Gameloft teases more details about Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft teases more details about Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft has unveiled more details about its upcoming military shooter, Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The title and certain story details were revealed last month, but now we have some information on two new major features: unified progression and character classes.

Blackout features the same basic structure as previous Modern Combat game, with a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode. But where past games have kept those two completely separated from one another, Blackout will have the modes interact just a bit. Unified progression will see your experience transfer between solo and mulitplayer modes. So if you reach level five in the campaign, then decide to play in a multiplayer match, you'll find that your character is at level five in multiplayer. This unification includes weapons mastery.

The four soldier classes of Modern Combat 5 have been announced. The Assault class is a medium range fighter that uses assault rifles and pistols. The Heavy, a resilient close-to-medium range class, equips shotguns and RPGs. The Recon class focuses on quick strikes at close range using submachine guns and pistols. Finally, the Sniper class specializes in long-range sharpshooting with sniper rifles, though they can use pistols if they need to.

Gameloft says that they will be rolling out more information about Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the coming weeks.


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Gameloft teases more details about Modern Combat 5: Blackout


I may need a phone that won't melt after having this game open for more than thirty seconds.

925, yes. I don't play mobile games much so it's not a big deal, but damn. This thing could fry an egg.

Same here. My 925 heats up even after playing Zombie Tsunami... I wonder if that's a 925 issue, you know, like the oversensitive screen on the 1520.

It's not just the 92x. My 820 is l like a nuclear reactor on meltdown when playing games. After 10 minutes of Asphalt 8 I couldn't bare it anymore. It was making my hands go numb from the heat.

My 520 sometimes fries my hand when i pick it up and realise that it was awake for some reason even when the screen was off. It drains a huge lot of battery in those circumstances, and sometimes it had turned off during the middle of the night and left me without an alarm to wake me up. Doesn't heat much in normal usage though, or even in asphalt, no.
Btw any 520 user who has had that remaining-awake problem ? Happens once in a month or so.

On my 1020 the hot part is the metal housing around the camera lens. That can't be a good thing for the camera components.

It's all those megapixels. Too much friction cramming all those megapixels in one spot!

I still won't touch this. The games don't work without a controller. The developre's catalog is 90% rip-offs of work from other people. They stripped the Xbox LIVE integration from their games, then jacked up Asphalt 7's price (from $1 to $5) after launching Asphalt 8 (for $1) to try to justify it.

People need to just practice and adjust their controls.... If you use a controller vs someone using the on screen controls... You will get owned.

Assault it is then. Btw, I noticed that you're a very active commenter here on WPCentral, and I assume that means you're a huge WP fan? Which device(s) do you own in Microsoft ecosystem?

Actually I'm very talkative, that's why i comment a lot :)) i have the most important admission test coming up in 2 weeks, i should stop now :))
But yes, i am a big tech geek, fell in love with windows phone when i bought my first smartphone, the 520, 6 months ago. Plan to buy a 930 maybe when it comes out. Besides that, i have a win8.1 laptop, no other device though.

Shooter games are crap on touch phones. Pc and consoles are better for such games. Y does gameloft make such games for smartphones

NOVA is the best fps game I've played on wp. Waiting for it's successor. Mc4 was kind off dissapointing controlwise. Hope this does better.

I feel for you when we are talking about a game like Subway Surfers, but dude seriously.... Even my 920 will run this game like crap so don't complain that your cheap little budget phone can't play these huge games

It's a shame that I can't write all the words you deserve, is not about budget phones, for which you can go f... Yourself, if they wanted more downloads, they should at least try and optimize, and then people say that WP is no good for games, at least my little phone can install games on a micro SD card, and your 920, well is stuck I'm afraid

I love to see more games coming to WP.  And I hate to complain......buuuuut, there seems to be an inherent lack of quality/stability in these Gameloft games.  It's almost like they aim too high for what should really be done on a phone.  I don't know how to explain it but I've given up on their games as every single time I've invested time into them, they've turned into crashing, bug-ridden messes.

REALLY difficult playing a game like this on a phone. I have 4. Cannot get used to it. I love the concept. Would like a mini controller or something lol

Hope this is a universal game. Windows tablets [RT]  suck on the gaming front compared to iPads and Android tablets. 

This would be incredible... And Gameloft did say that it is coming to windows as well as WP when they announced it wayyy back when... But who knows with Gameloft :/

Don't bother, like most GameLoft games, it will probably be a buggy piece of crap with no customer support and excessive IAPs.