Geometry Dash for Windows Phone gets big update with lots of new content

geometry dash

Geometry Dash, the popular rhythm-based action platformer game from developer RobTop Games that launched on Windows Phone in June, just got a new and very large content update in the Windows Phone Store.

Here's a quick look at the change log for the 1.8 update:

  • New level "Hexagon Force"!
  • New dual character game mode!
  • New slope ground objects!
  • Ability to create 2-player levels (playing on same device)
  • Lots of new art and effects
  • New achievements to complete!
  • New unlockable icons, ships, gravity balls and UFOs
  • New colors
  • Performance improvements
  • Huge changes in the editor. Playtest your levels in-editor, free move objects, flip & rotate groups, + more!
  • Bugfixes and tweaks


What do you think of this rather extensive update for Geometry Dash? Thanks to Usama for the tip!

QR: Geometry Dash


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Geometry Dash for Windows Phone gets big update with lots of new content


I'm addicted to this game. I'm on level 10 now. It kinda makes me pissed that I had to get drunk to beat level 9 though, because I couldn't beat it sober o_O

Hey, all the apps in the store above 25 MB are asking for WiFi since yesterday... What's that?? It can't just happen, dropping the limit to 25 MB from 100 MB

Guys, going off topic here. Anyone know what to do? Issue: My Call and SMS blocker does not work. Its says "that didn't work, though don't know why, try again" this happened after the last 8.1 update.

This game is free for android. I'm addicted to this game on my tablet, I just wish I could get it on my phone for free. I don't get why it's free on one platform but not another.

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There's a free DEMO on IOS and (maybe) Android. It only has a few levels and mo editor and a couple different square guys..