Nokia Lumia 920 and friends make cameo appearance in TV show Arrow

Arrow Cameo

Any fans of DC Comic superhero Green Arrow watching the TV series Arrow? It started up last October on the CW here in the United States and later went to international broadcasting in late 2012. It’s getting favorable reviews with critics and fans alike. Either way, they’ve recently had some in-show advertisement from Microsoft, highlight a few products from the Redmond company.

If you tuned in recently you would find yourself checking out a Lumia 920, another Lumia device (800,900?) and a Windows 8 tablet. Check out some of those images below.

Cameo 1

Cameo 2

Cameo 3

Without a doubt, the lead image at the very top is a white Nokia Lumia 920. However, I'm not 100% on the other three images. Lets all play detectives in the comments and see what we think the other devices are.

Also, isn't it funny how the interface of devices on TV shows change all the time? For example, the Lumia 920 image shows a calling UX/UI that you've probably never seen on your Windows Phone device. Also, one of the other unknown Windows Phone devices has a double wide tile that you probably won't find on yours either. The Windows 8 tablet also has a huge user picture in the top right corner.

Thanks for the tip and images Peter!


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Nokia Lumia 920 and friends make cameo appearance in TV show Arrow


Indeed, and MSFT should watch and learn. The current display for answering calls is not very clear. Every time you take a call you need to carefully select the correct button.

And don't get me started with the on-call display. Why this mess? To pick the right button for the speaker or even for ending the call you need to carefully study what you're doing.... Just placing the buttons differently and using different sizes would do the thing.

It is not that bad, I actually prefer ours but I think it was a bit clearer in 7...some of the reorganization in 8 has tightened some elements a bit too much. The screen lock pin keeps letting me hit Emergency Call a bit too much =P

I have to agree with Appmek.  I find the call-answer and in-call screens difficult to navigate while doing anything else.  I always have to really look at the screen before answering, muting, changing to keypad, etc.  A different layout might help, but I think some color and/or size variation would go a long way.  Whenever I answer my wife's iFruit or my old webOS device, it was obvious (mostly with red/green color) which button did what.
Oh and what is up with the "Slide up to answer"?  Almost everyone I've had answer my phone who isn't familiar with WP lets it go to voicemail because they don't realize it doesn't actually mean "slide up to answer" -- in fact, you have to press the "Answer" button also.  (MS may have well just called it "Slide up to Start"....)

I think unstoppablekem means that they have put the Win 8 UI on a phone. Coloured tiles with a (not so in this case) subtle gradient, music and camera tiles...

arrow always has lumias and windows via surface and lenovo all-in-ones.in all the episodes since the beginning.so does the vampire diaries(along with other at&t phones).and recently i started seeing the lumias in person of interest

Elementary is another show that is always featuring the surface. Sherlock always makes a point of clicking out the stand and setting it up for typing too.

I dont get why do we need Windows Tablets, people would be much better with Windows 8 PRO tablets instead

Not to mention too, that they have custom colors for tiles. Not using just one accent. Hopefully this comes to windows phone.

Good catch.   Probably pending updates means it's just not a production machine, but just sits around for its "close up" and goes back to being a door stop or whatever it does during it's "off time".
Only us that cares would really notice that....

Yeah Arrow has shown a number of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 stuff since early on. Not counting the monitors with the Windows logo on them at his HQ.

The show actually shows the surface. I was gonna send wpcentral about this shoe but I was lazy haha.

I swear on the last episode of parks and recs one guy was holding a Nokia phone. It was the guy in the meeting saying you can watch a movie on your phone!! I'm watching iron man 2 right now!

I went around my friends house and they had this on their tv but mostly as background noise and notice the Windows devices PP and how bad it was. I really hate when shows change it to look like another product. At least in Emmerdale (British soap) they show the actual call screen.

Silly how the designers doing the fake UI feel like they have to change so much (or approximate) rather than just taking a screenshot and modifying it.

During all the episodes since the first there have been WP WRT and W8 cameos. This show is definitely a Microsoft fount.

it aires on CW.  i watch a couple of shows from this channel and they all have windows phones and w8. they even have a windows8 tile animation on their channel logo when showing different info.i think it's a channel deal with microsoft to do promotion on their network

They had content in Smallville too...and since CW has a Windows 8 app I think it would help to have a few placements so people will use the app. Its not bad... ;)

UGH that horrible iOS screen and fake gradient tiles.  At least Smallville (that used to be on the same channel), used the actual call screen for WP7 when they showed those devices.  This just makes it look juvenile.  It even has the old Windows icon lol.

Lumia 920's also being used in Dallas and they have shown the actual wp8 call screen.its great for us wp users to see these products in shows so heavily

Smallville also was a great Windows user by Allison Mack in 'the Watchtower' and now in Arrow with Windows 8 & Windows Phone, loving these shows

If you pay attention to the end credits, it will state the following, Promotion Considering is Provided By Microsoft.

and Also as you guys know NCIS Los Angeles is heavy on Microsoft products too both tablets and phones. Same with Hawaii 5 O Nice to see Windows Producta get shown is so many high prfile TV programs.

I've been posting these WP and W8/RT sightings on twitter. Glad someone here finally posted these sightings. I didn't think I would, but I like the show and appreciate Microsoft being shown some love.

I saw a Win 8 device on SNL before, specifically, I think it was on a parody skit about Homeland. I was distracted by it. :P

I know for sure Grey's Anatomy has used the Surface numerous times. Revenge, and Scandal both use Windows Phone 8. I've seen them elsewhere. The promotion this time around has been loads better, though I still think something is missing with their plan.

Why on earth would you even bother faking WP8 tiles on what appears to be an iPhone 3G(S) rather than just using an actual device?! Poorly faked, too. Gradients, incorrect spacing between tiles, misaligned icons within the tiles.....
Oh I see. Silly me. They used the same tiles and colours from the tablet screen to mock up the phone screen.. Games, Music, Camera, Store etc

Strange that they would change so much. Especially with Windows Phone with the UI of Windows 8/RT was interesting to see. I'm personally hoping the two would become more unified in both the interface as well as basic gestures.
The way to do it would be by adding a 'monotone/multicolor' switch to both systems allowing you to get the WP style on W8/RT and the W8/RT style on WP (as seen in the pictures).

I also noticed couple white and black Lumias ( not sure if they were 900 or 920 ) on NBC sitcom 1600 Penn.

Its cool to see Nokia and windows phone getting some exposure but why does the phone have an iPhone call answer screen?

This show is great, by the way. Lots of soapy super hero fun. They've used the Windows stuff since the beginning, too.
As far as customization in TV and movies goes, I don't understand why they have to do it, but they always do. About the only movie I've ever seen where they used a stock UI/program, was in "The incredible Hulk" (the Edward Norton one), when Banner is on the run and goes into an Internet café and uses Windows 3.1 to send some emails. It really made me do a double take. Not only was it OLD, but it was the real thing. Very odd.