Joe Belfiore is doing an AMA on Reddit this Friday!

Joe Belfiore

We love when people or teams we’re interested in head to Reddit to do an Q&A session with the community. Those session are called ‘ask me anything’, but if you’re cool you’ll shorten it down to AMA. This Friday, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore is heading to Reddit to do an AMA.

We’ve had some pretty good AMA’s with previous Microsoft folks and groups. We’ve seen Bill Gates to one, Surface boss Panos Panay did one for the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, the Windows 8.1 engineering team answered questions, and more recently the Office for iPad team joined in on the fun.

Now we get Joe Belfiore this Friday! The AMA will start Friday, May 2nd, at 9 am PST. We'll gather up the highlights once it’s over. Look for the AMA in the subreddit r/windowsphone.

Have any questions for Joe? Get them ready by asking below!

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Joe Belfiore is doing an AMA on Reddit this Friday!


Here is one...when will the windows phone Win8 Application be properly updated to something useful. It STILL doesn't even support the new side by side app split screen formats which is astounding....

The Windows Phone application for Windows 8 I cannot even see it running.  It always lose the focus, and it looks in the started applications icons, but It's not working at all for me.

Is it possible to have an off topic question when there is no topic? After all, it is Ask Me "ANYTHING"

Still widely available here. It's a previous gen phone though and I expect it's about to be replaced in the lineup with a next gen model.

I went out last night with my gf because she wanted to buy either a 1320 or a 720. When we go in nokia store...i was informed....720 is discontinued...and online...the 720 red one isn't available

Yeah. One of the best designed phones. I have it and don't use a case. No scrathes or anything. It's specs arent impressive but windows phone 8.1 runs really well. And with the 8.1 install app to sd feature loving it even more.

I'm on a Lumia 1320 and do not find the new selector more accurate. I find it takes 4-8 taps (usually more) to select the space I want, especially when it's the start of a textbox. With the old selector, I would tap and hold and simply drag it to where I want. Much less time, much less effort, much more accurate.

If you're used to iOS or Android, maybe. I have not owned a phone with either operating system.. ever, and a zoomed in snapping cursor is more accurate to me. There should at least be a way to toggle between the two.

you have to tap twice on any word, the first select the whole word and the second tap bring up the cursor, then you can hold anywhere to move the cursor, e.g. you are on fourth line but you want to edit the first line, tap any word in the first line twice, then touch and hold anywhere, on third or fourth line any move the cursor as you used to do on WP8.

Please try several tricks to discover how you can manipulate this cursor, its better now than before.

I still think the "magnifying glass" method worked brilliantly on the Nokia N9 and was/is the best :^)

Its hard to understand at first but(!!!) I found out how it works and its really simple: just swipe over the text while the text-selector is displayed. Easy as that.

Maybe when it does actually seem faster they can use it. For now, it does not seem faster in any way, shape or form. I think for now the slogan should be "seems like it's loading".

How about when will we finally get the Bing Rewards app for our Windows phones?....It's getting kind of ridiculous how long its been since they were released for the sheep and robots a while ago.

Seriously, I even found a link to learn about Bing rewards in the settings......but alot of good that does, we have no app or integration, yet competing platforms do.....

When can expect the ME tile to have restored posting functionality? As it is now its virtually useless to me, I've unpinned it because I have to use the app now.

same here. before this I keep it so I can see quick reply to my post or to post simultaneously to fb and Twitter.

Not just the ME tile, but all the hubs have lost their social integration functionality. Why do we now need to launch individual crappy apps when it USED to be integrated into the OS hubs?

Of course, It may be hardy enough to survive minor bumps and drops but I want it to stay as undamaged as possible for as long as possible... Although I don't use a screen protector....

Can they dev IE to start in Private Browsing Mode, so we don't have to worry about having to clean the cache?

If not, can they allow other browser apps to be default? (Other browser apps open in Private Browsing)


Can someone jot this and ask them? Some of us might not make it, due to work or other tasks.

Why still no email attachments other then pictures ?
OneDrive links, want me crying and laughing at the same time ?

