Lumia 830 is now on sale in Sweden via Tele2 for as low as $20 a month

The Lumia 830 is now being sold in Sweden for the first time with a contract plan. The local carrier Tele2 is selling the Windows Phone 8.1 device for as low as 153 kr (about $20) a month with a 24-month contract.

Microsoft Sweden hosting Open House event October 29, sign up now!

If you are lucky enough to reside in Sweden, you may want to pencil in Monday, October 29 from 4pm to 8 pm to head to Microsoft's Open house shindig.

As someone who has been to many Microsoft events, let me say from experiences they tend to be much fun (translation: they amply use their budget). For this event, you can expect "food, drinks, contests" and of course the ability to get your hands on all sorts of new hardware for Windows and Windows Phone.

Lumia 930 confirmed for Denmark and Sweden July 10

Microsoft has confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 930 will go on sale July 10 in both Denmark and Sweden, joining the previously revealed Scandinavian country of Norway for the launch of the latest Windows Phone 8.1 device.

SEQR brings Sweden's most used mobile wallet to Windows Phone

It was early April that SEQR, a Swedish-mobile payment provider, popped up as a blip on our Windows Phone radar. We first learned about an upcoming Windows Phone app for SEQR when McDonald's Sweden teased the news within their own app. Well turns out SEQR for Windows Phone snuck into the Windows Phone Store two days ago! Feature list and download after the break.

McDonald’s launches official app for Sweden, teases SEQR support for mobile payments

I’m lovin’ it. Are you lovin’ it? We’re getting more and more official apps into the Windows Phone Store. Yesterday, the official McDonald’s UK app hit the Windows Phone Store. It allows you to find restaurants and filter through listings. For example, you can look only look for McDonald’s with a drive thru, baby changing facilities, free Wi-Fi, whether they’re open 24/7 or other variables. You can also use the app to view the UKs menu, get nutritional info and much more. Not to be left out, McDonald’s Sweden has released an app into the Windows Phone Store too.

Send and receive funds easily with Swish for Windows Phone 8

Swish (www.getswish.se) is a popular Swedish payment system that allows the transfer of money via mobile numbers. Funds are automatically withdrawn and deposited into respective accounts, regardless of the connected bank (as long as they're participating). The service has now launched an official app for Windows Phone, enabling those enrolled with Swish to get cracking on Microsoft's mobile platform.

Lumia 1020 coming to Sweden on October 17: Elgiganten, Telenor, Tele2 and 3

October is going to be a big month as the Nokia Lumia 1020 goes worldwide. Not a day goes by that we aren’t getting release dates for the 41 MP camera phone and today we have news for Sweden.

Prominent Swedish blogger Blondinbella enjoys the Windows Phone experience

Isabella Desirée Löwengrip Rydberg, better known as Blondinbella, is a prominent Swedish blogger who runs blondinbella.com. The blog attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis, who enjoy reading articles of her fictitious alter ego sporting a glamorous lifestyle. As well as being photographed wielding the Lumia 920 (a yellow one, we might add), Löwengrip has also blogged about the platform itself (about how it helps to keep her life in check).

Lumia 620 launching in Sweden, available in stores from March 21st

Nokia has announced that the Lumia 620 will be launching in Sweden and available from stores starting March 21st. The cheap and cheerful Windows Phone will be stocked in black, yellow and lime green (availability will vary between retailers and operators). The Lumia 620 is expected to be priced at 2500 SEK ($390).

Swedish public service television (SVT) finally headed to Windows Phone 8 in April

Good news for our friends in Sweden, as evidently you will be getting an official SVT (Sveriges Television AB) app to watch on your Windows Phone 8 device next month, give or take a few weeks. The SVT for Sweden is analogous to the BBC in the UK and is considered to be a major source of news and some entertainment.

The info comes via their help forums for SVT Play (their mobile service) and right from the mouth of technical project leader Anders Herbert who noted that it will be here around April but only for Windows Phone 8 devices (due to restrictions on the earlier platform).

Nokia Lumia 920 available at Sweden's Phone House

The Swedish wireless retailer Phone House is offering the Nokia Lumia 920 on all the major wireless providers in Sweden. Prices vary depending on the carrier and wireless packages.

The Lumia 920 is available on Three, Telia, Tele2, Telenor and Halebop carriers. If you prefer to purchase the Lumia 920 unlocked without a contract, the price is 5790 svenska kronor.

Color choices seem to be limited in stock on line and extremely limited in stores. You can find all carrier options here at the Phone House.

via: WinGadget

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone challenge heads to Sweden

A new video has been published on YouTube that shows the Nokia Lumia team in Sweden challenging the general public to see if their competitor smartphone can best a Windows Phone at common tasks. We've previously seen similar campaigns in the UK with the "Dare to Live" tour and Ben Rudolph's Smoked by Windows Phone that started the challenges off at MWC 2012.

