HTC Omega pictures surface and it's different

We are expecting to see two new Windows Phones at the HTC event on September 1st, the Eternity and the Omega. Beyond the casing for the two phones we haven't seen much on them. Until now with the above press shot.

The Omega will be offered in a white/silver color pattern and there is some speculation it may have a name change to Radar upon release. And do pray tell, could that be a front facing camera we see?  Now we just need to have the HTC Eternity to come out of hiding.

If this image holds true, it will be different to see a white Windows Phone enter the mix.  But then again, the Fujitsu IS12T comes in a rainbow of colors.  Not sure if I like all this color.

Source: Pocketnow; Thanks, Atit D, for the tip!


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HTC Omega pictures surface and it's different


I was always a hardware qwerty guy but i realized WP7 isnt really optimized for a landscape qwerty, i think something like the dell venue pro works best

true. i actually played around with it and it's not a bad phone. Maybe this is the problem being just not a bad pohone. But i gotta give props to LG for making a great qwerty keyboard. felt better than htc touch pro 2

ur welcome mr. ponder for the heads up (although im not the source)...I dont get why the chins are soo large on these HTC phones, they need to be like the HD7, its perfectly balanced.I like the color scheme though

OK so this might be a stupid question but if the HTC Phones are going to be released on ATT and TMobile the 2 that they are talking about at this event ?than the stupid question....why is the event being held everywhere but in the US ?if the phones are targeted for the US ?

Good question. My bet is we'll have a New York City event in October with Microsoft--like the last 2 years. There, they will announce not just HTC, but AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. plus all the OEMs.HTC probably wants to sell these in Europe first (easier to roll out) and so they don't want to wait till October.

I agree Daniel, I just read reports that 2 htc devices were going to be shown off one for att and one for tmboble.. I don't think that can be the case, I don't think anything that they show off on Sept 1st will be for ATT or Tmobile. but for over seas.. only..I think the people in the US are going to have to wait .. again.

Because that's not the only places it's going to be launched man. And Europe's probably getting the phones ahead of the US, which would explain it. I feel your pain though, in being left out, being in a part of the world where they even refuse to turn marketplace on for us... :(

Is HTC allergic to keyboards on Windows Phones now? 1 out of 6 devices is a much lower average than their WM6.5 offerings where it seemed to be 1 out of 3.

It's the same reason why MS has postponed (abandoned?) Chassis 2--traditional black slab, keyboardless devices with large screens are what sells.I'm with you though, I like a physical KB.

This has some metal one--that back plate is metal. I wish it were the Mozart's unibody design--all metal. Seriously, you haven't felt a quality device till you held the HTC Mozart.

Quality and HTC should not be used in the same sentence, at least with reference to in-hand feel.HTC devices range from Poor (Thunderbolt) to Fine (Evo 4G) to Good (G2). But "quality" is for Apple and Nokia and occasionally (but less so lately) Motorola.

nice try. I've had plenty of high quality HTC devices. my TP2 is still kicking it after 15 mos and my arrive is the best phone I've ever had. so back off,ur just mad because they didn't make the android phones with the same quality as the windows ones.

No, you haven't, if you think the TP2 is one.I have an Arrive. It is my daily device. It is fine. That is to say, I am totally satisfied with it and not trying to knock HTC at all. But compared to how my old Nokia E71 felt in my hand -- sorry buddy. *That's* quality.HTC regularly has industry-leading specs, and their software is actually very good. Not only that, some of their phones are quite rugged and well made. But for "in hand feel" they have never made a phone that measured up to the industry leaders. Certainly not the TP2, although that phone is also "fine." And certainly not the Mozart.Have you held an iPhone 4 (of course you have)? How about the new Nokia E7, or even the C7? Once you do, you will know what I mean.

you was trying to knock HTC from the tone of ur original post so don't even go there. and of course ur going to compare it to the iPhone. I saw a few with cracked screens. point is this kind of nonsense that u just said shouldn't have place on this article.

Could be slimmer and have less bezel and I think the bottom is still the same old android design. However the colour combo of White and Silver does give it a unique look, has a FFC that the world and their dog wants, looks compact (actually similar to the Trophy), with good promotion it should hopefully do well.

Agree on all points, with only one thing to add: Nokia, where art thou?Anyway, this is supposedly a 'render', so I guess we'll have to wait until September 1st to see the actual devices.

Great to see more FFC phones in the pipeline but the front of this phone looks a little over done. Too much plastic not enough screen. Still good though. It's all good.

To be honest, that's more important than people want to admit. The wimmenz have MADE the iPhone the hit it is.

It annoys me how almost all HTC phones look so much alike. Do they not have any new designs or something. This looks like a white, bigger bezel and more plastic version of the Trophy, and the Surround. But whatever someone else will like it. Maybe I'm just more of a fan of square corners, and less bezel. I think the Omnia 7, Venue Pro, and the Focus suit WP7 sooo much more.

i agree, but honestly im tired of waiting, and besides at&t and t-mobile most of us dont really have options to choose from.....it does look like a trophy but thinner, im really hoping this this isnt all plastic

I'd be interested to see what that would look like with the white background selection being a white phone. I think part of the reason I ALWAYS use black background is because it blends perfectly with my black Focus. It could look a lot better than this example with black background.Also, why the big gap at the bottom under the keys? Seems like wasted real estate..

I want it just because it's white. If I could add a front camera and white color scheme to my DVP it would be the perfect phone.

I like it. I hope this hits T-Mobile. I'd tap that. I like the white/silver combo. I think black is over played in the smartphone space. And I would say yes, that looks like a Front Facing Camera. Proximity and Ambient Light sensors on left, speaker grill up top, camera on the right.

I quite like the look. It's distinctive and very HTC, while being quite clean. If they keep this going they'll only get more popular (and should perhaps make a community design filing for it)

It looks just about like my HTC Flyer, only smaller. I like the looks of this and hope it comes to T-Mobile so I can pick one up.

Not seeing anything here that would make me want to leave my Omnia 7. In fact if this was launched alongside the Omnia 7 I'd still probably choose the O7.

Yup that a Front Face Camera alright. Cant wait windows phone 7 going to be big time. Forget iphone 5 it already copied some of windows phone 7 mango features. Copycaters apple trolls

Actually no there isn't a front facing camera the top right is the status/notification led and the left is the light sensor.Still not a bad looking phone my Fiancee might want one to replace her Trophy but i am holding onto my Mozart until i see the rest of the Mango phones in particular the Nokia's

however, my notification led is in the grill, and that 2nd dot is way to big to be a notification led, considering the size of the phone. It looks highly likely to be a ffc

On the Mozart its in the Grill but the trophy its pretty much exactly the same as the photo above and that's definitely not too big for a LED.Anyhow we will likely all find out whats what next week.