And ask him why still no more accent colors available

I can attach ANY file in WP8.1 using Aerize Explorer. The stock email also handles pics, songs, pdfs, docx, xlxs, ppts.

To attach pdfs, just go to office hub and long hold the pdf and you have the share option, select email.

Also if the pdf is not visible in office and visible only in adobe reader, try using Pocket Explorer and the next time you doenload a pdf the system will ask you to open with which app. Select pocket explorer and then you can manually specify a location to save it.

Way to complicated, also not a single of my PDF shows up in officer app but in the PDF viewer app...
Why isn't the PDF viewer part of the office app ?

+6436 votes disagree with you. http://windowsphone.uservoice.com/forums/101801-feature-suggestions/suggestions/2282574-enable-document-attachment-in-emails

You can only attach photos from the photo hub direct to email. 

Yes... You can go into office and attach ONE SINGLE FILE and share through email, but you CANNOT select multiple office/PDF files and email directly from the email app, or reply to an email and attach an office/pdf file. 

As for Aerize Explorer and similar apps... This is very limited because you can only attach items within the same folder. An improvement, YES>>> but still not an ideal solution.... unless of course you put every single office / pdf file into one single folder.

Please ask @joebelfiore when Microsoft will close this frustrating limitation, and present a viable solution.

Dude you can have ANY theme colour you want... Just get a pic of that colour and use it a your background... That simple

Theme is the colour that permeates your whole OS. Not sure how just a choosing a background image of desired colour will satisfy his needs.

But, clicking snooze there, and then it comes back, and it's the same alert - not updated either for traffix or ETA.  I got told 25 minutes to get home by 6 at 5:30; the same at 5:35 and 5:40.

Why still no videos folder inside the photo library ?
Xbox video sucks just like the new game hub, nobody cares about all this avatar stuff

Better dont ask this question. You would make a fool out of yourself as WP 8.1 brought support for signed/encrypted emails.

When will MS start to put more focus on music production tools, and apps, for WP?
Will MS try harder to convince companies like Akai to make apps like their MPC app for iOS?
Does MS have intent to compete with Apple in the Audio/Video/Movie production market?.. Because, Apple is killing MS in that market, and pretty much owns it...
Seriously, I want to see the Akai MPC app made available for Windows, and apps from Fostex, Roland, Ableton, and Line6 made available for Windows.... I'm sick of not having this capability on my 1520,, when its available for some tiny iP4s, and iPads... MS would be smart to go down this road because even Android doesn't have support like Apple does for Akai apps... Nevertheless, Android does have some pretty impressive tools to produce music on your phone... WP has nothing...

Everything that you said plus FL Studio, Pro tools companion apps in a mobile solution, and accessories such as the Surface Music blade with a Windows phone version attached via Bluetooth or a Bluetooth attachment for the actual surface blade... There is so much unused potential in Windows Phone and its integration with Windows and Xbox!

Now you're seriously talking... My MPC can produce an entire song, and my 1520 is way more powerful than it is... Theoretically we should be able to load protools on our devices, so if they can make a universal app for W8 then we're in luck... Universal apps just might make what we want, and need, possible.........
Just imagine being able to USB a midi controller right to your phone.. This is what I want❕❕❕❕

Thanks to timezones, I'll probably miss it - however I do have a few important questions if someone could forward them for me.

