HTC Omega Windows Phone shows up in gaming stats

The HTC Omega showed up on Elbert Perez's game stats page--there's only one, but there only needs to be one, right? Perez gets his data from the ton of high quality and popular games that he has on the platform. (See the Nokia 800 referenced just a few days ago).

Device information such as make and model are commonly collected and it's turning out to be a great source to know what may be coming next.

So. Omega. That sounds pretty epic and we've seen it referenced just a few weeks ago with a basic 1.5Ghz CPU, 800x480 screen and 16GB of storage.

Source: Occasional Gamer, via @elbertperez

Daniel Rubino

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  • wtf?!?!?!?16 GB of RAM?is that a joke or somethingsurely it should say storage seeing as my focus has like 512 MB or somethingnowhere NEAR 16 GB
  • Great minds think alike :)
  • 16GB storage. I'm drunk.
  • As much as I would love to have smartphones that had 16GB of RAM installed AND an OS and software able to utilize it... I have a feeling it has 16GB of onboard storage, not RAM. :\
  • and here come the spec haters
  • YES! The Eternity is coming too!
  • What I dont get is, why are no WP7 OEM's even hinting at coming handsets? They seem to have no problem announcing android handsets months in advance and even manage to release unannounced handsets along the way. Nokia is the exception but even they have shown 1 device and we expect at least 1 more this year. If MS and the hardware makers dont generate excitement, no matter how good the OS is how will they attract users who will have been bombarded with android news for months? They really need to start thinking of trying to get WP7 into the minds of potential buyers otherwise they could release the best handsets in the world but no one will know about them.
  • I agree, if they don't build hype, they'll be released and no one would know how they're even out.
  • i'll know! :p
  • Advertising is a funny buisness, you CAN advertise a phone far after it's been released and people will buy it on the assumption it is new. So when it's advertised doesn't matter as much as you comment implys. But I do agree that the phones still need advertising and hype. :/
  • @theefman...Agree. Microsoft is doing their job - they've created the hype around Mango. In my opinion, it is now the oems responsibility to ensure that the devices 'they created and designed' appeal to consumers - they need to post pics on their respective sites, how about a TV ad featuring WP7 (HTC seems to have no problems promoting Sense with Android in their 'YOU' commmercials; how about a WP7 commercial HTC?).Where are the 'blurry cam' shots? Plenty of 'blurry cam' for those Android devices, but it's like a desert for WP7 devices, save Nokia. Even if the Stephen Elop SeaRay reveal to his employees didn't hit the web, there was at least a really good leak of the device by that factory worker.Planned or not, Nokia is the only oem that has created some hype around their devices; the other oems - their disinterest in the platform couldn't be more evident.
  • Okay- there is slowly - slowly- a few hints here and there on upcoming Mango devices. But, really the overall lack of leaks on fall to winter W7 releases is starting to worry me. The buzz on the OS updates has been good. Nokia will hit the ground running, but mostly not in the U.S. and mostly in 2012. Very worried about CDMA representation from Microsoft. Come on, guys, drop some morsels, build excitement.....
  • I believe they are doing like Apple does, shooting out endless speculations then have a big conference with all of thier future handsets with release dates. It will get alot of buzz if it is done that way as well. The next winmo7 phone i will be purchasing is a super amoled plus 4.3+ screen, FF camera and that is about all my new requirements i have for my new phone. Of course it has to have all the specs the HD7 has if not better but the most important thing to me is FF camera and screen size plus resolution.
  • If anyone is interested, here are some new devices we've see registered with "...i'm a WP7!" over the last week or two:-Acer M310-HTC Eternity -SAMSUNG GT-I8350-NOKIA 800-HTC MSM8x55-HTC Omega-FujitsuToshibaMobileCommunicator IS12T-SAMSUNG SGH-i677-ASUS Galaxy6Fun information, and many of these devices are from "Bellevue, WA" :)
  • Come on Front camera (and a good rear camera) then I would have a great phone....