Lumia 530

Entry-level Lumia 530 announced, runs Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft today announced the Lumia 530, a brand new entry-level Windows Phone. Those who recall the affordable Lumia 520 will know exactly who Microsoft is targeting with its successor. This Windows Phone is the latest handset to come from the tech giant running Windows Phone 8.1 and featuring a quad-core processor to boot. The only difference being the price, which will see both the single-SIM and dual-SIM variants be listed for under €100.

Specifications wise, the Lumia 530 is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor, a 4-inch LCD display, 5MP shooter, 512MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage (with the option to expand with microSD support). As touched on above, the Lumia 530 will be available in two editions, both single and dual-SIM (3G).

Colour options include bright orange, bright green, white and dark grey. Shells are changeable, as expect. Microsoft plans to launch both handsets in select markets in August. Hit up the Nokia website for more details.


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Entry-level Lumia 530 announced, runs Windows Phone 8.1



It's a cheap phone. You shouldn't expect higher specs on stuff that sells for 100€. If you do, you're just delusional.

The 525 isn't available almost anywhere. In case you haven't noticed. Because it is not good business to produce it in mass scale.

Moto E has 1 GB of RAM and they are selling that much cheaper than this. Motorola is not a non-profit organization, am I right?
I agree WP doesn't need that much of RAM to run smoothly but playing even basic games requires it (like Subway Surfer) and some of the apps (like incoming LockScreen app) requires 1 GB. Assuming that even basic user will play some games and install some apps to his/her mobile, can't they give him/her more than what they offered in predecessor? They do add powerful processor to this but somehow adding more RAM is still a blasphemy?


In India Moto E is selling like hot cakes. Lumia 530 has no chance at all even 630 has no chance

Asus has dual core ram.. compared to quad core here please check in the link u provided.  yes more RAM less processing speed. take ur pick

Asus has a dual core Intel processor WITH hyperthreading which means a single core has 2 threads effectively making it a quad core processor.
Also benchmarks suggest it is more powerful than snapdragon 400

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Moto E cant as much as take a glance at the quality levels offered by NOKIA/MS. A person wanting a quality product can only come towards Nokia first and Sony second.

Seems that no one has chances in India,well,they will sell it in other country's who the hell cares about India !

The Moto E is a great phone... And Google sells it at great losses. Currently, yes, Motorola is a non-profit company. And Google does it on purpose. However, once the company is handed to Lenovo, you may see things changing.
Microsoft on the other hand doesn't wish to have a money-losing phone division. They're not that committed to making phones as it is, already. Making phones at losses will be a no no for the shareholders. And you know what Satya does to money-losing things...

Yes, they do. The deal wasn't completed yet. It's still in the regulatory approval stages.

"Microsoft on the other hand doesn't wish to have a money-losing phone division."
Oh yes, because 1 GB of RAM is SO expensive, right? Windows Phone doesn't need 1GB RAM if apps are optimized, but in reality most apps and games are not optimized enough.
And can you give me proof that Moto E it's being sold at a loss?

I think at this point, just start all windows phone's out at 1 GB RAM.   Lower cost devices, go with less ram, but always have the SD slot.  

RAM-module, shipping, and taxes and you are looking at around 10% higher priced phone.

And seeing how MS wants to replace the Asha -line with WP (and that's really the only way they'll ever get any attention), they will continue to produce 512MB phones, to get to $70 and below prices.

"you are looking at around 10% higher priced phone."
You know, Lumia 630 is priced at around $183 in India. IF I go by your +10% price for 1GB RAM, the Lumia 630's price becomes $201.30. I don't think that's much of a problem for people who were already willing to shell out $183. Especially considering the fact that then you can have access to all apps and games (including the very high-end ones - I don't remember much but I think NOVA 3, Spiderman Unlimited 2, GT Racing 2, and few other fall in this category). The extra $18 is worth it if you ask me as you also get to enjoy certain features and apps before they are ported to 512 MB devices (which usually takes around half a year for most games, examples Someway Surfers 2, Temple Run 2).

Those pretty games are unlikely to run well on the SoC though.

