiple options to avoid traffic. Other features in CoPilot Premium include:

  • CommuteMe Time Windows: CommuteMe will automatically load your preferred commute route one hour before and one hour after your usual departure time to and from work.
  • Motion Lock Passenger Override: Passengers now have the ability to disable the Motion Lock driver safety feature during a journey if needed.
  • Free Updated Street Maps: Whether you're a local or want to travel like one, you'll have the most up-to-date and accurate offline maps to guide you. Maps updated include North America and Europe.
  • Maps of India: CoPilot GPS now includes the complete street-level map of India. Download before you travel and navigate without the need for a mobile data connection, avoiding unexpected international roaming charges.

Furthermore, CoPilot Premium has some Cortana integration with users being able to say "CoPilot Take me home" to imitate the app, which is particularly useful with the new Update 1 car feature.

For those in the US, CoPilot is overall an attractive option as the company is offering the Premium version for just $7.99, which is 20% off the normal price. This introductory discount is only for two-weeks, after which the price goes back up. Europe is significantly higher at $39.99, although it includes a much wider swath of available maps for off-line downloading.

Users can download the free version of CoPilot and optionally use the in-app purchase for a lifetime license, or download the Premium versions for a yearly option.

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CoPilot announces new Premium navigation apps for Windows Phone


HERE Maps is one of the top reasons why I'm jumping the ship once my upgrade is avaliable in a few months. HERE Maps is absolutely abysmal here in DC-NOVA-MD area.

Here is over rated shit. Takes me to post locations instead of the one I just selected, locked up, doesn't always follow your car on the screen, had no real time traffic, the commute traffic rarely works, etc. It may be free, but its garbage.

Here Map is inaccurate and slow to change...yea I have reported serveral and one took over a year to change.  May be that's why the CEO steps down?  

Now just for a laugh... HERE Map guided me to a street just behind the correct one!

Seems to be more expensive for Europe.

CoPilot Premium is £27.99 / year? and the the free one is £23.99 for the whole of Europe and it's a lifetime licence too.

Not sure how the premium is cheaper... :S

ALK has been using NAVTEQ/Nokia data since 2009 -- in certain areas such as parts of Europe, Australia, etc.

ALK has their own map data for U.S.




Are the premium maps up to date?  I've used copilot off and on since WM6, and their maps are always out of date and therefore unsuable.  I'm in Denver.

I still cannont stand HERE Drive, it's just terrible in NYC. I only use CoPilot or Navigon. But hey, glad HERE is there and free for users.

Agreed Daniel. Navigon seems to track faster on my 920. Its a battery hog though. The amount of times Here failed me in New England and Seattle is staggering. Also no lane support.

Speaking of lanes, HERE also doesn't seem to know the difference between a regular lane and an HOV lane. When I'm driving through an area with HOV lanes, it keeps nagging me to exit into them, which I can't do if I'm alone.

I've been less than impressed with HERE, also. Never mind that it's free. I'd rather spend a small amount of money for the peace of mind. That's why people use nav in the first place.

Question: Does copilot offer advantages over the Garmin app? I paid full price for Streetpilot way back back when I had a Samsung Focus (remember tap-to-turn?), and I've been using it ever since. It's a bit clunky - I wouldn't mind replacing it, but I don't want to spend money on a downgrade...

I don't know how it's in US, but in most EU countries Here eats Google, Tom Tom and others for brakfast! My dad ia a proffesional druver and say, his phone maps are better then Garmin dedicated navigation.
So In EU, Here is actualy underrated!

Hey Malatesta,

Since CoPilot goes full screen and the One has on-screen keys, are those keys still accessible by swiping up from the bottom? And is that an annoyance?

Correct, you swipe to hide them. Is it an annoyance? Not really, but it is different. When using Nav apps in the car, I'm rarely doing "other things" with the phone while driving to make it a nuisance.

I'll do a video today showing the options for the Nav bar and its behavior.

Hi Dan,
Do you have any idea if they fixed this for the 1520. I have the 1520 and a small portion of the app near the bottom of the screen isn't visible. I contacted the developer a few weeks ago and they said they would look into it. Anyone else have this issue?

Huh, my question is.... Will they keep updating the non-premium version of the app?


