Is it a plane? Is it a Windows Phone? No, it's a... Lemon?

Wannabe Windows Phone

They say copying is a form of flattery, so both HTC and Microsoft should be feeling so with this low-end device that has appeared on Indian Times. The device, a Lemon T109 Dual SIM Mobile Watch, appears to be rocking a Windows Phone UI, but isn't actually a handset running Microsoft's OS. Odd, right?

Priced at just 2,999 Indian Rupees (approx. $54), the device is a cheap offering that comes with a 4GB SD card and a Reebok watch. We've checked the device on the manufacturer's website and there's no indication that it runs Windows Phone, or another other OS for that matter.

It's either a mistake or someone was just lazy, but it's humorous to see hardware appearing to run Windows Phone.

Source: Lemon MobilesIndia Times Shopping; thanks, Rajashekaran, for the tip!


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Is it a plane? Is it a Windows Phone? No, it's a... Lemon?


<p sab="1468">Who needs a Lumia when I can get a Lemon?&nbsp; The U2 fan inside me is giddy with delight.&nbsp; Love the stylish lack of a Start button.</p>

I find it funny that they choose to mimic an HTC that runs windows phone when they could have just put that clanky robot OS on there and called it a day. I think I really says something about WP when a knock off would try and mimic the modern UI instead of just loading gingerbreak or something to that effect.

ha! That looks like my old Touch Pro with the little circle at the bottom but... Runs "WinDown7" (since its not "WP" OS) jejeje