  • Will the Alarms app be updated before final 8.1 release? If not why not? It currently does not update the live tile very frequently and is very simplistic. To expand on that, why has it not been separated from the OS like the rest of useful, core functionality?
  • In 8.1 Twitter and LinkedIn still use a native-looking input to post. Is there a reason why the Facebook app isn't doing the same? Why not expand on that and return the useful cross-posting?
  • Why is the Settings screen still an unordered mess? I care more about Storage Sense than I do Kids Corner (which I do not have a use for, as a 19 year old). Categories and groups would be a good start, then an alphabetic list within that, and a "frequently used" at the top. The list will just keep getting longer, lets clean it up now!
  • Why is the local phone search via the Search button dependant on an internet connection? If I have mobile data and WiFi turned off, why can I not do a quick local file, setting or email search? It simply sits there trying to connect to something that doesn't exist.
  • Why is the touch target for closing the action center so small? It's very easy to miss, and it should be a "aim roughly in the right direction and get it" sort of thing.
  • When will the Store search have any kind of filtering? If I want to find other apps by an author, rather than searching for their name I have to go to an app they've made and click the 'More by..' - or what if I want to see what "audiobook" apps have been updated/released within the past 7 days?
  • Why is there still no native DLNA functionality that works similarly to bluetooth media?
  • .
  • Why is there no compatibility mode for IE11 Mobile? https://mydesktop.rmit.edu.au/vpn/index.html is a perfect example of a page that is LITERALLY not functional on IE11 but works in compatibility mode on Windows 8.
  • What is the logic behind limiting the 8.1 Games hub for non-US users to not include ANY Xbox functionality?


Other than the above mentioned points, I love love love Windows Phone 8.1 and can't wait to see whatever additions come with the firmware update from Nokia.. or, Microsoft Mobility? Is that what we're calling it now?

Things I Wanna Know

-If and when WP 8.1 shape writing(swipe) and Cortana is going to be on W8 touch devices i/e Surface tablets.

-When Bing Rewards comes to Windows Phone or if they'll ever be integrated with Cortana Bing searches.

-If and when we can choose OneDrive as a default save location (rather than just SD option) for things like pictures, videos and maps etc.

-If and when WIndows Phone will supoort Bluetooth keyboards

-If and when a Windows Phone app will be available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 

-If they plan on taking feedback/suggestions on Jen Taylor phrase/word recordings for future Cortana updates

-If the notification center will ever allow more hotkey options

-If Nokia Lumia 930 colors will ever make it to the US on Icon or if they're considering universal models in the future that will work on any network (so we can elect to buy unlocked models from the Nokia or Microsoft stores  in whatever color we want and use it on any network of our choosing).






Tap at the end of a line of text to bring up the cursor, then drag it to where you want it. I prefer the old one as well, but the new one still serves the same function at least.

tap twice on any word, what comes up? (cursor). then hold anywhere and move your finger, what happens to the cursor/

I think the only way (now) that this could be done would to have a swipe to the left gesture on the tiles to activate their interactivity. Other gestures are already taken up for other functions.

Another issue is the size of the tiles. Whilst I love having the smaller tiles (3 columns) on my 920, I think they'd be way too small to have any interactivity on them, unless the way the interactivity is started goes to a seperate screen or overlay

Someone should ask why they are not supporting Weave by Seles Games? I don't want to upgrade phones in fear of never getting it back.

1. wifi direct will be available so developer can make flashtransfer like app so we can send video and audios even faster then bluetooth and should have option to multi select video and audio to send at once not select one send it and then select another one and send it then another one. Need fix
2. I want two apps running on one screen at the same time like video and any messenger app are running on same screen.
3. Apps loading are still take too much time on my 920, need improvement.
4.need volume control support in action center
For now that's it if I can find more I will post it..

Will we see actionable notifications in a future update?

Why does the email client still not allow attaching files other than pictures? (Email app not office, etc.)

Will we finally see Applist sorting ala Windows 8.1 in WP?

Stylus input in WP?

Redesign the Settings App its a mess seriously....

Sry I won't vote. Why should I do that? Thats a Basic Feature cant believe I have to vote just to be able to attach Files to an email.

Moving back and forth between my windows 8.1 PC and my phone, I miss the option to longpress the top querty keyboard row to slide to the appearing respective number like on the PC touch keyboard. Can we get an option to enable this feature in the keyboard settings?

I'd like to ask him WTF is going on with the XBox Music app?  That whole mess is the biggest F-Up there in on the platform.  Has been from the very beginning and what is he going to do about it??  The most basic features have not even been implemented/fixed yet after 2 years.

Zune Hub was better:

-one app for music, tv, movies, podcasts, audiobooks

-one app for synch and app purchase for music, tv, movies, podcasts

Only real advantage is streaming, which is of limited usefulness to many people due to spotty cellular coverage.