I already bought the lifetime voice license for that and I will be really pet peeved if I am left behind because they want to switch to the subscription model.


They fixed the bug where the GUI was cut off in the 1520. Nice.

Since the premium app does include voice navigation how about letting users that bought the voice license get it for free?


No idea if it would be even doable.

I like CoPulot, but I have emailed the devs a while ago about my L1520 showing the bottom of Copilot going beyond the screen. They say they are aware of the issue. Still waiting on a fix. I have an account and have previously paid for the features. UPDATE. What do you know, there is an update for Copilot GPS. The update fixed the issue I was talking about.

I wonder if it will re-calculate the route you are travelling based on real-time traffic. I switched from Here Drive + back to Navigon for that reason (and the fact that Navigon's power-hungry nature seems to have been remedied). But, recenty, Navigon has re-routed me to avoid traffic, then reversed itself and had me turn around and return to the prior routing.

Motion Lock override? That sounds like an extra step I have to take to use the app, which is more time with eyes off the road. That's not safe.

Kinda confusing - going forward will there be divergent features between the "normal" CoPilot when in-app purchases were made versus the Premium app?

Me too.  Been a little frustrated with Here lately.  In trying to get from Point A to Point B it sends me in Point C's direction first.

I have used Co Pilot for many years and have always had excellent service from it. Nice to see them updating it for WP.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I have to agree, Here maps has gotten me lost nearly as often as it's gotten me to my destination, and often picks asinine routes. I was about ready to buy Navigon again(I have it for IOS, but it's not transferable). I will totally give this a try for $7.99!

Still works way better & faster than any apps. For example: Recalculation is instant...works even if GPS signal is lost.

Ahh Google Navigation all the way.. Too bad there is no WP support, it would be just perfect.. ( I support G & MS, before someone starts fanboyism rage ) haha :)

How much is the lifetime option? Also similar topic, I'd like a GPS program for tracking waypoints and I haven't found one yet that does so. Any suggestions from anyone? I hate having to take my 14yr old Garmin GPS V out just to do tracking when I have a perfectly capable phone.

Unfortunatley I do not understand how this potentially adds a pricing advantage to those of us who already pay for premium services on the *Free* version of CoPilot.  I curently pay for the ActiveTraffic and TurnxTurn.

My biggest moan with this is the lack of good turn by run voices. The only way I can implement it in the UK is by using the "Microsoft George"  or "Microsoft Sue"   which are so poor they cant even say co pilot correctly! in fact it sounds much more like Copulate than co pilot !! Try it and see ! Select one of the MS voices mentioned above and then test the selection !    It sounds like "Welcome to Copulutte" !

A company that has been around as long as  Co pilot should surely have decent turn by turn directions especially when its a chargeable app and not free like other windows phone sat nav apps.that have decent voice support

I just wish the excellent I-go that I used on my old Windows Moble 6.5 was being made available for Windws Phone.

I've only used this app for my commute...and it is AWESOME!


The only feature it doesn't have that I will miss somewhat is police notifications that Waze has (when people enter them)...but that is minor for me as I pay attention when I drive and usually don't go more than 10% over the limit.


This is really the best fully featured GPS app I have ever used on a mobile device.  Will have to wait and see how the LiveTraffic part works when I do a 13 hour trip I am planning in two weeks.  And can't wait to see how it does telling me how to get to my favorite restaurants along my already scheduled route.  Amazes me that none of the other most popular map apps can do that.

Navigating to Pennington/Hopewell area.  That's in my general vacinity. Cool.  Take that exit to go to work in Princeton.

I'm looking for a gps app that offers Japan's maps, even if I have to pay 100$ for that, but there seems to be none..

CoPilot does not work correctly on WP8.1 when set as the default Map Application - If you look up an address, go through the normal steps and then Start VoiceNav, CoPilot will launch, but will launch into the CoPilot start screen and will does not have the address from the OS to start routing.  I have tested this on multiple occasions and it does not work. It did work with WP8.

I have actually reported this to CoPilot tech Support a couple of months ago with the Dev Preview and they seemed wholelly uninterested.  

I can confirm Nav DOES work correctly with Navigon & Here Drive+.