Cortana pops up in Bing personalization settings

Cortana pops up in Bing personalization settings

A reference to Microsoft's upcoming virtual assistant Cortana has appeared in the settings panel of Bing. Users signed into Bing on the web can navigate to the Personalization section to view a section called Other Cortana Data under their search history. The section allows you to clear certain types of data that Cortana makes use of, such as contacts and calendars, and users are greeted with the following:

To provide personalized recommendations, we upload some info from your Windows Phone, such as your calendar, contacts, location, and browsing history. If you clear this info, Microsoft may be temporarily unable to provide these recommendations.

Cortana is expected to be unveiled as part of Windows Phone 8.1 this week as part of Microsoft's Build conference.

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Cortana pops up in Bing personalization settings


@WP Central team,

Does this mean is going to use Bing search, instead of Google search?!?!

If Facebook is using Bing search, Mobile Nation can too...

Keep Bing'in !

Its easier to implement something that works for the 20 people living in the US and use WP than for all the rest dude.....

Well, if you want to penetrate the world, that you should not offer crippled experience while users can easily find out, that it is crippled compared to US offer. E.g. why there is still problem with the Xbox Music Pass subscription in many EU countries after the years of availability in the US? Why we still do not have Bing search personalization for most EU countries? Why there is no Local Scout available in many EU countries? To name just few examples. I just do not get it.

I guess you mean Here Explore (Beta)? It's not available in some/most countries either, which makes no sense since it's got 100% more coverage outside the US then Local Scout does.

Nice try to excuse them, but what might be a legal problem with Surface availability in EU countries? It is just a tablet, isn't it?

You are just comparing incomparable. Browser was included in every OS copy sold, and that was the complaint. The EU decision was a piece a shit, but somehow could be explainable. But why the hack the Surface Tablet is not selling worldwide?

That is one of the things that I hope MS will do sooner, rather than later, full global support for all of their services.

It's not as if they have to fight a thousand laws and regulations (as with music and video services) to make it happen for Cortana. Sure, if there's no data for a given location she can politely apologize and tell you she can't find Starbucks in Dalmatian zagora. And you know what? Local Scout works perfectly in Croatia on 7.8 devices but it's completely disabled on 8.0 devices. When I fire up my old Omnia 7 I can find POI in Zagreb just fine. No restaurants and shops, but plenty of historical and other stuff. And Foursquare is very strong in my country, there are thousands of check-in points. I'm sure the same goes for many other countries. I don't like this US-centric approach. Microsoft is a global company. No disrespect meant for the United States whatsoever.

Is there a Word Flow keyboard for Czech language? That's the most I'm hoping to get from 8.1 for Croatia and localization, but somehow I doubt even that will happen. MS has plenty of local branches in probably every country where there's more than one Windows machine, I hope those teams were/are hard at work.

MS is under heavier scrutiny than Google. Google has damn near/over 90% market share in most markets and yet no one is taking them to court like the EU took MS to court to break them up. Google is unapologetic about its lobbying

You don't need a source, that is how MS usually rolls out such things. It would be a surprise if they release it globally.


I'm sad that Eastern Europe is like the end of the world for them.

I just wonder if she will be available to all, no matter the region. I hope so. She can help with the calendar and other stuff, I don't mind not being able to ask her for good restaurants in Zagreb. Yet.

Does Bing Dictionary works in Germany (search: "define iguana" and see if it shows outstanding dictionary resutls like Google)?

An Asian friend told me that it doesn't show them dictionary results..

If Dictionary is US only after 5 years of its release, then don't get your hopes high..

One off the few things i hate about MSFT, all those services that are US only. They haave a bigger marketshare in Europe, but still don't seem to give a fuck about it. Cortana is probably US only. Why can't they make it worldwide, put it in W8 and X1 and make everyone profit off the effort that went into making this thing. We don't know yet if it will be a US only thing, but i think there is a 99% chance it is.

agreed. sadly I think even if he tells them, they can't. I don't understand how so many taltented people at MSFT can produce souch mediocre work in some areas. on the one hand, you have the tools gurus which blow away everybody, the backend server guys who do amazing things, on the other hand you have the services groups which can't ship anything on time, don't seem to care about international markets, and overall fail. Maybe it is bad management, maybe it is bad planning. not sure. Yes. Satya needs to clean house. If you can't ship, you're out.

I wish that she could sound just like the real Cortana.. Fingers crossed. I know we haven't heard it yet but lets hope!

Bing in Switzerland doesn't even show the personalization tab ...i fear I'll have to wait years until I can use Cortana without speaking a foreign language. I hope I'm wrong, though.

