Hipstamatic Oggl for Windows Phone

Hipstamatic Oggl for Windows Phone 8 gets nice speed boost in latest update

Hipstamatic’s Oggl app for Windows Phone 8 has had somewhat of a rough start since its launch. The app is slow and let’s admit it, a bit clunky to use. But here’s the thing: Oggl’s filters and lenses are hands down some of the nicest we’ve come across on the platform. There’s just something about their tones that they use that make images really stand out.

Version 1.0.05 for the non-Pro version is now available on the store and it has a very detailed and hearty changelog to go with it.

But here’s all you really need to know: the app is significantly much faster to launch and use now. It now opens in about 4 seconds and with the rapid resume feature, Oggl now comes back from background lickity split. The same goes for the rest of the app, including manually switching the lens + filter combo, which is quite nice to use now.

Oggl for Windows Phone

Changes for version

  • Added support for managing your social networks better and clearing the session in the device web browser.
  • Fixed social sharing issues with Twitter, If you still have issues sharing to twitter log into https://twitter.com/settings/applications and revoke the access for Hipstamatic and then set up the account again under settings.
  • Fixed resume to panorama page bug (it now remembers the section)
  • Improved canceling of preset rendering (working on support from image processing SDK)
  • Better support for HTC 8X

The Hipstamatic team, who’ve always been very forthright in the app description, go on to discuss future updates:

“Continuing to improve the app and we still have some work to do. Performance and stability will get better the upcoming weeks. We are also working on new features requested.”

We’ve always appreciated their little commentary as it gives solace to users who want to see this app become a huge success. Clearly they’re working hard on it and with this update, we can already see a vast improvement.

Pick up Hipstamatic Oggl for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. (While Oggl Pro does not currently have an update, we will probably get one very soon. Stay tuned.) Thanks, Tyson, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Hipstamatic Oggl for Windows Phone 8 gets nice speed boost in latest update


Weird. I got three updates about an our ago and it didn't include Oggl. It probably went live a few mins ago

Store tile working faster than our tipsters is the first in 2013 for me! Doesn't that interest you more than amateur photographer news for Royal baby?

It's as if every app has to be dumbed down for lower spec devices. This is a resource thirsty app with all of that live filtering going on.

I guess manufacturers should stop making higher end devices.

Since I don't use Instagram I'm thinking of uninstalling this app. I found using it a bit demanding when all I want to do is take a picture. I can add filters afterwards and I'm finding that it's easier to do that with the Avery Photo app. Sure it doesn't have all the filters this one does, but you have to get a yearly subscription to use them. I would prefer to just buy the app instead if that's really what I wanted.
Nothing against Oggl just doesn't suit me.

This is the first time I've ever received a toast notification from the wpcentral app!!! Whatever happened, keep doing it lol

I wish you could add filters for existing picture or after capturing. If you can then I haven't found out how.

I think they purposely left that out because they want all the photos to be "in the moment" things instead of being able to share your SLR pics and stupid memes like on Instagram.

This is the reason why I've given up on this app. It's too fiddly. There's no way to be 'in the moment' when sorting out filters.

I seriously love this app. The speed improvements are much appreciated! And Daniel's right, this app has the best filters and customization.

Meh...still lags and I still can use photos taken outside the App. Not to mention the filters are most of them horrible (sorry, I disagree with you Daniel). I hope this improves only for the sake of Nokia who did so much promotion of this App

A "little" speed update? This is a LOT faster. Great update.

Has anyone else noticed that the 60 day trial on all the filters still says 60 Days Remaining??

I'd really appreciate it if you could put up a video showing off the improved performance and new features of the app, Daniel. Oggl for WP videos are pretty scarce on youtube.

Thanks Daniel for the update, I updated oggl after seeing this article. Normally I relay on wpcentral for any app updates as my store normally wont show update notifications.
Oggl is an awesome app for any mobile photographers. Initial releases has some issues but the Oggl team was fast in responding to my emails and helping me to sort out some of the issues. Oggl dramatically reduce the time I spend on post processing. The filters are awesome.
After I started using Oggl I hardly shot in other camera apps. If you have time check out the photos I shot using Oggl http://lumia920photography.tumblr.com/tagged/oggl