Here's the green Xbox Dot View case for the HTC One you can't have

Green Dot View

Today HTC and Verizon announced the HTC One (M8) for Windows. It's a new smartphone running the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1. It's the same HTC One that launched earlier this year running Android, which means the same number of accessories will work with today's device. The Dot View case is by far one of the coolest cases to come from a manufacturer. Here's a limited edition green Xbox Dot view case.

The HTC Dot View brings wrap-around protection with flash its flashy dot matrix cover to the HTC One (M8) for Windows. You can access Cortana while the cover is one, see the time, weather and more.

You can get the Dot View case in red, orange, black and purple. It's available for $49.99 at retail.

So when can you get the green Xbox edition you see above? Sadly you can't. That's a super limited edition of the case that will only be able to those who attended the HTC event in NYC today.

Would you want a green Xbox Dot View case for your HTC One?


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Here's the green Xbox Dot View case for the HTC One you can't have


Too bad not everyone lives in NY. You wanna separate branding and sell it for a premium and get some recognition then sell the Green Xbox case for 59.99 and watch jealous prying android and iPhone eyes wander to Windows Phone just cause. I told a buddy that said Android was the best thing ever that windows phone had cortana as the voice assistant, he went and bought a Lumia Icon.

I would have laughed but, as I have been vilified by some of my friends (who are die hard halo fans) after they heard what the UK version sounded like on Recombu's brief UK Cortana review (she speaks like a posh royal... basically a different voice actress). I convinced them to try out Windows phone after hearing what Cortana sounded like on my phone, I had no idea all of them would sign up for 24 month contracts.

Hell is supposedly not expensive, because of the bright road leading to it. In contrast, heaven is too expensive, because the road leading to it is narrow and badly paved. Therefore, this case should be cheap as hell, and dear as heaven.
BTW Microsoft, I am getting tired of the lacks and locks in WP. My next phone is gonna be a Blackberry. See you later WP. I hope to see a WP as versatile as WinMo soon.

I don't think it's ugly like the guy above, but I much prefer Glance where I can customize the notifications and even apply rotating images. To each their own.

Glance is great. But what if you want to protect your phone with something a little more - particularly the screen, say with a cover in the style of Nokia Lumia 1520 cover case?  Then glance is useless without opening the cover.  The dot case may not be for everyone, but it is definitely a clever accessory that can't really be compared to Glance because its primary function is protection.  That you can access Cortana by swiping down (and without opening the cover) is pretty nifty, too.  Each their own, indeed, but we should consider the full use case and intent of each before dismissing something.

The fact that it requires a 50$ / € addon makes it NOT better. It's nifty, but if they want to boost sales of One and WP, they should give the cover with the phone in the box. Not even 1% of One users are going to buy this addon.

Dam, was about to write the exact same thing. As good as this release is for the platform and not to bring a downer to this event, the real support needs to come from MS, especially on the Xbox for WP side as games are a major mover for handsets.

Heck yes! That would be an awesome case. Now if only Microsoft would make a new flagship Lumia with an awesome green Xbox branded case I'd be set

Yeah, I'd go for one. I just wish that Windows Phone was more Xbox-ish. We BARELY got a Halo game, but Microsoft has completely failed to capitalize on the Xbox brand as a selling point for Windows Phone.

I agree. Adding a FPS of any halo game would be great. Even if it wasn't too long, many would pick up a firefight style Halo Xbox WP branded game. (or port parts of older halo games!) It would also bring customers if publicized at 4:30pm to 10:30 for a month.
I'd pay up to $14.99 for a Halo FPS. (Hint, hint, MS)

That Case is basically Money in the bank for Microsoft if they released it.
I agree it should be only for "Hero and Flagship" devices like the Lumia 1520, HTC M8 & Lumia 930.

Wow, Microsoft shoots it's foot yet again.
McLaren cool huh? Can't have it. Xbox cover for the HTC super phone cool huh? Can't have it.
But we'll give you a Nokia X. Smh

Nokia X is dead and buried, let it go. That was Nokia's plan B if the buyout didn't happen. Albeit a pathetic plan B that most likely would've resulted in a Palm-style liquidation of the entire organization, but it was their plan B bargaining chip with Microsoft.

can't have the phone either because it is only on Verizon who I would have been more than pleased to remain with if one of their employees had not called me a idot and told me I didn't know how to operate a phone which another employee told him was defective

Did whoever attended from Windows Phone Central bother to ask about a proper release of the One M8? Massively disappointing news again today and not helped by the lack of clarification about an international release

I was in the live chat, the guys at WPcentral asked and they got




As a response.



This event was put on my Verizon and HTC. They announced that the device would be exclusive to Verizon. They are not going to talk about the HTC One M8 for Windows outside of Verizon today.

Did you at least ask them why they made this awesome green Xbox dot case and then not let me buy it?

You couldn't make it up could you. Where is that fool Belfiore, I'd love a chance to grill him on all the horrendous decisions they are making with WP right now.

Finally, someone who agrees with me that Belfiore needs to be fired immediately. He has failed Windows Phone. Time to go.

What does Joe Belfiore have to do with HTC One and Verizon? If anything Microsoft mobile is now an HTC competitor that can benefit from having their phones on every network while the competiton is limited. The "Xbox" brand case is interesting though as it is a Microsoft owned brand that HTC would probably have to license and get permission to sell. Again though, not something that Belfiore has anything to do with.

