Hike messenger for Windows Phone updated with new privacy features


Hike Messenger has been updated for Windows Phone. Today's update brings the app to version 2.7 and introduces a few new features. You can look forward to increased privacy settings and features with today's Hike Messenger update.

Here's the full changelog for Hike Messenger version 2.7 on Windows Phone:

  • Hidden Mode: An awesome new hike privacy feature which allows you to hide the chats that you want to keep private from the world and access them only with a password! No one except you can read them anymore \o/
  • Choose Who Sees Your Profile Picture: Only your selected friends can now see your display picture!
  • Hide Content Preview in Notification: An advanced privacy feature giving you the ability to hide content from the push notification.

Normally we would have ended here. However, we hired three new rockstar developers, who managed to squeeze in the following additional features in this release:

  • Copy Status Updates: Now you can easily copy your friend's status updates in the timeline by long pressing and hitting copy.
  • View Undelivered Images: Simply long press an attachment to view
  • New Chat Themes: You will absolutely love the 4 new chat themes we have added
  • Turn Off Auto Save to Gallery: No more taking up valuable storage space. You can always manually save the image later.
  • Bug Zapping: Fixed the sticker crash bug and managed to zap many more bugs (even the massive sugar water-drinking ones from Men In Black)

Really big changelog for today's update! We're glad to see Hike Messenger take Windows Phone seriously with their recent hire of three new developers. What feature are you digging the most in today's update? Let us know.

Thanks for the tip Hameed A!

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Reader comments

Hike messenger for Windows Phone updated with new privacy features


It's been there from WP7 version I guess. Remember using it from a long time and they released for the first time. When I had 80 plus contacts in WhatsApp, there was none joined Hike and I was the first one among my friends but now there are 70 plus contacts joined with daily one new person joining, whereas on WhatsApp the list increased to 360 plus. The main plus with Hike is to chat with non-Hike users via free SMS (only Indian number's) and send SMS to Hike users if they are not online on Hike.

Waiting for voice calling and it would be a complete app and I can ditch Viber. For Skype I don't have any hope to get better.

Just last week i used my brothers Android phone and saw all these features there. Wrote a mail to Hike Support stating that it was sad that WP users were not given these features... N boom... Today we get it all... Awesome team

Yeah, exactly.last time I requested them to add black theme and they added it just after a week.they seriously pay attention to customers reviews.

Beside stupid daily quotes everyday, they have provided sticker. Sooner they may launch Chennai Pack Stickers. My bro is working with them.

Well, to be very true they don't send any message to non hike users automatically.it happens when hike user tap on the invite friends button.

bullshit! while whatsapp is poorly coded and has lazy a55 devs, their no-ad policy and no-spam policy works perfect,hike is completely ad based and spam based

I m using it from last 7 months but till now haven't seen any adv. I don't know why you are saying like that and as u said WhatsApp is poorly coded , that is why I m saying it's a piece of shit.Whatsapp dev are damn lazy.

Using hike from last one year, never faced any ad. They don't send any message to non-hike user automatically. If you click invite button then it send invite messages. Hike is 100 times better than WhatsApp.

Since its developed in India, there are lot of users here in India. But not as much as WhatsApp though it is comparatively better than WhatsApp with regular updates for WP while WhatsApp updates shit for WP. :\

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