Grey Nokia Lumia 920 gets spied in the wild in London

Lumia 920

A few days ago we saw the Nokia Lumia 920 being used in Washington presumably by some lucky Microsofty. Now, we have an image sent to us of the matte grey Lumia 920 being used in public in the UK.

No other info was gleaned e.g. release dates or pricing, unfortunately. So users will just have to hold out until "November". Either way, it's good to know it's out and testing, getting ready for that launch. Thanks, Donavan M., for the great spy photo!


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Grey Nokia Lumia 920 gets spied in the wild in London


It's not that bad, pretty good actually these days after update.
Anwyays that gray is looking great. Still deciding between black, yellow or gray. 

Has the update helped a lot?  My wife has a Lumia 800 and she's never been happy with the pics.  She may have not really tried again though after the latest update.  Still, the 800 is WAY better than the crappy LG Optimus 7 I roam with.  Can't wait for a 920.

@dsba..i noticed that too, we can also see his nails are trimmed nice, quick..find the closest shop around there, then there is the RED button on his jacket, hummmm. What can that b..??

It seems to be some sort of pouch, or backpack sitting on his lap! You can sorta see the zipper!

The more I think about it, the more I wish they were able to taper the ends. That has a huge effect on the perceived thickness. IMO, the 800 had the most pleasant shape of all the Lumias so far.

Has anybody else notice that there are no front-facing pictures or videos of a gray 920 in use? I wonder if it has a unique color scheme for the home screen they're not showing?

I work in the same area where Microsoft is based in Reading UK. Tend to see a few people from MS sitting on the bus with new products that they are testing. Wondering if this is the same place? I haven't seen a 920 yet.

I'm leaning towards the red 920 but at the last minute I might chicken out and go conservative with the grey! I'm done with the so-yesterday black or white phone! LOL!