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Focus S and Flash up on Samsung's US Website

It's no secret that the Samsung Focus S and Flash are headed to AT&T and while their appearance on Samsung's website doesn't reveal anything new, it's a welcomed sight. The two new Windows Phones are now listed as "Coming Soon" over at Samsung's US website.

You can find the listing for the 4.3" Super AMOLED Focus S here and the smaller, 3.7" Super AMOLED Flash here.

No release date or pricing information are listed. Strangely though, when you click on the "Buy Now" button for the Flash you find an link. Unfortunately the link takes you to an Amazon listing for an ancient Samsung film camera with built in flash.

Both second generation Windows Phones look really good and AT&T customers will have a tough choice deciding between these two Samsung phones and the HTC Titan. Hopefully we'll see these phones listed over at AT&T soon!

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Reader comments

Focus S and Flash up on Samsung's US Website


Is the Focus S able to hit 4G speeds too?I'm still pretty confused with the Flash and Focus S, not sure which one to get for my wife when her upgrade arrives next month...

From what I've read, the Focus S is capable of AT&T's HSPDA+ "4G" speeds, while the flash is not. The above graphic seems to be the opposite. I understood the Focus S to be the higher end phone with the Flash being the middle.

I'm recommending the Flash for my gf (actually ex... but we're still friends). She currently has a Focus and loves it but could really benefit from the front-facing cam and improved camera. She doesn't really need larger than 4 inches though. I mean most women don't. So the 3.7 - 4 inch range is juuuust right. I think perhaps it best to wait til we see both phones in store and fondle them ;)

And meanwhile T-Mobile get that HTC Radar and nothing else. smh Isn't LG supposed to have some Mango phones? Where the heck are those?

Yes, but the rumor was it is a CDMA and bound for either Sprint or Verizon. But since I haven't heard anything els on it, I am guessing it may be a Q1 release next year. Sorry. Do not know why T-Mo settled for the Radar.

Dear AT&T, Samsung,and HTC,Okay... we got the specs... can we please, please, PLEASE have some release dates now?With much love,WP Nation.

From the Focus Flash page:--"This is exactly what your movies, photos and favorite Adobe® Flash® Technology compatible Websites deserve."--Really, Samsung? Some low-rent copywriter just copypasted this from an Android device page.

The nice thing about the Focus S is that it has the AMOLED Plus display which is NOT a pentile display (afaik). That should be a very nice upgrade over the Focus, if you care about those things.

Wow i rather get the samsung focus S over the Titan. I wish they had this sent to Sprint service instead of ATT.

the Samsung focus S will have a built in microSD card slot and they will have either a 16gb or 32gb storage. The phone is same size like the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.

do you have a source? i haven't seen anything concrete from anyone trusted yet.but i really hope you're right, i really do.

Seems like pure speculation to me. As Nokia has proven with the N9/800, simply because two phone share a common chassis they do NOT necessarily support the same features. Nothing I have read indicates that the Focus S will have an expansion slot or 32gb of storage. Time will tell.