eBuddy XMS for Windows Phone beta now live

eBuddy XMS Beta

We previously touched on eBuddy earlier this year when we noticed a job posting for a Windows Phone app, now Mi Móvil Windows has cooked up an article briefly covering the eBuddy XMS beta for Windows Phone, which was made available to selected users yesterday. They note that while the app lacks features sported in other messaging apps that are already available on the platform, it does have an attractive UI.

Some features highlighted in the version 0.9 beta:

  • Ability to add contacts by scanning the handset address book, Facebook contacts, directly with PIN or eBuddy
  • Allows you to copy and delete entire conversation threads
  • Push Notifications of received messages
  • Displays the contact's online status
  • Displays information about the delivery status of a message
  • Phone Compatible with Windows 7.5 and higher Mango
  • Languages ​​available: English, Dutch and Russian

Limitations to take note of:

  • Does not allow to send or receive images
  • Does not display emotions sent from other platforms
  • Only allows text chat

Keep an eye out on this space should you be looking forward to eBuddy making an appearance.

Source: Mi Móvil Windows (translate)


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eBuddy XMS for Windows Phone beta now live





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I'd like to answer your questions, but unfortunately I can only do so in English, so feel free to drop the questions in the comments or at wp@ebuddyxms.zendesk.com.


If you or your friends would' like to join the beta program, please let us know Windows Live ID's and contact e-mails via email at wp@ebuddyxms.zendesk.com.


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