Not sure what's the reason, but most Lumias have seemed to be overpriced in India, being more expensive than elsewhere as well as being more expensive than competition.

"Those pretty games are unlikely to run well on the SoC though."
Well, considering the Snapdragon 200 SoC should be mostly on par with the Snapdragon S4 premium tier SoC ( I think it's referred to as S4 Pro, while the lower ones as S4 play), I don't see any problems. Sure, the games may not run at 60 FPS, but is a decent frame rate like 40 or 45 FPS too much of a problem?

Because I bother to read what's going on on other platforms instead of living encrusted in the WP shell.

Oh I'm sure they sell it at a huge loss. Do you tell yourself that as you buy a $650 high end model?

Wake up, phones do not cost more to make than laptops. They are taking huge profits because half the consumers still think a subsidized phone "only" costs them $100

Hi, welcome to the rest of the World where we don't do that "subsidized" bullsh*t. Yet, these low cost phones are sold at a loss. How about doing some reading? Wouldn't hurt you...

Please point me to a story that shows a company selling smartphones for a loss. I would love to do that reading.

You should buy a Motorola!complaints,only complaints....MS should send people for a brain checkup before selling the phones to them,you could be on top of the list.

i am very happy with my 520! I don't hate Motorola at all. Just wished that 530 had something that could make it a worthy competitor.

Yea just because I'm comparing to other phone, that makes me a mentally handicapped. Nice logic!!! I won't buy android ever, I've been using Windows Phone since v6. I just don't understand these statergies of MS. Bringing a new product which has nothing much to offer than it's competetion seems no brain to me.

and btw, who are you? A fanboy who doesn't even want to look at competetion and say we have the best? Please join Apple forums ASAP.

Except for high end games 530 is best with 512 ram... If they would have given 1 gb of ram ,i bet you must have definitely asked for flash and then more internal memory and then HD display and then......

my 630 crashes while playing games like ' hill climb racing' and 'temple run2'.. Even though OS runs butter smooth, games stop running all of a sudden sometimes.. It's scary. I like the OS and love Nokia, but making 512mb ram phones while competitors have better so so spec phones is plain stupid.. Microsoft should fire their market research team first instead of Nokia employees..

Why? He's saying that people who buy into the 5xx serious off phones want more, which is exactly what the 5xx series is made for. It's made too hook people onto the ecosystem, if you want more, get a higher end phone and so complaining about the lowest end which is doing its job, and doing it fantastically.

There are more than enough Games optimiced for 512MB, way more than you can expact from such a cheap phone. Also 512 MB Ram didn't stop the L520 from being a success.

The 530 is bloody cheap at launch and before chrismas the device will possibly sell for 50$ without contract.

I don't think that's the right way to go. That's why people buy iPhones, because they work. I know older iPhones start lagging too, but most people don't want to know this yet. If the RAM isn't enough to run games smoothly, it soon won't be enough to run apps smoothly and then WP will be in the same boat as Android. And yes, WP gets clocked up, too. Take a new device with nothing on it and compare it to yours. It's just nothing compared to Android (yet). So I think it's not enough to say there are more things available than they can expect. If you think that 512MB phones just can't expect to run most apps they should probably rename it in WP Light or something like that, because you can't say they have the same experience if they have only parts of the apps available.
I'm not saying this for me, I'm trying to see this from a regulars point of view.

I think people that buy this kind of phone though are just fine with the number of apps that are available.

of course it's another kind of experiance on a low budget phone compared to a high end phone, thats how it's supposed to be. though it's important that the experiance on a 100$ phone is fluid and consistent. and that's the case with the 530 and 630.

My dad just got a 925, while I have a 920. Both running the same, without any indication of lag on mine. ;)

Last year budget androids were shit.This year thanks to Moto and Asus Androids improved tremendously with 2gb ram and HD displays whereas Lumias remained same.530 stands no chance against zenfone 5 and moto g considering moto is getting cloberred by Asus in India

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Wrong about Subway Surfers. It supports 512MB phones now, and many other WP games are stating to cater to the lower end phones as well. MS already said lock screen apps will support 512MB in the future too. That being said, if you're buying this phone to game on you're barking up the wrong tree to begin with. Not its intended purpose at all. That's as silly as buying a Prius to race NASCAR..