The region must be set to US to see the Personalization tab. I hope the need for this US setting is negated in WP8.1. Fingers crossed. :)

Just like Bing voice search which is available on all Windows Phones worldwide but the webpage voice search is US only.

Right now, I've just changed the search region setting in the phone to US for those text boxes on the Bing image and the voice search. Sucks that its not a worldwide feature.

Cortana better live up to whatever levels beyond siri and google now are now because otherwise, if we're being honest here, the offerings from apple and google are the source constant mocking by the WP crowd. And yet it seems we wanted those silly assistants all along even as virtially everybody dismissed them as gimmicks?

I reserve judgement but given MSFT history, I'm ready for a dissapointment. It will be like using bing maps. yeah, ok, but no google.

I'm hoping it's better or different then the mentioned two.  A true personal assistant if you will.  Basically I want Scarlet Johanson dammit!  

Ditto, I am well and truly taking "Cortana" with a grain of salt.

That being said I will be happy if I can play a song from my phone just by asking it. All I really care about because music navigation sucks.

Actually there is more that I want, but I know for a fact that we won't get it. I want a virtual assistant that truly adapts and eventually gets to a point where it will recommend to me something to eat/do/see/etc. Rather than me constantly having to ask it.

Part of the problem is data. MSFT just doesn't care. Look at bing maps. half the shops in a town are missing, so how will cortana possibly be able to recommend it? Look at events, bing events wasn't even able to find our city's st patrick's parade. WTF!

Yet another example of the disfunctional MSFT: brilliant engineers probably made cortana smarter than siri or now, but it is backed by bing services which although are designed brilliantly, they are backed by bing data. hence the problem. Do we see flets of bing cars? nope. do we see a crowd source effort on bing maps? nope. do we see MSFT caring? nope.

why MSFT doesn't care about its data repository is beyond me. billions of dollars sitting there could put two bing cars for every one google car if they wanted to.

I don't think Google Now is a gimmick. It does some smart things.. And I'd kill for Cortana to link up with Wolfram Alpha like Siri does.

It's quite interesting how a virtual assistant with reference to a video game can engage so many feelings around the world.:)
Either it appeals to the child in all of us or the gaming community is more mature than you might think it is. Either way it's kind of a cool move by Microsoft. I like it!

Cortana it is then, but I suspect limited markets only (eg. US and probably no one else!). Past midnight here in Aus atm, look forward to waking to some interesting news in the morning!

MS just can't mess up with this ... It's the feature most expected by all users around the world.

I really hope isn't only for US (They even haven't a good market).


I agree. If it's US only, then I'm sure it's going to disappoint most of the WP users.I'll definitely be one of them. I've already switched back to Google from Bing due to Bing Rewards being US only & I can do the same for WP.

If cortana is US only, then the rest of the world wont need the search button on their phone. (assuming cortana is opened by tapping search button, from the leaks) It doesn't make sense at all

You have to hold down the search button for Cortana. Tapping it still takes you to Bing.

Thanks for this info. Cortana opened in a jiffy on all leak video, and i thought it was just a tap away. Anyway its still useless, bing in India isn't that much good for local searches

Sadly I honestly think that Cortana will be US only. Look at when WP7 was configured. If you changed the search it would show local scout and give you results. Then in WP8 even if you changed that, it still showed the local scout icon but didn't provide any results. Let's wait and see.

I wonder if Cortana will be available based on your phone's/Bing region or Microsoft Account settings. Because we can easily switch everything to US and get her on our phones but I will not mess with my Microsoft Account and billing settings. Once was enough, I had to ditch my old MS account because of it.

The name cortana is ridiculous for a virtual personal assistant. Microsoft still has an issue with naming.keep the name simple elegant and Catchy. Not everyone is a nerd and fan of whatever Sci fi stuff this name was gotten from. I'll choose the name Siri over Cortana anytime

Hey, I sent that as a Tip and I don't even get a thanks? :( Let alone me no one else either? Surely I wasn't the only one to send it..

Great news HOWEVER as always nothing has changed in UK Bing, using Microsoft for almost everything however the fact that Bing is so limited outside US is rather frustrating, almost as much as this comments area, please start using Disqus.

I hope that Cortana Is available outside the US or else I might just go back to Google (who actually gives a shit about people outside the US)

US only it seems, just like Bing rewards... WHEN will MS actually get it, there's a world outside the US. And most of the people on this planet live here...
And there's also a bigger market out here....

Awesome!  I turned Search History back on so that Cortana can snuggle up and get to know me better.

Awesome! I turned Search History back on so that Cortana can snuggle up and get to know me better.