Humorous unboxing video pokes fun at Microsoft and the Surface

It’s never fun to take things too seriously, which is why we like this video of a purported Surface unboxing. Performed with a mock Russian accent, the video takes a jab at the “old” Microsoft (or rather what some people still perceive as being Redmond’s problem: clunky, non-working software and hardware).

We won’t say too much more on this because it speaks for itself. But we definitely got a chuckle out of it.

Source: Puppet Shed; Thanks, 47project in comments for the tip!


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Humorous unboxing video pokes fun at Microsoft and the Surface


holy crap. Revolutionary, wow. It's thinner then the ad's show. And that box, I'm def gonna keep it. Friday/Thursday can't come quick enough. <3

man, they didn't even offer me the extra battery pack OR the sd card with the free pictures!
i feel ripped off!

That was pretty hilarious. Especially that part with the metrosexual interface. Can we all agree to adopt that as the new name?

+1 it was first thing I thought of when "metro" was announced. Calling something "metro" was already in common usage i.e. "That's so metro" to say that it's metrosexual.

Actually, I'm kind of offended.. Lol! I know it's just a joke, but the nerve of somebody making fun of such a great product.. No, no.. Screw that! Lol.

The russian text on the front in the smaller letters say "stupid americans will buy anything". I couldn't figure out what the words in the larger letter or on the back say. My russian is pretty rusty.

Looks like a "well made" Soviet automobile. When the cold war ended the Soviet cars created nightmares for Volkswagens capable of 160 mph. I remember suddenly running up a Russian Traubi going 55 mph and almost crapping my pants trying to avoid them.

This must be the Russian version of the Surface. LMAO @ Moscow!

This is actually a real unboxing of the Russian version.  Just don't tell them it is any different over here.

I think the Russians are the one's who should be embarrassed. What electronic device have they ever sold world wide?

KGB listening bugs and cold war nukes is about it =)

Y'all need to lighten up!  That video was worth several good chuckles.  Too over the top to take as real criticism of Microsoft.  Plus, I don't think they will get away with bundling a machine gun magazine in the US version ;-).

In the very first frame, there is a photo of two camels and something is written in an Indian language. Its written in Gujarati and the words written mean 'Camel Rape' :D

Yep, sums up rather nicely the Microsoft we've loved to hate in the past. :-D Looks like the perfect reminder of how great the future looks now!