In fact you are right. Motorola under Google was anon-profit, loss making organization as google thought they don`t mind losing money on it just for the sake of not being completely dependent on the likes of Samsung.

This may change now with the new owners. Newer phones they develope they will not be bale to sell at a loss.

Of course Motorola IS a "non-profit organization"!!! Before and during Google's ownership it has been losing money. People were saying Google will turn it around but that never happend. In fact it lost even bigger money precisely because of the Moto line! But then, Google's primary business is not selling hardware but selling ads so the more phones, the more ads. Never mind that the phones are selling at a loss.

Moto E was developed when Motorola was owned by Google, and was meant to be a loss leader to build the eco-system, I believe. And it's not dual-SIM either. The devil's in the details.

It is trivial to get a 525 online, even in countries where it hasn't been oficially released by carriers (like mine) it is easy to get an (imported) unlocked one at retailers. And furthermore, one can get a Moto E (maybe even a Moto G) at that price. Heck, hardware wise even a Blackberry Z3 is better. Yes it lack a ton of apps but for many "begginer" users it will handle all they do and it don't lacks something as basic as a proximity sensor and by design it don't need on-screen buttons eating the valuable screen space.

Non of the international 525 has the same compatibility as U.S. carriers.  That how the U.S. carriers get away with having the exclusivities on the Lumia line.  Incompatible!  Ugh!

525 has 1GB of RAM, but comes with an S4 dual-core, which makes it underpowered with heavy gaming, etc. That means 1GB on 525 is almost useless.

So if you don't want to talk about "heavy gaming", let's see what 525 can do with that 1GB, then. Just take a look with the "not heavy" Asphalt 8... Runs smooth on 520, right? But everybody using 525 says that the game lags on their device, why? Because the game automatically optimizes settings based on RAM, not overall specs, don't you know that? So that means, that 1GB RAM can only be used for a little faster performance and a few things like the upcoming Lockscreen Beta,.. So what's the point of 1GB? And if nobody wants "heavy gaming", which is almost only purpose for 1GB, on a "mere 10000 INR phone", so why do they keep moaning for an ultra-cheap phone coming with good specs? Nonsense. I'm using a 512MB phone, and I know how to live with it because it is CHEAP, so just stop crying.

So why do we have people complaing crappy experience of Subway Surfers on 512 devices? Do you remeber those temple run problems on 512 devices? I'm not talking about what other peoples say, I'm just talking about my experience. And I know how to live with my device, I just don't undestand meaning of pushing a new device with identical specs of it's predecessor.

Yes I know you want Microsoft to release successor with better specs, who doesn't want? But Read.My.Comment which you replied to. I said that the 525 comes with 1GB, yes, but it didn't bring any better experience than 512MB Lumia 520, and that's all. Therefore 525 is not a good example for a budget phone with good specs. The point is if Microsoft release an 1GB phone but with slow processor, better not, just save the money for that additional 512MB for something else.

You do apparently. Isn't that your whole shebang from all of this? You wanting to play high end games?

Haha Did u ever used a 525 packs heavy gaming cause am owing it...and hey new phone cant own a lock screen app by Rudy...How does it feel. Now huh

I must admit that I never even touched a single 525 before, let alone using it... I've only used the 520 and one more Lumia, but not 525. I was just telling my thoughts and whatever I know based on many users' reports, etc. So...err..if that was wrong, sorry then. :p

The 525 was a half step between the 500 and 600 series with limited availability. This phone is not a replacement for the 520. They are opening up the low end and shifting all lines to lower price points. Also, if all phones have 1 GB of ram, what reason does anyone have to upgrade to a phone with better margins? In some ways, WP runs too well.

And you can't buy it anywhere. The 525 was never massively distributed. Just in case you haven't noticed.