Xbox Music anyone? Anyone?
Someone should ask if Xbox Music was created as some kind of elaborate joke....and if somebody thought of abandoning Zune by creating an entirely new music platform while smoking peyote on sabbatical in the mountains.
Another legitimate question would be: Were people (or children) who were deaf or don't listen to music hired to develop/test on Xbox Music?
Note: My comments here are liable to offend someone and are expressed entirely on behalf of my frustrations with the Xbox Music platform.... please take this with a grain of poop. I'm only joking here....

  • Will Nokia features such as Glance and doube tap to unlock come to all Windows Phones?
  • Will backgrounds and the carousel return to the photo app?
  • Will Skype ever get file transfers?
  • Will Bing Vision be added back into search?
  • Will we get real email attachments before the public release of 8.1?
  • When will the settings page be organized (like in Win8.1)?
  • What happened to sorting options of the app list that were leaked as supposed to be part of 8.1?
  • When will the Calendar tile be able to display more than one appointment?
  • Would WP7.5 smoke WP8.1? (spoiler: it would if you did the same kind of competition!)

1) Why can't we sign in/out on OneDrive on the phone app.

2) Add enable/disable data connection on notification.

3) Cortana must not always reply on internet, because in other countries like ours the network is not always 3G +, sometimes it drops to Edge.

4) All icons from MS are not transparent, Games, music, Onenote, Ms Word if pinned, e.t.c,  why?

5) if there is no network/Internet, why can't i play Halo Spartan Asslt (When it fails to connect, you can't play yet its a paid app)t, It also drains power like nobody's business, both "App in use & App in backgroud" as per Battery Saver Readings.

5) why is there no stop button on music?



idk what reddit is... can someone find out for me if and when they are bringing the lumia 930 to the U.S?

Yesterday when Stepphen was online i was trying to ask a question for half an hour i just kept on sending the question again an again.. I refreshed the page and even every thing but my question was send the website show but actually it didn't appear in the chat? And not answered... ??!! My question was about the 100mb limit ? You cannot have the limit always sometimes you need to go with you career data to download an file from internet or a video which is more than 100mb and even apps bcoz i am in India...

When can I expect to be able to attach a bloody PDF to a mail? I'm losing job opportunities because I made my resume in PDF... All this babysitting is driving me insane.

Anyone have tips for getting your question noticed/replied to? I want to ask three main things:

  1. Will MS make available the option to attach files other than pictures to any email (existing thread or new email) from within the email app and without using a link to the file?
  2. Will IE11 be updated to include features that were removed from WP8 and IE10? More specifically, will background music be re-enabled in IE11 so that switching tabs or minimizing out of IE11 will not pause the music. In addition, the auto-refresh of a tab when returning to the tab or resuming IE11 is terribly frustrating when you do not want it. Please make this an option.
  3. Is Xbox Music going to allow for the upload of personal music libraries for access anywhere you have an internet connection (like Google Music) so that we are not stuck with a poor music matching service? And along those lines, what is being done to provide the user with greater control over their cloud collection, sync'd or not, personal music or rented (Xbox Music subscription?

This is overall a great phone and OS but these aforementioned features are huge killers for me. There has been a lot of improvement to catch up but while MS is catching up (and adding SOME new features the competition lacks), the competition is in the meantime working to leapfrog MS yet again, leaving MS trailing in many areas.

I sincerely hope MS uses this AMA to educate themselves on what people really want in this OS - people that actually own AND use this phone want.

Ask why he doesn't do his AMA on his newly purchased Conversations.Nokia.Com website where Nokia regularly host this type of thing.

My one and only question:

For music lovers, Windows Phone is a great platform let down by a terrible music experience. I won't even go into the many issues with Xbox Music; I'll focus on an underlying platform issue that affects all music applications: it introduces a small silent gap between every track. I can't listen to a Beethoven symphony or Abbey Road without interruptions that should not be there.

This may look like a small issue in the greater scheme of things, but for a certain audience it is a critically important flaw. In my own personal case, it's the only reason I still carry an iPhone. Apple nailed this years ago. Google more recently figured it out as well. But Microsoft still haven't managed to catch up with vinyl. Are you ever going to fix this?


