Studying anatomy this fall? Essential Anatomy 3 for Windows 8.1 is on sale

Essential Anatomy 3

You're going to want to grab Essential Anatomy 3 for Windows 8.1. You're especially going to want to grab it if you're going back to school this fall and will be taking an anatomy or physiology course. The app normally goes for $24.99 in the Windows Store, but it's currently available for just $9.99.

Essential Anatomy 3 is one of the most well reviewed anatomy app in the Windows Store. You don't need to be a student in the medical field to appreciate Essential Anatomy. It's a highly recommended app for doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, and others.

Essential Anatomy 3

You can use your Surface Pro 3 or Windows 8.1 machine to study every system in the body. The skeletal system is there in detail, as is the nervous system, the vascular system and all others. All systems are rendered in 3D, so you can view any anatomic structure in isolation and any angle.

Here are some of the features you'll find in Essential Anatomy 3 for Windows 8.1:

  • New 3D technology via 3D4Medical's latest graphics engine
  • Over 4,000 highly detailed anatomical structures
  • Multiple Selection Mode - Hide/Fade/Isolate individual or multiple structures
  • Preset and customizable Bookmarks
  • Correct audio pronunciation for every structure
  • Latin nomenclature for each anatomical structure
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Multiple search options
  • Dynamic quiz function - Drag and Drop and Multi-choice
  • Custom search modes
  • Extensive social media tools and sharing capability

Essential Anatomy 3

You can grab Essential Anatomy 3 in the Windows Store. There's a free trial available, so you can check it out and see if this is an app you'd like. The trial lasts 15 days, but we recommend buying it as soon as possible if you end up liking it. You normally need to pay $24.99 for the full app, but it's just $9.99 until September 14. Act fast!


Reader comments

Studying anatomy this fall? Essential Anatomy 3 for Windows 8.1 is on sale


That's literally what I am doing right now for my anatomy retake exam next week. Shame I have no means of paying for anything on the Windows Store as otherwise I'd snap this app up in an instant.
I've seen people use it on their iPads in the anatomicum and it's occasionally helpful to have.

Just had a look at a video. Seems extremely basic, bare-bones you could say.
I'm sticking to my three textbooks and past papers..

I think it is "Acland" actually. If you searched Akland with a 'k' then you would get something entirely different. The Acland Anatomy video atlas is probably what you were suggesting, no? 

I went to see what you were referring to and it looks like a great resource.

Check your email. I just sent you a $15 code to the Windows Store. You might need to change your region to the U.S. to get the code to work. Grab the app and good luck on your exam next week.

What?! Just like that? One for me too? Pretty please ? :) No seriously,I don't have a credit card, I'm 16 years old.

Wow, you guys really are as rich as I imagined. Awesome, Sam! (y)
Too bad I didn't pick Biology in A levels,a $15 code wouldn't be too bad. Jk xD But it's still awesome that you gave someone a code just like that just to help him out.I don't have any method of payment as well being a student and I expect a $15 code in my email as well as soon as some computer related app goes on sale xD ;) Jk :P (But yeah,I really don't have any method of payment available * cough cough) :P

Aww! That's very kind of you Sam. You might not know but that $15 would mean a whole lot to him at this moment. I'm very glad this is not just a forum for talking and arguing about tech stuff but also for sharing. God bless you Sam.

You've done a great thing Sam.
The comments on this article reopen the debate about paying methods other than visa/credit card.
Not everyone has a visa card, the operator billing is the solution for this, but too few operators enable this billing method.

I could buy all the apps/games I need if there was operator billing available in my country. My problem isn't the availability of money, it's about the (non) availability of convenient payment methods :'(

Where's the "thank you" from Chemilinkski?  I hope he is aware that you gave him a code as the deal will expire tomorrow!  Just purchased it myslef, it's a very good app especially for helping in visualizing.  It also didn't cost me a thing as I just redeemed my bing rewards points for windows store credit.  xD

Thank God that I'm done with that hell. It was four years ago, and it's still a nightmare to remember those days :D

I'm not a med student but this is tempting.


My girlfriend is a med student but she is an Apple person and they smoke us in quantity/queality on the med related apps department (not necessarily referring to his app, just in general).

Superb app! I'm a medical student,I find the graphics awesome. Yet to see an equivalent Android app upto this standard and quality. Windows rocks!

The same app and a lot of other apps by the developer is available on Android and iOS. Infact, iOS has the most apps by the dev.

I'm a medical student and next semester i have musculoskeletal system! it will be sooo useful but unfortunatly i dnt have a visa card to pay :(

For more basic use... The Microsoft Health app is useful... Though I'll be tempted to buy this app now... It's practically a steal!

No windows phone equivalent? These are the kind of apps we need more and more on our platform. Microsoft has got it right with Education and Productivity. Now, they just have to set the standards.

I just wish this was on windows phone. Been using my ipod touch for apps by the same developer. Because their great apps to have at hand. But id much prefer to use them on my 1520's beautiful screen than my ipod. And not carrying a tablet around the hospital!

Because if I, for example, did a medical app no one will buy it.. The market is just small for this type.. I can make this kind of apps but I don't expect it to be successful.. Unfortunately

Awesome, i was going to do some home surgery to.my x

This will save me from.jail time so I don't kill her

Epic.....LOL ! Jk:)

We medical students can't find enough apps for our profession in the WP store when compared to Android or iOS... And for Windows there are many exe apps that can satisfy us. Nice to have apps from the store though.

Is this app available for India??? I m a medical student n I really need it. But I don't know how to buy? Anyone help me out this???

Maybe this is a US thing, or maybe I should be sending you all an invite through the Bing system so I get credit, but check out Bing rewards. I just got $10 (2 5's actually) in MS gift cards just for searching with Bing, which I do anyway.


Are there no pins on this app? I have Essential Anatomy 5 on my iPhone, but it can get a little frustrating on there, so I bought this one, but are there no pins on this version? As in the little blue pins that make labeling easier?