You do know eBay isn't really a retailer, right? I mean normal retailers. Shops, stores, carriers. It's not available there.
On eBay you can buy anything as long as someone in China manages to get it from a factory or some vendor. Normal consumers don't buy phones on eBay.

"And you can't buy it anywhere. The 525 was never massively distributed. Just in case you haven't noticed."

"And you can't buy it anywhere" Just in case you haven't noticed, You didn't spcify ... so what if eBay, Amazon, ...etc isn't a "Normal Retailer" ? if someone wants a 525 bad enough, s\he will find it.

I thought you were smarter than that. I'm sorry.

Regular consumers - the ones that buy the 5xx series - don't buy phones on eBay. Also, Amazon isn't selling the 525. You can find one or another on Amazon from a third party vendor and that's it.

compared to 525 the cost of WP8.1 OS is $0 as announced by MS in April for devices < 9" screen, so I think expecting 530 to have 1GB RAM is not delusional

That's because any 525 sold (and there are not many of those) is sold at a loss. The 520 or the 530, as it is, are already sold at losses. It's completely delusional to demand these phones to come with even better specs when they are already a money losing phone with these little ones.
No OEM is in the business to appease the feeling of entitlement some consumers have. They're in it to make money. That they produce these cheap phones at all should already be enough for people. They could all just do what Apple does and simply refuse to sell phones at a loss.

What about Moto E? are those sold at a loss? I not cmplaining that the phone does not have a 720p screen or has no front camera or no flash for the primary camera. I am just saying additional RAM would have been better, the phone will create initial buzz and also will be more competitive which will help in selling the phone...down the line 3-6 months later career will offer the same device at $49/59 as a go-phone 

may be..but it is generating so much buzz right now that its the most popular entry level smartphone and is helping motorola gain market share...what about the MI3? is it also sold at a loss? SD800 processor with 2GB RAM and 1080p screen is sold at around $200 which is almost same as the NL720 here in India

I don't know specifics of all the phone brands, specially those from China like the Mi3. However, I would venture yes, they're probably also sold at a loss. Although when it comes to Chinese OEMs they do have the advantage that they produce basically everything there, whilst phones like the Nokias, Motorolas etc, have a lot of components that have to be imported to China for assembly.

Well, that extra 512MB costs roughly $3. It's got nothing to do with the actual cost of the device or the RAM itself, just like Apple charging $100 more for the 64GB iPhone doesn't either. The actual extra cost to Apple is below $9.

It's a market segmentation strategy. It's neither economics nor the cost of technology. It's marketing.

Except it's not just the cost to the $3 multiplied by millions. It's also all the extra costs of producing those chips, the taxes etc.

You know, DJCBS, you can whine on and on about the alleged false economics of adding more RAM. Trying to repeat the success of the 520 with these specs, that's what I call delusional. Microsoft announced its intention to push for more market share in the segment of cheaper devices. With an effort as small as this, they will fail.

LOL me whining? Are you insane? I'm not whining, it's this bunch of entitled people here that are whining over the fact that a cheap phone only comes with 512MB as they think they should get a 1GB device for 100€ because God has given them that right.
No mate, I want good specs, I pay for them. That's why I only buy flagships. And I don't go around complaining that the phone should just cost 200€ because the One+ One or the Nexus 5 cost $350.

I'm not whining about what this phone has to offer, you jerk. I'm just saying that this phone has nothing new to offer, after which you started explaining their statergies, because you think MS have given you right to market their phones.

If you give the lowest phone 1GB RAM how do you expect the other more expensive phones to sell and as you know nowadays most phone users mainly look for RAM.... 1GB RAM should start at 7xx series

Dude, you're wrong. Announcing a successor to the most successful Windows Phone ever and packing it with almost identical specs (and bottlenecking it in RAM) is a bad move. RAM is cheap, and even cheaper when you use it at this scale. No FFC, no flash still, on-screen keys, low storage, low ram, nothing particularly redeeming or remarkable about this sequel.

If they're not careful, companies like Motorola or One Plus One are going to eat their lunch from right under them, by producing BETTER, CHEAPER devices. Its not about making pennies on the hardware, it should be about locking down market share and getting people invested in WP ecosystem before the Google and Apple behemoths can have them.