I agree with you.  I have the B-52's Party Mix! mini-album, mixed to run completely together, and gaps between songs do not work.  Even worse, why in the world do we need 4+ apps to do what the Zune Hub (Music+Videos) did for us?  How is that progress?  What's next - an artist app, album app, a song app, an artist bio app?  Then they could really update them faster! </sarcasm>

But seriously I barely listen to music on my phone for two reasons: no storage space (16GB is barely adequate as-is for just a smartphone, even with streaming.  I need microSD in the phone for 64GB expansion, along with at least 32GB/64GB options), and an utterly horrible media and synch experience (on the phone there's Music, Video, Podcast, FM Radio, Store; on the PC there's Music, Video, no podcast, and a horrid synch app). 

My question is: when will we get back ONE app for music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and FM radio on the phone, and ONE app for music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, synch, and app purchase on the PC?

My question: As a UK developer, why is Pubcenter so unbelievably rubbish?

I have seven games out currently on Windows Phone that use in-app advertising (Pubcenter) as a monitization mechanism. Of these, I ported four to Android earlier in the year - these use Admob instead.

Last month, my Windows Phone games made a return of £0.86, with 24,322 requests. My Android games made £1.29 with only 2,339 requests. In other words, the return on my Android titles is over fifteen times that of my Windows Phone titles.

Stepping away from the cold, hard numbers, there is the issue of support. There are frequent postings on the forums reporting of data loss and adjustments, leaving developers in the dark as to what is going on. The support team refuses answer questions publicly or transparently (or admit that there is a problem), normally putting a post on the forums to "submit a support ticket" - which then goes unanswered for weeks or, at best, receives an obviously copy-pasted replay about how everything is "normal market variation". Moreover, the forums are regularly flooded with spam posts and while these are actually getting cleared these days, it normally takes at least 24 hours for this to happen, while no steps appear to be taken from preventing further spam posts.

Personally, I have given up - my current project is returning to the free-trial-paid-full-version model, after which I will be looking at updating my games where possible to use Admob in place of Pubcenter. But I still find it disheartening having to explain to would-be Windows Phone developers why they need to rely on Google's advertising solution, as this often raises the question of "why should I bother with Windows Phone at all?"

So I would like to know - what steps are being taken to a) return Pubcenter's revenue to a decent level on an international scale (lots of WinPhone developers in India for example) and b) re-establish any credibility for Pubcenter?

This should be good. 

When will we get one media app for purchase, collection management, and synch like iTunes users and Zune users had?
When will the FB integration be fixed so that it works like it did in Windows Phone 8? As in - people hub like/comment ability, me tile (checkin, notification pivot, status updates to multiple networks at once)

When will the Photo Hub be restored so that we get our 'what's new feed' back and the beautiful panoramic interface?

When will the Zune Hub be restored so that we can manage all our media in one app rather then 4+ apps that have barely 1/3 the features?

When will Bing Scrapbook be updated to support Windows Phone 8/8.1?

Windows Phone 8.1 makes me seriously want to go back to Windows Phone 7.5/7.8. (see: http://wp.me/p1fLW2-8L)

In no pirticular order or priority

1. It's a phone and I dont get a cursor to edit phone numbers on the dialer. It is very annyoing to paste a number I get from a text and having to press back all the way to add the prefix and remember all the digits to call someone.:). This is most annoying thing I have seen on phone platforms including WP 8.1

2. We need copy/paste/cursor everywhere we see text/keyboard.

3. We need pureview 808 DSP support in Lumia 1030, and very soon. What are the plans and why the delay?

4. What will happen to all the Nokia exclusive technologies in audio, camera, mapping, power management, radio, antenna design, etc.. will it become available to all other OEM's, what are the agreement terms of the License with Nokia (Can MS distribute it (with/without royalty) or they need Nokia's permission to do so?). How will MS protect Nokia's IP in this regards


I've given some thought to this: When is Microsoft going to bring parental controls to Windows Phone, including blocking the browser? (Other platforms have had this for years.) I like the MS family safety site and idea, but WP seems to largely have been left out.