I can see being angry at Belfiore if Lumia phones continue to go exclusive now that MS owns them, but blaming him for the deals that HTC is making with Verizon seems a little extreme. If anything it is the recent changes (policy and design like on-screen buttons) to the Windows Phone OS this year that enabled this HTC One M8 to even be possible.

You happy now? Or do you mean the case? You'll have to ask Dan and Mark to give up their case. But we are giving away the phone :)

The winner will be a great source of envy amongst their friends lol.. but for a brief period if the delivery is quick as the release. :P

The green color is really cool but I don't really care about the Xbox part ... I don't like my phones\cases to be a billboard.

I would purchase it for an extra $10 over and above the regular one but not more than that if they offered it to consumers. Remember, that xbox logo will be on the back of the phone so in most cases (pun not intended) nobody is going to see it.

This particular case doesn't do anything for me, but the Dot View case, in general, makes me want to get an M8. 

That's fine by me. Not crazy about the look of these cases in the least even though I get there's more to this than the look. Microsoft has got to encourage more designers to do cases for Windows Phones. It's a problem in attracting female buyers. If I ever go to iPhone, I've already got my Kate Spade case picked out. Or Marc Jacobs. Or Jonathan Adler. Or...you get my drift. It's a problem that needs to be addressed, they've got to have more feminine looking cases. It may not matter much to guys, but girls like to accessorize. It's a missed market.

I take issue with your comment for several reasons:


Third party accessories are completely out of Microsoft's control.  Microsoft may recommend an item, but for any type of control that's what the Microsoft Hardware unit is for.  That unit's scope is extremely small and focused which it is why is one of Microsoft's most successful.


This phone chassis has been out for almost half a year.  The original installed operating system was Android, which has a much higher user base than Windows Phone and thus higher number of third party accessory manufacturers.  Since the chassis are the same most accessories like a case should be compatible. I conjecture that this Windows Phone will have the highest third party accessory support ever of any Windows Phone at launch.


Third party accessory manufacturers launch products strictly on market share.  No need to rehash the Windows Phone market share woes.  The reality is that the subset of designer third party manufacturers has even less incentive since the high end target demographic is mostly Apple.


I would refrain from applying gender stereotyping to accessorizing.  Guys can be accessory crazy too, i.e. myself and my Galaxy S4 using co-worker.  In the military, we call them gearhounds.

Nokia has paid many third parties to get more involved with the platform and Microsoft has made deals with third parties to get apps made. This is no different. I said they should encourage more accesories being made, try to get it more in their control, see how it goes. Many cases out there are pretty genereic or cheap, rarely designer and many skew towards a more masculine or unisex appearance. Give me a break with the gender stereotyping comment. I'm sure there are plenty of guys who would love the same designer cases women tend to go for but that is who  buys them more often than not. There tends to be a lot of talk about is there an Otterbox or whatever made for whatever Windows Phone and I'm saying, they need to also focus on designer cases, because the lack of more attractive accessories turns off those interested in having those with their phones.

Apps (software) and accessories (hardware) are completely different items.  Additionally, you clearly do not know the difference between first party, second party, and third party manufacturers.  Please look it up.  Once you understand the difference between the types of manufacturers, please state the deals and specify which apps that Microsoft has made "many" deals for.


Microsoft does not want to become a manufacturer for the reasons I previously stated.  Their past success was predicated on a licensing model for their software (Office and Windows Operating System) that allowed second and third party manufacturers to saturate the market.  Now, Microsoft will apply this proven strategy to Windows Phone.


You stated the iPhone has multiple designer manufacturers.  Do you really think Apple controls any of those designer manufacturers or even the third party manufacturers?  Those case manufacturers will always support the largest market share which is Apple and the various Android phone manfacturers.


You turned one hundred eighty degrees with your gender statements.  You are still completely wrong.  Now you state many men like designer cases, they just don't buy them.  What a wild and completely unprovable statement.  No break given to you.


Since you are hung up on designer cases, allow me to posit this:  designer items, by design, comprise a very small segment of the market.  The concept of any designer item is to differentiate itself from the many generic items in that market.  Consumers willingly pay the higher price for the perceived value of social status.  Windows Phone does not have a large market share.  Consequently, second and third party manufacturer support is very small.  So, there are not many generic cases for Windows Phone and even less designer cases.  Your designer case request is a classic case of "chicken before the egg."  Stop shooting for the moon when there is no ground beneath your feet. 

I admit I freaked out a bit when I saw this, but then again, is not in my plans to buy the new M8 for Windows, so it's kind of a moot point.

I'd love to seem some Lumia hardware in this colour! Why bright green when there's the very distinct Xbox green that's prime for use.

Stupid. Coolest case for a Windows Phone yet, and it makes use of the Xbox brand in a smart way. But only 5 people will have it since it was available for only one phone at only one event. Stuff like this is why WP only has 4% market share. Microsoft is just clueless.

Yes I would want a green Xbox Dot View case for my HTC One! I think that's bitchin'. I'd definitey sport that on my phone.

That should be the give away in the other post, love the green!! cross reference my user name if you need help picking user comment winner and think green!!! :D