ESPN Fantasy Football updated, push notification management added

ESPN Fantasy Football

It hasn't been long since the ESPN Fantasy Football app lost it's Nokia exclusivity and became available for all Windows Phones and now we are already seeing an update push out for the fantasy football app.

The version update adds the feature to allow ESPN Insiders to manage push notifications. While the change log is brief, very brief, we are also hearing that more team controls may have been added (don't hold us to that).

If you are participating in ESPN's Fantasy Football League, the ESPN Fantasy Football app is a must have for your Windows Phone. You can't create teams from the app but it will let you monitor existing teams and manage players while on the go.

ESPN Fantasy Football is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.  It is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.

Thanks, Josh, for the tip!

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Reader comments

ESPN Fantasy Football updated, push notification management added


Is this a new version of the existing ESPN fantasy football app that used to be a Nokia exclusive? I guess I'm not sure why I now have two apps with the same name, and why ESPN didn't just update the existing app.

Same here, but when I go view the old one it says it's not available for my device anymore so I just got rid of the old one

Yes, its an update from an old, less featured Nokia app. It now has a couple more features and is available to every WP.

Are the Lumia owners supposed to download this newer app or will the old exclusive app be updated as well?