Nokia Lumia 610 now in stock at Clove UK

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The Lumia 610 has now been confirmed to be in stock at UK mobile retailer Clove. The company is offering the all-black version for £180 (including VAT), which was previously unveiled to be heading for the UK shores last week. The low-end device sports 8GB internal memory, a 3.7 inch display, 5 megapixel camera, and the Nokia Collection of OEM apps including Maps, Drive, Transport, Music and more.

If you're more interested in the cyan version, Clove have revealed that they expect to stock this version this week. Will you be picking one up, or is the Lumia 710 on your list?

Source: Clove UK (Lumia 610); thanks Richard for the heads up!


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Nokia Lumia 610 now in stock at Clove UK


I just don't the buttons on the 710.
This looks really good though. funny how the 710 is cheaper though.
Pink version of this for wifey I think, if I can't get the pink 800 for a good price.

I think the 610 is a super cool looking device, totally what the kin was supposed to be, a hipster device that has just what you need to be social at roughly 250 us price tag. Good deal imo

The Lumia 610 is also available at Amazone.de for €239 in white/cyan and €249 in black. Its also out at the austrian carrier A1.

Far too expensive when you get can the Lumia 710 at £130 or the Radar in your local Orange shop if they've any left for £99.95.