Impressive Nokia Lumia 800 Swedish Kanal 5 commercial [Video]

The above advert is something special and unique. While 80% of the commercial features a similar presentation of the Lumia 800, which recently launched in the country, the first few seconds is an interesting introduction. The start of the advert is integrated into a popular Swedish station's logo and kicks off at the start of commercial breaks. Sweden has also witnessed a more festive 800 advert being aired

Source: YouTube, thanks hasona for the tip!


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Impressive Nokia Lumia 800 Swedish Kanal 5 commercial [Video]


If I don't see a WP commercial here in the US soon I'm going to explode. On the other hand, if I see a WP commercial this good in the US soon, I might just explode! IYKWIM!

Why can't they translate the tagline? It's kinda good meaning-wise and it would be good if people could understand exactly what it means rather than relying on them to speak English.

From my time up north, I can day that people speak English. It's not like here down in France haha

Very cool intro, thanks for sharing :)  
I like that they are sticking with totally enormous extinct dinosaurs' Garden sample for these commercials.. I still use an edit of that as my ring tone.

By the way... this is no commercial!
This is the jingle that Kanal5 in Sweden runs before and after each block of commercials. As such this gets a much better view rate than normal commercials!
Nokia must have done a great deal with Kanal5! Way to go, Nokia!