Icomania, Windows Phone trivia takes on a minimalistic approach


Icomania is a Windows Phone trivia game that caught our eye due to its minimalistic artwork. While the game is eye appealing, it's not without challenge though.

You are presented a picture representative of a movie, actor or character and you simply have to fill in the blanks. Icomania is an entertaining option for those seeking a trivia game for their Windows Phone.

The main menu is simple and straightforward. You have the option to jump into the game or choose your language.

The game screen has the category (movie, character or actor) at the top of the screen with the picture clue just beneath. The number in the upper left is the trivia question number and the number at the upper right is your points. Points can be used to purchase hints.


To the lower left is an option to put off the incorrectly set letters that will cost you 30 points. To the lower right is a hint button that will cost you 40 points and reveals one correct letter.

Game play is simple. Tap the letters to fill in the blanks that name the picture presented. To remove a letter, just tap on the the solution blocks to erase things. When correct a pop-up window will appear that reads, "correct". A little lack luster given the nicely presented game screen.  Didn't expect fireworks but something more than a plain old text pop-up window.

Some of the trivia questions are simple while others make you think a little. Some can be just down right hard. When you exit Icomania, your progress is saved and you return to the game where you left off. I do wish you could skip a question for the times you just hit a dead end and have no points to use for hints (got stumped on question 9).

If you're looking for a casual entertainment trivia game for your Windows Phone, Icomania is well worth a try.

Icomania is a free, ad-support game that you can pick up here in the Windows Phone Store. It is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

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Icomania, Windows Phone trivia takes on a minimalistic approach


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George. Its been some time since any update on your Windows 8 app. Cant you give status report from time to time so we don't need to ask you all the time.:)

Quite put off by the user interface. There's nothing Modern about it. It's slightly reminiscent of those web 0.9 DHTML toolkits for creating awesum(tm) buttons.