Keep organized with Pin-to-start for mobile websites

Here's a cool little thing. Inspired by Google's trick of making their Search icon pinnable for Windows Phone, reader Miguel Rochefort has created a nifty little web-tool that will allow you to do basically the same but for any mobile site out there.

There's no installation, just a simple bookmarking of his script within Internet Explorer 9 on your phone. When you come across a site you like and want to pin, you pull up his site and it will create a perfectly-sized icon of the site for pinning. The benefit? Instead of pinning a screenshot of the website, you can pin the site's logo, resulting in a much cleaner and organized appearance.

It's cool, it's free and takes no time, so why not? Check out the above video to see it in action. Hop into our forums to interact with Miguel for any requests and issues or just hop to his site on your phone to get started: http://www.web2tile.com/


Reader comments

Keep organized with Pin-to-start for mobile websites


That is pretty cool looks to use the same method I came up with for the Avatar Awards site but with whatever favicon a site uses.
I had not seen Google had done this also... Seems that was only done a few days back though...

This is awesome! Tried it and it works great. Thanks Miguel! On another note does anyone know how to install bookmarklets (Read it later, Boxee, etc.) on WP7? Does not seem to work for me.

Doesn't work on all mobile sites. EBay, m.wpcentral.com and other sites I use. Fb works fine but not on m.twitter.com.. Nice though when it works. I just enlarge the image on a regular web page and pin to start

Don't worry, I'm not tracking anything. All there is is a Google Analytic script in the home page.

At the moment, I'm using redirection as its the only way I managed to make this thing work. I'm working on a standalone bookmarklet that will hopefully eliminate the need for redirection.

to change the tile image, you could quickly change the image url with the one you want after the clicking the web2tile bookmark in your favourites

It does work with fb touch... Go to web2tile.com on Facebook touch page and then replace the img URL with the above link in address bar. Press enter and viola~ but u have to do replacing the URL pretty quickly... In less than 30 secs..
This trick takes u to web2tile.com first then redirect to ur desired web page... Since it rely on redirect, it is gonna fail when the redirect website go down.. Apps like my live tile may be better option to create custom tiles to direct to web page. Custom tile maker pro even get rid of the address bar and it suits more for Facebook touch.

Ok, i wasn't specific, i does not work on "facebook messages" page. That's the only asspect of facebook i need (everything else is baked in) and it's just awful in the facebook app :(

A clever work around indeed but I find it ponderous and antithetical to the spirit of the OS - it is too complicated. Is there an easier way? I just resize the page that I want to save until the logo fills the top portion of my screen and pin to start. Works great and unlike Apple devices that will open the page to the size that they were saved as WP7 scales back to normal view.

I had the Blue Google page pop up for me recently but I ignored it.. Is there any way of getting it back so I can pin it to start?