Media Browser goes on sale to celebrate latest update

Media Browser

Media Browser is a handy service, which turns your home PC into a multimedia server. With apps available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, consumers are able to access remote content on smartphones, tablets and other supported devices. Today, the team have announced updates for both the server release and Windows Phone client, as well as a pretty decent sale for anyone who hasn't tried the service.

So what's new in version Here's the full change log:

  • Video seeking when streaming video to the app
  • "Play on" button moved to app bar
  • Now Playing bar in the app for easier access (when listening to music only)
  • Added the "Upcoming" section for TV Collections
  • Added artist background image to now playing screen (music)
  • Added support for Live TV (requires additional server configuration)
  • Local trailer support
  • Localisation
  • Transparent tile option for WP8.1 users.

Media Browser

And here is what's new in the latest server beta:

  • New translations
  • DLNA Play To improvements
  • New DLNA Server
  • Enhanced DLNA profile editing
  • New server notification system
  • New transcoding audio boost setting
  • New collection grouping setting
  • Improved mobile layouts in the web client
  • Display mirroring added to the web client
  • Theme songs in the web client

Those are quite the updates, especially with live TV functionality, localization and Windows Phone 8.1 support implemented. What's handy about Media Browser is how the team behind the apps and service have launched clients on all major platforms. There are many of us who live in complicated ecosystems, which Media Browser is able to tap into regardless as to which major tech company you follow.

To wrap-up, Media Browser are also offering all their clients for just $0.99 to celebrate the latest updates for Windows Phone and the server.

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Reader comments

Media Browser goes on sale to celebrate latest update


Plex is good, but cannot work on Xbox 360. With Media Browser there is a Windows media centre plugin that can be used on the Xbox 360 WMC app.

So basically plex streams to Xbox 360. There is no app experience where you can browse your collection and view poster, movie detail etc. With Media Browser that comes standard as part is the WMC extender plugin.

Yes, but as far as i now there is no app experience. You merely play to Xbox. No browse experience and explore. Am i right?

I find it much better than Plex from the standpoint that it actually runs as a service vs. jumping through all the hoops on the PC with Plex.  Also I have my all my TV shows that I record on my NAS and it is always up todate and streamable via my PC's and Roku's.  Now with DLNA playto it should work with Xbox.

I've been using Media Browser for a while now since they make a WMC plugin that I use all the time. I already own the Windows 8 and WP versions.  Can wait to check out the LIVE TV functionality and see if it works with WMC.

I've been using Media Browser for years and I love it. There's been some things I didn't like about the WP app, but it seems they are working out the issues. All of this software is still technically in beta.

I've been using Media Browser for a number of years, but in a short period of time Media Browser 3 is quickly passing Plex and becoming the ultimate media player across all platforms. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. :)

It has stellar ratings, even higher than Plex.  I joined the celebration and grabbed Win 8 and WP8. (paid)

I find media browser better then Plex, also they seem like great guys. I had used Plex for years but switched to MB and glad I did. MB does lack all the add ons that plex has. But MB apps for WP and Win8 are way better.

I got this today and experienced quite a few bugs with Now Playing on Windows Phone 8.1 DP. Can't imagine pressing play on a track means itshould be added on to the end of the playlist...

Is there still the limitation of not being able to play shows when the copy protect flag is set on shows recorded through windows media center?

Guys I got a doubt. What are the differences between NAS and home media server? N where does plex fit in all this? I want to stream content from a hard drive to multiple devices, what do I use- both hardware and software..