Entertainment Weekly shows off TITAN II, mention Lumia 900

Entertainment Weekly 1/27/12

Entertainment Weekly, one of the most popular pop-culture mags here in the States had a nice but prominent mention of the HTC TITAN II and the Nokia Lumia 900 in their January 27th edition (page 25). The magazine praises the TITAN II as being "zippy and smooth", "brilliant 4.7" screen" and of course positive mention of its 16MP camera (see samples).

Just another example of how Windows Phone is steadily leeching into the mainstream media and being featured with other big tech stories.

Thanks, Darrell D., for the photo!


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Entertainment Weekly shows off TITAN II, mention Lumia 900


This just proves that it is the hardware that matters to mainstream media. Build it and they will come!

Nice, WP is growing by leaps and bounds! Glad I finally got around to jumping on the WP7 bandwagon after purchasing my Lumia 800 (My first WP) earlier this week. Perfect time to get on board, could never go back to Android as my primary mobile OS (Had a HTC Desire HD previously, nice enough phone but got nothing on the Lumia.)

It's going to be a toss-up between the Titan II and the Lumia 900.  Going to look at both and since I will be paying full retail I'll have to choose which gives me the best bang for the buck.

I'm with T-Mobile.. I had my HTC-HD7 when Windows phone hit the market. I like T-Mobile plans and I rather stay, but At&t are getting the better phone. I hope T-Mo gets something like the Titan or the Lumia 900. I'm all set with the Radar or the Lumia 710.. I need an upgrade, not a downgrade in size..

My Focus was a great phone after the Mango update but my TITAN is in another class altogether. I am trying to figure out how I'm going to get the TITAN II. ATT is no doubt limiting downloads on the TITAN's 4G (3G+) while the new LTE network is uncluttered and superfast (know this to be true from a friends android LTE phone). Plus the TITAN II has the three button icons spaced closer together (like the Focus S) for easy one-handed use. The NOKIA 900 is wanted by my wife :-)

That 16-mp camera will take WP places. It's innovative. Now all we need is a retina display and a quad core proc! :)

Quad core for what? My Focus S is already faster than my wife's Iphone 4s, what we need is better advertising, possibly some celebrity endorsements, something to get people all over everywhere talking about it.

Its amazing, since the release of the 710 on tmo, and the announcements at CES (900, Titan2) I've seen more WP7 commercials and advertisement's than I've ever seen in the 15 months its been out