Cortana does some hilarious animal impressions, check them out

Cortana animal impressions

We're still not over all the little tricks Cortana is capable of doing. At launch we compiled a ton of questions you could ask the Windows Phone AI in order to get snarky and funny responses. That list has grown overtime as Microsoft adds more and more phrases to her repertoire. We know she'll give a funny response when you ask her "What does the fox say?", but what happens when you ask for other animals?

Cortana's animal impressions are entertaining. Try asking her what the following animals say:

  • Fox
  • Frog
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Bird
  • Pig
  • Horse
  • Cow
  • Sheep
  • Duck
  • Turkey

Ask like this: What does the ___ say?

You'll get some great responses from her. Find any other animals she impersonates? List them below. To our knowledge, this is a new Cortana trick that was discovered a few days ago (props to @energizedtech).

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Cortana does some hilarious animal impressions, check them out


Here are the responses you get from Cortana for the questions listed in and below the article (in comments), I tried them all but its more fun to hear her voice saying that, can't express in text!!! ;)

What does the _____ say?

Fox: Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding
Frog: Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit
Cat: Meeooooow
Dog: Arf arf arf
Bird: Tweet, tweet.Tweet, tweet. (Shes loves twitter :P)
Pig: Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink.
Horse: Whinny!
Cow: Mooooooooooo
Sheep: Baaaaaaaaaaah
Duck: Quack quack quaaaack (that last quaaaaack though!)
Turkey: Gobble, gobble, gobble.
Rooster: Cockadoodledoo!

It would be a lot better if useful stuff is expanded as well. Ask Siri and Cortana "what does a Stonehenge mean" and you'll see my point.

Yeah I agree. I'm all for personality but this kind of stuff, to me, is not useful, and its not even funny. On a positive note, I've noticed that if you ask her who a celebrity is, she'll actually say the answer, whereas she used to just pop up the search results.

Siri, Google Now, and Cortana all use Wikipedia as the source. But I got to admit Cortana speaks out the information better than the two. But when asked "What is the milky way" only Google now speaks out.

Actually Cortana does that, but I don't think she did it like a week ago. Since Google Now has been around longer, it can answer more indept questions. Like I asked "Who started in the movie Alien" and it said "The cast of Alien included Sigorney Weaver, John Hurt, and others" While Cortana just offers a card with information. That card does contain a lot more info than what Google's does however.

Yeah, one of my very first questions to Cortana... But I remember my first question was "What took you so long?" and ended up with a web search LOL!

Try these:
who's your mummy
Who's your aunt
Who's your uncle
Do you have a sister
Do you have a brother
Do you speak French (or any other language)

Cortana needs to be released in some other countries now. They said the UK was imminent and its never arrived. Get a move on MS! Same with handsets, get some announced.

I have a friend here in the US who is 'partial' to women with British accents. If he had Cortana with a British accent, he wouldn't be able to get any work done at all. Would be most embarrassing to see a grown man, asking his phone all sorts of silly questions, just to hear her speak.

One of the reasons (and probably the only reason :P) why my American wife married me due to my British / English accent. She loves it and gets me to say all sorts of stupid things. :(

If it makes her happy and keeps her entertained then I don't mind at all, doing whatever she asks. My partner in crime is worth it ;)

All these animals are cool and all...but how bout some classic movie quotes! Like Dr. Evil, Austin Powers, or Spicoli from Fast Times, Rod Tidwell from Jerry McGuire, Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing...stuff like that would be the life of the party.

She answers the Fox one since launch. Haven't tested the others as I got sick of having to change settings on the phone (if only I could organize the settings list myself...)

Terrible, I had to try atleast 50 times for some words so she recognises them correctly, she kept hearing duck as doc every time (around 20 times), so at the end i had to spell it, which worked after around 10 tries.

same goes with "what does the pig say", which she heard as "what does the big city" and don't blame that on me, i believe i have the perfect pronunciation.


Yeah cool and all, but considering that Marcus Ash from the Cortana team said that Jent Tailor doesn't have enough time to record the real synthetic voice.

If they wouldn't spent all the time recording silly things, she may had recorded the vocals for the synthetic voice already and Cortana could talk with one voice.

Shared this with my daughter. She says it doesn't take much to amuse me...

I stumped Cortana with elephant.

My favorite is still "open the pod bay doors."


LOL. I remember that now. Although the impersonation is new. I don't think she channeled Scotty when she first arrived.

What does the fox say???
Ring ding ding ding ringadingdiding
Hihohohohoho lol oh..... Im feeling pain in my belly hahahahaha... I asked this question in a lower volume cz my mom dad was in my room.... But my awesome lumias volume was maximum and u can guess what happen next.... Haha

I haven't seen her on my 925 either. All I get is that goofy ring instead of a cool hologram.

Doesn't work at all on my 1020. It interpreted my duck question as "what does duck sex". I didn't look at the results

I have US T-Mobile 8X and I've got her, along with the rest of 8.1, on the dev preview program

Whenever I say "What does the duck say", Cortana initially detects the correct words but then changes "duck" to "doc", which produces Bing search results. It's frustrating.

I have tried to get Cortana on my phone (HTC X8) for a long time now I have followed all the instructions to the letter but still no Cortana can some tell me if there is an other way ty

this could be useful if you have a child crying at your face and you don't know what to do  Cortana you are more than just a personal assistant :)

Cortana's had the knack for surprising you every now and again. From such hidden gems to even the smallest of things.

Just the other day I told her to call a contact. I waited for her to respond in the standard format "call __________?" But instead got a friendly "sure thing Salman, I'll call __________ mobile" (something close to that). Kinda caught me by surprise. It only happened once more randomly after that.

Again, if your messed up logic (i.e. being a victim of hype) is "derpaderp, because they gave it a female computer's computer voice, it must be a female", MS Word has got to be a male because Clippy looked male. Right? Yet no one in their right minds calls Word as "he".
Explain your logic or start referring to it as what it really is: Set of pre-programmed functions, and not particularly funny one based on these posts: "It."
She my ass.

Where are you located, Declan? If you're in the UK, I posted earlier about Cortana coming there with a British accent....

The US is not special in this case, we're the guinea pigs. Cortana is still in beta. The knowledge she's been collecting from us about what we ask her to find, track, remind us of is undoubtedly twisted...

I don't know if she'll ever speak every language (probably not), but I am hoping the people at Microsoft can amaze me even more by enabling Cortana to understand several languages and dialects and enabling her to respond in the same language. That would be awesome.

Phones that burn your pocket off and a music app that needs to be physically inserted back into its authors back side but they are spending resources on this.
They fire 18000 but not the people giving cortana a 'personalidy'

Microsoft you muppets

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As far as I know this is not a new feature. Especially 'what does the fox say'. That one was present on launch

They all worked accept for Duck. I would say, "what does the duck say" I can see it there and for some reason she corrects "duck" with "doc" and I get a bing result...

And I have an american New England accent, a combo between Boston and Rhode Island....

Alrighty then, aparantly there is time at microsoft to invest time and resources on translating animal sound, while the whole world is still waiting for their native language support for Cortana, even bing services, since the launch of Windows Phone. What a strange world indeed!