Looking for a small bit of profit on budget handsets sold is very short sighted.

not only has the 530 some minor improovement over the 520 and more current hardware it also is launchen for 100€ not like the 520 for !200€!

I think the mistake that people are making is that the 530 is a successor to the 520. It isn't. 530 is simply the lowest end of a completely new generation of Lumias. If spec-wise is how you want to see it, then the 630 is the successor(and upgrade) to the 520, and I expect the 730 (if there is one) to be the successor to the 620 and so on. So there you go. Maybe even the lowest end phones should not be having 512mb RAM, but then that is a different matter altogether and should not detract from the fact that the 530 is not the upgrade-wise successor to the 520, but is merely the bottom of the new line or new hierarchy.

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It quite clearly is the successor. Unfortunately, newer doesn't always mean better, as evidenced here.

But there is no denying this is the phone that is SUCCEEDING and replacing the 520. And its not a noticeable step up whatsoever. Hopefully its just an incremental, seasonal update and the true successor is around the corner.

If MS wanted to make the 530 a lower spec device than the 520 then they could call it the 430. The 520 was the cheapest possible device on WP8, and the 530 is the cheapest possible device on WP8.1. The 520 launched at $120, and the 530 is launching at $100. The 520 quickly dropped to $60 retail (often found for $40 on sale), and the 530 will likely do the same.
The 630 on the other hand is launching for much more and is essentially the big brother version of the 530... just as the 620 was very much a larger 520.

If it quacks like a duck, and it looks like a duck, then it probably isn't a duck because a marketing director somewhere said it was a platypus.

All that said, I wish that the 530 (and 630) came with a minimum 1GB of ram. Not for silly hopes at gaming or anything like that, but just to help cut down load times in WP8.1. The core OS runs just fine on 512MB of ram, but there are a lot of core features that are no longer part of the core OS anymore. Music, videos, podcasts, the lock screen app, etc. are all taken out of the OS and now get launched and toombstoned very often, requiring them to be reloaded almost every time you switch to them. Even on my 920 with 1GB of ram this is a bit of a problem if I have more than 2-3 things going on at a time. 1GB should be the minimum standard these days. It really is not asking that much, and with the savings at removing things like capacitive buttons and the camera button one would think that this would be an acceptable tradeoff.

You sir... Said it right... The goal of MS is for people to upgrade...If you own a 520 now, upgrade to a 620 or a 720...not stay in the same 5xx level... Although, I think one way to make it less confusing (and to tell people that the new version is just a slightly improved itertion of the last) is to name the new version of 5XX or 6XX same as the last version and continue doing that there there is 1520>/=1020>920>820>720>620>520. Instead of having the X25 and X30s and so on...

The point of the 530 is to drive the price down, not to increase the specs. If you add all the stuff people are asking for there would be no incentive to upgrade to a 730, 830, 930 phone. 500 series is supposed to get you into the ecosystem but leave you wanting more when you upgrade. If you go from 520 to a 530 then they failed. They need you to graduate to a higher margin phone or this whole phone making business goes under for Microsoft.

I understand that totally, but this is a race to way UNDER 100 quid, not hovering around that. "The next Billion" will be had, by offering phones way below €100+.

If they can sell the 520 off contract for 50 quid (Whether they make money on the hardware or not is irrelevant), they should be able to, at this point, offer a WORTHY successor to that phone at 100€ or less. The 530 is pretty much the same phone with a few cosmetic differences. I would say, on paper, it looks worse.

This was their chance to repeat their success with the 520, or perhaps better it. The 530 will do well enough no doubt, but it will NEVER set the world alight. The phone needs to be more special, they didn't try hard enough, they didn't take any risks.

"If they can sell the 520 off contract for 50 quid"

They can't, that was a US-only marketing thing, and they lost money on each sale. 520 released for around 140€, it's now around 90€. 530 will likely quickly drop to around 70-80€.

"they didn't try hard enough"

This pretty much sums up WP.

Also, the 600-800 series was pretty crowded in terms of features. They're really trying to broaden the spectrum and give these devices some room to differentiate.

