FCC certifies Samsung SGH i667 "Mandel" 4G LTE Windows Phone

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We last took a look at the mysterious Samsung SGH i667 "Mandel" back in January where it passed BT certification, but not much was known about the handset. Fast forward three months later and FCC certification paperwork has been spotted by PocketNow, which shows the SGH i667 passing with LTE connectivity listed and confirmed.

The "Mandel" is set to be one of three new 4G handsets heading to AT&T, the other two being the Lumia 900 and HTC TITAN II. Unfortunately, this does not provide any further details specifications wise, but we'll continue to speculate that it's going to be a more advanced brother of the Focus S.

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FCC certifies Samsung SGH i667 "Mandel" 4G LTE Windows Phone


I didn't know much about HTC but I love my titan. Just found out my area is getting LTE. May have to give this to the kid and try the titan 2!

Get with Tmobile?????? Your a funny guy. Tmobile don't have any cool windows phones. The Radar & Lumina 710 are kindergartner phones. You can't type on them small screens.

Not cool? Kindergartener phones? You obviously must not know that those phones are top sellers. I was also able to type just fine on my arrive when I had it. Shows how misinformed u are.

You could order a Radar from Canadian carrier Sasktel. They use the 850/1900 bands for HSDPA+ and are selling it for $370 CAD off-contract.

I don't know about the 710 but the radar definitely is not top tier phone. It works just fine but compared to my Dell Venue Pro, the Radar has a very poor sound quality both with the loud speaker and the earpiece. Talking over Bluetooth headset is also quite inaudible. The only area the Radar trounces the DVP is the camera and Skype call quality over Tmobile 4g network. Contrary to the numerous complaints about the poor nature of the Skype beta app, the quality of call I get on the Radar both voice and video comes so close to the Skype on the PC

The Radar and Lumina 710 are bottom of the barrel phones no matter how you slice it. The only reason the Lumina is selling is its free. Go look at Att and you will see kick a@# windows phones. Tmobile, Verizon and sprint don't have crap.

I can use my HD7 with one hand no problems and I can type just fine on the Radar and the 800, which is the same size screen as the 710. I used to want an iPhone until I tried typing on one... The software keyboard on WP makes up for the smaller screen. Try them before you reject them...

No problems typing on radar's keyboard.. Hate to say it but most tmobile customers are cheap and want affordable phones.. I just wouldn't expect a new tmobile phone til Apollo if not lte roll out next year.... I'm just as impatient as the next guy, but it makes more since with hd7 users being eligle for upgrades around that time.. Screen size does not make a phone good,, it cones down to reliability and support (which Samsung lacks and HTC dominates)

So I guess they r having a new Samsung I just hope its shaped like the focus not the s then that would get me to stick with it I'm not into rectangle cornered phones lol

Well...If Verizon is Darth Vader
...then AT&T is the Emporer
...and Sprint would be Admiral Motti
...and tmobile....Jar Jar?

To be fair: If Verizon is Darth Vader, then Motoogle would be the Emporer...
AT&T would be Mon Mothma...
Sprint would be Biggs...
TMobile would still be Jar Jar...

this looks like a 4" device! slightly smaller than the original Focus but bigger than the Focus Flash...

Damn T-mobile come on, but I did read online that T-mobile will get the Lumia 910 with 12mp cam In the 3rd quarter.

So, how does the size match up to current phones? Too tired to look up the mm and compare right now lol.

You do realize that screen size is measured diagonally and you can't get it based on the dimensions depicted. However assuming that they are right its a slightly smaller phone than the original focus (by a few millimeters) and assuming they eliminated a tiny bit more bezel it should be about the same size screen as the original focus which is 4 inches.

I'm sick of smart phones. I want to see a super phone. The Fujitsu came close. We need:

- 32GB+ storage
- waterproof
- killer camera
- killer sound
- projector
- laser pointer
- solar powered with battery also
- keyboard
- stylus with ballpoint pen built in
- bottle opener

C'mon guys. Step it up! This should be possible.