Lumia 1020 coming to Sweden on October 17: Elgiganten, Telenor, Tele2 and 3

October is going to be a big month as the Nokia Lumia 1020 goes worldwide. Not a day goes by that we aren’t getting release dates for the 41 MP camera phone and today we have news for Sweden.

Nokia’s Facebook page just put up the “Save the date” post noting that the phone will be available from a wide variety of carriers and consumer electronic stores, including Elgiganten, Telenor, Tele2 and 3.

No preorders are available yet but Nokia notes that you soon will be able too. No word if the optional camera grip will be part of the deal for new customers, but we’ll keep an ear out.

Source: Nokia Sweden (Facebook); Thanks, Viktor W., for the tip


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Lumia 1020 coming to Sweden on October 17: Elgiganten, Telenor, Tele2 and 3


With the 1020 rolling out  world wide, it looks like a refresh to the 1020 with 1080P screen, Snapdragon 800 CPU, and updated 8.1 OS will come at MWC, and the only new device we could expect with those specs is the 1520..  What do you think Daniel?

It's possible. I mean clearly Nokia has a lot of devices (ranges) they are working on and presumably they will update these phones for the big 8.1 push. But for now, I there is no evidence of such a device. To be a fly on the wall at Nokia HQ, lol...

I suspect you could be right... I'm pretty sure the next lineup will have those features on upgraded phones... My prediction is that the 2014 lineup will go as follows...
Lumia 530, 531, 630, 635, 730, 830, 831, 832, 930, 935, 938, 1030, 1035, 1038, 1530.... Maybe a 1130 with a 5inch 1080p screen... And, it's obvious that Nokia skipped from 1020-1520 to leave room for more devices, which they are most likely already tinkering with. If Microkia fills the gap that will be 19 smartphones scattered around the globe... IDK.. Only time will tell, and we'll just have to see if I'm right, but this doesn't sound out of the question to me...
Just imagine if Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony put this much effort into making WP devices... Wow❕

That's definitely a long and large lineup of phones.  I suspect you are correct in your lineup, but I'd love it if the device line was slimmed down to having 3 Phablets with large screns (1520/1530, 1130, and 635),  3 main line phones with 4.5" - 5.2" screens (930, 830, and 730) and a budget line of phones (630 and 530-531). I expect it if both the 1530 and 930 line got a redesigned 41MP Pureview camera with high end specs and a thinner/smaller camera housing. The main line would have the 20 MP sensor, and the budget would get the 8 MP camera. This to me would make the most sense and have some consistency around the world.  To me the 1030 wouldn't make sense and that the only reason it was released was because of the work necessary to get it to work with the current S4 CPU. The Snapdragon 800 shouldn't need that customization. Right now the lines are confusing and there's little differentiation for your average consumer other than the numbering system.

It should be to confusing to the average consumer because they are never exposed to all of those devices.. They will most likely only see 2-3 Nokia devices in the store..

I'm glad this is being pushed out everywhere. I hope MS just doesn't ruin this line of devices with the next generation.

Hopefully once the deal closes they will be able to release the flagships in many markets simultaneously.
They should release in 10 major markets at least and quickly expanding to other markets in 1-2 months.

I would jump and scream if the title read "Surface Pro 2 coming to Sweden on October 17..."
I have a bad feeling it will be more like "Surface Pro 2 coming to Sweden sometime around summer 2015".

Meanwhile at Mac forum :-( or dedicated Apple stores at malls :-(

We need better Microsoft store opportunity's or risk not getting any more Microsoft products at all. Apple and Samsung have been drowning products about Microsoft. Sure we might see a add sometimes. Its so short that you never even know what happened. Surface brand as we know it will have stopped to exist when we get the second one. :-(

Nice news, never thought it make it over here. Windows Phone is non existent and Lumia 920 is cancelled since months back (you can't buy one on most carriers). Lumia 925 came here but no carrier wanted to touch it so Elgiganten is the only sure place to get one. We are sloooowly growing over here but WP is encountering massive resistance from the crowds I move through. Some don't want it because its Microsoft, and that would be most. Then there is the crowd who think its boring or stupid or to ... complicated! The folks who fall in love with WP around my parts is people who refused to get a smartphone up until now. There not many left in that last department, so, the simple question I have to ask me is.
Can I wait for the 1520 as intended or is the 1020 the last phone we will see over in Sweden? The carrier 3 around Gothenburg (the ones I been to) really don't like Windows Phone and therefore Nokia. Its a flop in there eyes.
(Stockholm excluded in any of my words here, you get everything)
I really hope I can get a 1520. :-(

Actually Halebop, Telenor and Tele2 have the 925, and Halebop, Telia and Tele2 still have the 920.
I agree that the situation could be better though, especially in the carrier stores. (Media Markt in Gallerian/Sthlm have a great, albeit very small, Lumia section though, where you can try wireless charging and different phones.)
I kinda wonder why Telia isn't amongs the carriers offering the 1020 though. The largest carrier should have it. :-/ (They are offering it via Halebop though)

Aha okay. On internet they have devices. But in reality = real stores, where most people get there phones, there is non to be found. As I said, around my parts (east of GBG) I seen this problems.

I've been around south Gothenburg and around Kungsbacka and the only place i really saw windows phones were at Telia in Kungsbacka. They carry 920 and the 820 but they are FAAAAR from supporting it.

Those 2 test phones are next to the Samsung Mega and are basically in the corner of the store. They only have the yellow and black version of the 920 and you can't order the black one or red one on their website anymore...

Sweden is a really slow market for Nokisoft.

Yeah, the stores suck, and the employees have no knowledge at all when it comes to devices that aren't Galaxy or iPhones.

Proshop.se has listed the 1020 as available from 23 september which is only five days from now. Not quite sure what the deal with that is, perhaps they are importing it or then they will change the date sometime soon.