Football fans riot over the official Goal.com app for Windows Phone


We know some of you need a nice dedicated app for your favorite football (cough, soccer) teams out there, a way to follow the latest scores and stories. No one does it better than Goal.com so it's with great pleasure to see them release an official app for Windows Phone yesterday.


"The Goal.com app gives you all the latest breaking news, exclusive interviews, transfer gossip, live scores and much more. Whatever and wherever the story is, Goal.com offers the most comprehensive and expert coverage from the major domestic leagues and competitions, as well as all the major international tournaments."

  • Latest breaking news with insights from over 500 reporters worldwide
  • Track & Pin the latest on your favourite teams or leagues from around the world
  • Live score coverage including team-line ups plus match stats
  • Up to date team fixtures & league tables
  • Bookmark or share content via email or social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • Transfer activity zone

Not a bad looking app (even though it has ads) and we're sure many of you will be rushing to grab it. Plus pinning your team with a Live Tile is pretty awesome. Pick up the official Goals.com app here in the Marketplace.

Hit us up in comments with your thoughts. Thanks, xirsteon, for the tip!

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Football fans riot over the official Goal.com app for Windows Phone


Thanks Daniel for posting this. The app is not bad at all for v1.0 but it's missing europe top tournament - UEFA champions league. Overall, it's a great addition esp for some of us who are still stuck on gen 1 devices. I believe Nokia has a hand in the development of this (paid for the development i think) per previous announcement few months ago. Niw if the main site can feature this on their website, it will be great. They still have references to the Win Mo version on their site.

Nice thing. Even though I'm not a fan of their content, I'm glad that many football fans like me will find it useful.

Football is correct, a game played with the feet and a ball. Not a game played with an oval-shaped object carried in the hands while wearing body armour. How is that football?

As a matter of fact Americans are also correct, their game is called Football, because their "ball" is one foot long.
Ta. :)

Hmmm it's OK, however it lists Aston Villa as Arsenal, so it's not been very thoroughly QA'd before release. As a result of this, there are two entries for Arsenal on some match days.

Got this reply after reporting the above, bear in mind the e-mail subject indicated I'm using the WP7 app

Thanks for your email.

To clear the cache on your Iphone, please follow the below instructions:

1. Go to settings

2. Scroll down to ‘safari’

3. Scroll down to clear history. Select clear history and then press clear history when it gives you the option

4. Repeat the same process for ‘clear cookies’ and ‘clear cache’

Best regards


Customer Services

Maybe the customer support rep has failed to read the feedback properly, maybe it's an automated reply. Either way, the data in the app is evidently wrong.