I don't recall saying it's a good or a bad move. I'm just arguing that it's cheaper to produce phones with 512MB than 1GB. Even if the price to jump from 512 to 1GB is small, multiply that by millions, then add taxes to those millions etc.

Furthermore, Nadella direction is clear: devices won't take center stage at the New Microsoft. They're secondary. As such, if Microsoft can spare just a couple of millions in production, they will do so. As long as the software runs well on 512MB, they won't bother with the extra costs of increasing the RAM just because. Even if that cost of increase is marginal.

Also, the 530, just like the 520, is meant to grab people to the platform. It's exactly what you said. It's "about locking down market share and getting people invested in WP ecosystem". Once they are, then the normal thing is for those people, if they feel the need for a better device, to go and buy a higher end WP where the profits for Microsoft are higher.
If you give high specs on low cost phones, people will not buy higher end phones. And Microsoft won't make any money.

Actually, you are whinning. All the OP said was 1gb is better than 512MB. Only a delusional fanboy would argue with that. Sometimes, guys like you do not understand that by constantly making excuses for missteps like this, you encourage it to continue. Result? less than 4% marketshare.

BTW, they could easily increase the ram to 1gb and increase the cost of the phone by $5 or less to offset the cost. So, no, they don't have to sell the phone at a loss. And yes, apps do run better with more ram no matter how much you guys try to deny it. 

So, your reason for making one phone bad is so you can make people buy a different phone? That is one of the dumbest things.....

In case you guys haven't noticed, Microsoft is not selling a lot of phones! They cannot afford to have phones out there that are likely to have issues. They have to put out near perfect phones EVERY TIME if they want to see any kind of drastic growth. 

It is like speaking to a wall.

You should learn how to read first. I said "you want higher specs, you buy a more expensive phone". Plain and simply. If I were to "whine" about something is about the entitled people who want 930's for the price of a 530's.


Yes, apps to run better on 1GB. And they run even better on 2GB. And even better on 3GB. Congratulations, you've discovered gun powder!

The point is, this is a cheap phone, therefore it has cheap specs. It's already sold at a loss as it is, increasing the specs - and therefore the costs of production, even if the costs are small - increases losses.

Well, since keeping it cheap and not optimal is all that counts, why not take away the touchscreen? No? Would that ruin the experience? Until you realize the meaning of having a minimum threshold of expected experience across all your devices, you won't get what some of us are saying. 

By the way, your argument that Microsoft shouldn't take losses per device because it is not a charity organization is un-informed. Microsoft took massive losses on the Xbox 360 for years because they wanted deeper market penetration. The fact that they are unwilling to do that here should be very telling on how invested they are in the future of the WP platform.                                          

Dude you dont live in India. Micromax and Xolo offer much greater specs at lesser price. If MS wants to sell Lumia in India then they must match the same specs at dange price.

Only 4 Gb ???? BTW the Other storage acquires my 2.63Gb of my L520. Can anyone suggest how to minimise it ... I have already tried storage cleaner.

I can't help but wonder why this exists. Lumia 630 is already aimed to be the replacement for the cheap phone buyer that was sold on the 520.

This is needless convolution. I can understand the appeal of having a low end 512MB device, but there only needs to be one prominent go to device for the cheap.

I know right! Hasn't the price of ram dropped in the last year to justify the upgrade? (off topic: Damn 1520 camera opened up again by itself while writing this!! So annoying)

well the 530 also launches at 100€ while the 520 hat a launch price of 200€. So it is a lot cheaper than the predecessor

520 was also more expensive. Goal is to be cheaper than the 520, not the same price with better specs.

Considering WP runs okay with 512 mb ram, with some visible lag and semi working multi-tasking, i wouldn't mind it. But, the reality is, most customers want their phones to be able to run games and apps whether they really use those or not (showing off to friends, letting their kids play games on their phone, etc.)... Majority of the WP market is made of devices with 512 MB ram, but any good new app/game does not support it from the start. Even MS's own apps don't run well on 512 MB ram devices initially until they optimize the hell out of them through future updates. I believe, all that extra efffort and (developing) cost required to support these devices is not worth it. Rather spend that money for additioanl 512 MB ram so all new phones have 1 Gb ram. They will probably spend the same amount of money, keep the devices cost the same ( as less profit on devices is countered by lower developing cost) and it will also shut up lots of haters, who keep whining about 512 MB ram being out-specced, specially androiders...

