Lumia 800 Windows Phone stock selling out in Finland

Lumia 800

According to a report at e's Phoneblog and Kauppalehti the Lumia 800, which launched in Finland yesterday, has been selling at a fairly fast rate. Jonne works at Gigantti (an electronics retailer) and states that while he doesn't know the exact Lumia 800 sale figures at the store, he has sold more handsets than he did N8s within two days of the Symbian handset being launched. 

Elisa's Executive Vice President, Henri Korpi, told Kauuppalehti today that they have sold out of Nokia's mid-range Windows Phone in some of their stores. Still no numbers provided, but we are expecting to see some positive feedback should figures become available. What makes this story extra special is that Lumia 800 buyers in the land of Nokia are braving snow storms (-27°C) to reach retailers. Now that is dedication.

Source: Kauppalehti.fi (translation), via: e's Phoneblog


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Lumia 800 Windows Phone stock selling out in Finland


I'm happy that WP7 is making waves, and that they have products that can really compete with the best of the best, especially in the minds of those people that really want one. Perhaps with Apollo (with it's increased screen resolution, multicore, etc.) they will really even out the playing field. This OS could do so much, I just hope it sticks around long enough for us to see it. 

You see the same story everywhere they are selling these phones. But I get so tired of hearing the haters saying there was only like 3 phones in the stores and that's why they sold out.
If Nokia won't give us the real numbers can't the stores tell us how many thousands units they have sold. Would be nice with some real numbers.

I can do a 30 min walk in those temperatures rather easily, get a good jacket and walk quickly! Nothing to it. Toronto, Canada.

In Finland, we do not walk. We quenue to everywhere and we always have terrible rush to get in line just to for examble wait outside that shop opens.
Needed to place order to get my 800. That should arrive in couple business day. I was so lucky that I got bit of fresh air and wrong store.

Sorry, I live in a metropolitcan area and can walk to anything and everything.

I know not everyone does this. Don't mind me. :p