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Windows Phone frans rage

In VideoLAN versus fans of Windows Phone, no one wins

A few days ago, VLC – the popular video app for playing odd Codecs – made its appearance on Windows Phone for the public. At the time, it was not clear if this was the official release or the public beta of the app. As it turns out, it was the latter. As such, some negative user complaints came...
Life360, the ninth of 12 Days of Hidden Gems

Life360, the ninth of 12 Days of Hidden Gems

For our ninth day of 12 Days of Hidden Gems, we are looking into family safety. Combined with a SmartThings setup and the highly rated Life360 Family Locator app and service, your smartphone can be an all seeing eye to keep track of children and family members. Life360 is not a new app, but it...
Rdio, the tenth of 12 Days of Hidden Gems

Rdio, the tenth of 12 Days of Hidden Gems

For our tenth day of 12 Days of Hidden Gems, our focus is shifting to entertainment. Music is something everyone loves but choosing which service – if any – to use for streaming can be challenging. So why use a streaming service at all? Discovery and variety are the main reasons and Rdio, available...
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Mobile Nations Community Update, February 2015

Mobile Nations Community Update, February 2015

It's that time again. Time to bring you up-to-date with the latest happenings around Android Central, Connectedly, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Central in our Community Update.
Microsoft Store

Telling a tale of superb Microsoft customer service

No-one ever talks about great customer service. As someone who spent a past life working in retail, I'm only too aware of this. Not once would you hear of one of your customers seeking out the manager to praise your efforts, no matter how much you had done. But should a customer be unhappy, well...
Microsoft Lumia 535

Bargain Lumias continue to grab Windows Phone market share, Windows 10 makes a dent

Lumia 535 continues to grow, Windows 10 grabs some of the market, and new mysterious Lumias are discovered The story of Windows Phone market share within itself is now a familiar one, with budget phones abounding. Last month we saw a rapid entry of the new Microsoft Lumia 535 to many markets,...
Windows 10 for phones

From the Editor's Desk – Should you (hack) install Windows 10 on your phone?

Today is a holiday in the US, well, technically a holiday, so I do not expect a busy news cycle. Many in the US have the day off, including those in the tech world, so things will likely start off slow. With that out of the way, let's talk about a few things on my mind as we head into this week...

Looking ahead to exciting, busy times leading to Windows 10

It's going to be one busy year as we head towards Windows 10 We like busy times around here. With being busy comes exciting things to be busy for. This year is going to be crazy. Already we're into February, we've seen CES come and go, not to mention the January 21 Windows 10 event and...
WIndows 10

Treat Microsoft employees with respect when you're asking about Windows 10

Everyone's excited for Windows 10. I get that. Working at Windows Central it's naturally more obvious than in many other walks of life. The desktop previews are well under way and are largely being well received. But the dark horse in the room is Windows 10 for phones. We've only seen a small...
Windows Defender

Do you need an antivirus program for your Windows PC in 2015?

In the not-so-distant past, legitimate fear of viruses online spurred an industry of antivirus software for PCs. A general lack of security consciousness among those making their first steps on the internet led to lost files, ruined computers, and, in the worst-case scenarios, sensitive data...
Smartphone Futurology: The science behind smartphone glass

Smartphone Futurology: The science behind smartphone glass

Welcome to Smartphone Futurology. In this new series of science-filled articles, Mobile Nations guest contributor Shen Ye walks through current technologies in use within our phones, as well as the cutting-edge stuff still being developed in the lab. There's quite a bit of science ahead, as a lot...
From the Editor's Desk: Taking a break from the doldrums of winter

From the Editor's Desk: Taking a break from the doldrums of winter

Once a week, myself or Richard Devine try to do an editor's desk post. It's an opportunity for us to talk about larger things than just today's news or reviews, including community business, or things that irk us. Today's post will be rather short one as I am out of the country missing the warm...
Super Bowl XLIX

Poll: Pick your team, who's going to win the Super Bowl?

Here's a little off-topic fun for this weekend. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. Attracting in excess of 100 million global viewers, there's a huge interest naturally in the U.S., but an ever growing support elsewhere. It's now huge here in the UK, for...