I also belive, that lot of developers do not want to develop for windows phone because majority of the users are using 512 MB ram devices. A developer would require to make lots of  efforts and optimizations to run a content rich app on such devices, and in the end if the app/game wouldnt run well, they would get lower ratings in store, which no developer likes. If MS wants, all the major apps/games coming to WP, they have to change this situation by making 1 GB ram a minimum requirement.

My guess would be that it could be some form of strategy... If they produce more 512MB RAM phones and they prove popular then the developers will have to optimise for devices with low RAM if they're to target Windows Phone. This would hopefully mean that devices with low RAM would be getting more software which is compliant with their specs.

Or their strategy is to target feature phone users with these type of phones... 

No wait... this is Microsoft... they don't have a strategy (facepalm).

The last thing MS should do right now is make Devs put in more work in order to make things for the WP ecosystem. MS should have required all new 8.1 devices to have 1GB of ram simply because they would have access to all apps and then they could have another carrot to throw at developers. Yes, current 520 owners would have to upgrade to get at these new apps... but that means more sales, and it is upgrading a $60 device, it is not like anyone would be asking them to upgrade a $500+ device.

My wife has a 520 and with WP8.1 apps run just fine off of the SD card. She pretty much just as the OS in native storage and then a 32GB SD card... technically she has more storage than my 920. Pre 8.1 though it was a tight fit to cram everything on there and still have room to take pics and vids of the kiddos.

I stopped recommending 5xx Lumia since the release of Moto E, Moto G, Lenovo, Xiaomi etc that brings good / acceptable android experience on low price. Unless MS are targeting first smartphone buyer that unaware of current smartphone trend, good luck marketing this 530 against the droid devices I mentioned before.

I guess the pricing is really region-dependent 520 is ~90€ here, while the Moto E is ~130€, Moto G ~180€...

512 is enough. I have a 630 and it works great.
So if you have zero experience with the device STFU about the 512.

512 is enough depending on what you do, If your a gamer, you already know the problems with 512mb phones.

So, day to day stuff, sure, but, new/higher end games, I would not touch a 512mb phone

You're getting a lot of hate, but I agree. I own a 920 and a 520 and in my experience the memory is always the bottleneck.

Yea whats up with that quad core but only 512mb of ram if they sourced from manufactures that didnt over charge them for ram it might be a better situation.

the 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor

now that i think about it the older dual krait might be more powerfull

1.2 ghz quad-core cortex-a7 vs dual core 1 ghz krait 200. compare the benchmarks and real-life performance and you will find out that both of the processors are nearly the same

Unlike us, average joe won't bother to look at benchmarks. Most of them will just say, "Hey. This new cheap phones has quad cores. Awesome!" Believe it or not, that's what happens on my Country on those cheap quad-core Androids that comes with Cortex A5 (A7 at most) cores. You know how these processors perform, right?

Sure I know. Btw I live in Turkey and some of my friends have that cheap droids with cortex-a5s and they say "Look my phone has quad-core processor! It's better than yours!". I'm a l620 user and I can't do anything but laugh at them.

The improvement I think is the removal of all the sensors...
I would have purchased it for my dad if there were more sensor apart from accelometer..

Look at the price not at the model numbering.

-lumia 530 costs 100 euro and it's a new product for the price point

-lumia 520 was launched for 150 euro >>> lumia 630 has the same price so it's his succesor

-lumia 620 was launched at 250 euro and it didn't receive an upgrade yet. that will probably be the 730 with hd screen and 1 gb of ram.


