Make videos on Windows Phone 8.1 from your photos using Flipagraph


Apict is a photography app for Windows Phone that we've had on the platform for over three years. It was a fun app to give your photos that Polaroid feel from back in the day. Today we're checking out Flipagraph, a new Windows Phone 8.1 app from the creators of Apict.

Download Flipagraph for Windows Phone and you'll be able to take your photos and turn them into a video collage complete with music. It's a simple app, but one poised to become insanely popular once Instagram or 6tag allow users to upload videos. Though you can get Movie Maker 8.1 to upload videos right now to Instagram. But Flipagraph itself will gain the ability to upload to Vine and Instagram, but that won't be available until a future update comes out.

For today, you're able to grab a bunch of photos and a music track to create videos. Here's how it works once you download the app:

  1. Select multiple photos from your camera roll & albums
  2. Order your photos
  3. Set the timing
  4. Select your favorite music track
  5. Choose which part of the song you want
  6. Save the video!


Flipagraph is available for you to trial in the Windows Phone Store, to save videos you'll need to buy the whole app for just $0.99. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think!

QR: Flipagraph


Reader comments

Make videos on Windows Phone 8.1 from your photos using Flipagraph


Ahhh the official looking icon had me fooled. I thought you were hinting at a preview version of the official app. You guys have been known to do that

Fitbit Tracker works and is available now. Why not use it? "Official" is just a word...it's not magically better.

Apict was one of the very first app I got on WP7, still love it today. Enough to at least try this new app :)
Writing this I just remembered my Omnia 7, that was a great phone. I wish Samsung, LG and HTC gave WP proper love, hardware variety can only be a good thing.

Is there any that applies transitions to all the photos at once? Didn't know that other video editors did this, but applying one transition at a time is kinda annoying (Movie Maker 8.1 seems to be the only one).

What difference does it make? What if this is better? Is Burger King a clone of McDonald's because they both make burgers? So another app makes video compilations from still photos. That makes Flipagram a clone of a million other programs, based on this logic.