You know the drill already, whether it be uploading a photo to Facebook or locating the nearest restaurant for directions, the smartphone to complete said task is crowned the winner. As one can see from the video, the Nokia Lumia held its ground.

More online preorders for Nokia Lumia 820, 920 show up online

Sweden & Belgium get early orders online

Either online stores in Europe are taking advantage of the preorder craze or they know something we don’t about device availability, specifically for Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 Lumia line.

Such is the case with online Swedish shop Phone House who has the Lumia 920 now listed on their site with a going price of 5799kr with tax and chargers. We’re told by reader elversson that Phone House is normally more pricey than other online retailers so if you have sticker shock, that may be the case (we’re also not sure if prices have been finalized or these are 'guestimates').

Swedish retailer CDON prices ZTE Tania Windows Phone at just 990 kr

The Mango-powered ZTE Tania is currently priced at just 990 kr (£90 / $140) on Swedish consumer electronics retailer CDON. Don't let this entry-level handset (and the price tag) fool you though, as this little beast surprised us at CES 2012 with its overall design and hardware specifications.

The ZTE Tania sports a 5MP camera, 4.3" screen, 4GB storage, 512MB RAM and a 1Ghz chip. CDON is blowing other retailers out the water with this attractive pricing. Clove UK currently has the same device listed for £210. Be sure to check out our previous hands-on coverage from CES below.

Head on over to the CDON ZTE Tania product page for more information (select "without subscription" for full price).

Source: CDON.se, via: WinGadget.se; thanks, Peter, for the heads up!

Swedish carrier Three bundling free Xbox with Lumia 800 Windows Phone

Swedish carrier Three (or "3") is offering the Nokia Lumia 800 on a 2-year contract for 299 kr (about $40), but that's not all as the carrier is also bundling the 4G slim version of the Xbox 360 for free. 2GBs of data is included in the plan, and with a free Xbox who can grumble?

We've previously covered similar offers in Sweden with the LG Optimus 7, so it's good to see carriers using Lumia Windows Phones in attempt to push more out the doors. The Lumia 800 itself is a sturdy mid-range Windows Phone that sports a 1.4Ghz chip, 512MB RAM, 16GB storage, 3.7 AMOLED display (with Clear Black technology), and has access to Nokia's collection of OEM exclusive apps.

Source: Three, via: WinGadget.se

Mix Megapol for Windows Phone released on the Marketplace

The Swedish radio station Mix Megapol has released an official Windows Phone app on the Marketplace. The app enables users to listen to programmes that may have been missed, as well as stream live radio of course. The ability to read up on latest news and updates, as well as sporting an appealing UI makes Mix Megapol a must-have for any station fan.

You can download Mix Megapol from the Marketplace for free.

Via: WinGadget.se; thanks Peter for the heads up!

Smoked by Windows Phone challenge hits Web Days 2012 in Stockholm

Microsoft's Robert "The Phone Guy" Luciani brought the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge to attendees at the Web Days 2012 event, which was held in Stockholm. Should contestants beat the Windows Phone with a competitive handset, they pocketed 500kr. Rules were identical to Ben Rudolph's version with simple smartphone tasks being used as testing grounds.

Thirty-four challenges were conducted over two days with 33 wins and only a single loss.

Source: YouTube, via: WindowsPhone.nu; thanks Christian for the heads up!

Impressive Nokia Lumia 800 Swedish Kanal 5 commercial [Video]

The above advert is something special and unique. While 80% of the commercial features a similar presentation of the Lumia 800, which recently launched in the country, the first few seconds is an interesting introduction. The start of the advert is integrated into a popular Swedish station's logo and kicks off at the start of commercial breaks. Sweden has also witnessed a more festive 800 advert being aired

Source: YouTube, thanks hasona for the tip!

Windows Phone 8107 update rolling out for TELUS in Canada and Sweden's Tele2

TELUS has announced that they now have the 8107 (7.10.8107) update available for the HTC 7 Surround and LG Optimus 7.  The update, as you may recall, fixes the "vanishing keyboard" bug, as well as some other issues.  Bell Mobility recently started addressing the issue, so it's good to see TELUS following suit.

Sweden's Tele2 has also reportedly been rolling 8107 out to their Optimus 7 users.

What's the word out there?  Anyone else getting 8107?

Source: TELUS; Via: WMPU; Thanks for the tip on Sweden, Lars-Erik!

Sweden begins airing colorful Nokia Lumia 800 ad

Nice to see the Nokia Lumia 800 getting some air-time, especially up in Sweden who just official launched the device, well, yesterday actually.

The above ad is from Swedish carrier Halebop, which we're told is owned by Telia (the largest carrier in Sweden). We've also been informed that, roughly speaking what is being said in the commercial is  "Dark and cold outside? Then I think it's time for a surprise, a mobile that is also social".

Certainly using the Lumia 800's colors against the black and white snow gives a great contrast and is quite eye catching.

Source: Wingadget SE