Remember how the lumia 710 became the lumia 820?well now the 520 became the 630,the 620 will become the 730


They seem to modified the product line-up,because last years lineup there were a lot of overlapping specs with the 520,620,720 and 820,ram,resolution,screen sizes,processors,storage capability

I'm guessing the lumia 730 will come with a 4.5 inch amoled hd screen recyled from the 925 and 1020 for the people who don't want a 5 inch screen. This with the snapdragon 400 and 1gb of ram,8 mp camera.Then they will have the lumia 820 that was leaked already and that one will have a 5 inch hd screen, a bigger camera 13 mp or maybe the old 8mp one with ois

The price is the improvement. The lower price tag is the only reason why the 500 series exists. The price is the only spec that matters. And I'll back that up with the fact that they sold 12 million 520's on the price alone.


The cores in the Lumia 530 are considerably weaker than those in the Lumia 520. The truth is that the Lumia 530 does not represent a generational leap over the 520, and as a result makes it very forgettable. Notice how large of a jump in specs there is from the 920 to the 930? It gives buyers an incentive to upgrade. The 530 gives no incentive to upgrade.

I know, but opening apps ans switching between them in Lumia 630 with quad is faster than 520

even Whatsapp takes ~5 seconds to completly load (520) while on (630) takes about 2

But u also got a worse GPU and a much worse core to core perfomence. Cortex A9 is pretty much equal to 2 cortex A7s its just the lower clock speed that hurts

well your phone is one year old so what would be the point of upgreating from one low budget phone to the next in such a short time span.

If you have 100$/year to spent on smartphones why not buying a midrange-phone instead of a low-end phone in the first place. The L520 should last for the average consumer 3-4 years.

If you already have 520 they want you to get a higher margin phone like 700/800 series. 500 series is meant to be a gateway, not the final destination. No money to be made if the 12 million 520 owners replace it with a 530. These phones are not selling for any profit. They are loss leaders to get you in the ecosystem.

The big price drop means maybe they should have released this with a 400-series name. Then they could have released a higher spec'd model for the 500 series at around 200 Euros. It's like cars. The market expects the next Honda Civic to be an incremental improvement over the last one. Microsoft has created some confusion by naming this unit the 530.

Going from 520 to 530 is not upgrading, its simply replacing. If you went from 520 to 630 or 930 then that's an upgrade. MS wants you to upgrade to the more profitable higher spec phones, that is why you only get 512mb of ram(not that it causes any problems for my daughters on their 520). If you want 1gb of ram then pay more money for a higher spec phone.

I don't see any improvements, except for the processor maybe? But even then Lumia 520 have Snapdragon 4 processor, while 530 have Snapdragon 200 & afaik SD 4 is better no? I have a 520 and Icon and both performs good enough except when it comes to games, Icon is far better. 4 GB internal storage? Wow
I'll suggest people to wait for Lumia 535 (that may have 1GB RAM, much like 525).
Also they should really give us 820 successor!

Well... It's bit supposed to be an upgrade for 520 users... (you 520 users should just go for 630 or old high end ones) 530 is just like it is... And entry level phones... Mean, new user to Windows Phone.

It's supposed to be a 'successor' to 520, and there is no improvement.
Also SD 2 processor vs SD4 lol?
Btw I own a Lumia Icon too, so I don't need to upgrade my 520 to 530. I use my 520 as mp3 player and it does it's job nicely.

well, so what's you problem your 520 will be a deacent mp3 player / media consuming device for another 4 -5 years.

So reccoment the 520 if you dont ant to reccoment the 530.

Also a lot of the people here in the seems to have forgotten that the 520 launched at about 180-200$ last year and NOT like the 530 at beneath 100$

There's more than just processor downgrade in this phone. You'll be hard-pressed to find any reasons to buy this over the old 520.

Head over the specifications of this phone in the Nokia website, and you'll see :

  • Accelerometer is the only sensor. (no proximity sensor like the 630! Why such decision, Nokia?)
  • Camera loses autofocus AND HD video recording (bummer!).
  • It's thicker.
  • It uses on-screen navigation controls (more of preferences matter really, but it does take some space)

I know this is an entry-level phone, but how could they 'fix' an already perfect phone, and at the perfect price!? This company needs to make their minds.