Microsoft announces Azure price cuts to combat Amazon and Google

Azure price cuts

Microsoft has just announced price cuts to their Azure cloud computing platform. The move appears as a reaction and combative move against Amazon's own price cuts that occurred last week. Which, believe it or not, were moves caused by Google cutting costs to their own cloud platform. Who wins here? Developers and users.

Microsoft is keeping its word to price match Amazon in the cloud computing department. As an Azure developer you can look forward to compute price cuts up to 35% and storage price cuts up to 65%.

Any developers out there looking forward to price cuts? Sound off below and let us know how you use Azure in your apps and business.

Hit up the source link below for full info on the price cuts coming your way.

Source: Microsoft Via: GigaOM

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Microsoft announces Azure price cuts to combat Amazon and Google


Yes! The fewer excuses to move my company from Amazon to Azure the better. Amazon is pretty powerful but Azure is much nicer and the things they do different are usually better (in my opinion) than the way Amazon does them.

Load balancing is one I've come across lately. Amazon uses DNS record updates to switch load between multiple servers, which pushes the 'load' to the clients because they are always having to refresh DNS to update the correct IP. Additionally it sits as a man-in-the-middle, replaying the request onto the actual instances; this slows down the request and also means it has to decrypt and then re-encrypt HTTPS traffic.

Whereas Azure uses one public IP and routes the incoming connections among the servers internally, which means you can use one IP (per region) and keep the DNS requests down. The connections also go directly to the server, and there is no de/re-crypt of HTTPS traffic. A much cleaner solution in my opinion, and any additional 'load' for figuring out the balancing is absorbed by Azure rather than laid onto the clients.

This is based on my hands-on experince; happy to defer to someone who has more experience with load balancing on both platforms.

Amazon is the incumbent system, but I would like to transition to Azure. I have a lot of experience in both.

I believe ELB does the same thing you are referring to in your second paragraph. That being said, I prefer Azure's implementation in general, having worked on a couple projects at scale on both platforms.

I would have to confirm re the IP, however I'm using ELB at the moment and it is still decrypting and recrypting secure traffic. It also only allows me to access 3-4 different predefined ports, which makes load balancing on anything other than telnet or HTTP pointless. I'd much prefer to access the servers directly like Azure allows you to do.

Considering that Microsoft is taking a hit on these price drops, not likely. They will remain competitive compared to other Cloud/Box services instead.

I want to use azure but Amazon EC2 just has some amazing really cheap systems for my uses. I can use a 32core VM for less than $3 an hour. Azure has nothing that's comparable.

Azure has an overall better scalability and management, and its services are easily implementable and testable with vs2013, that translates into lower development costs.

whats googles motivation tho? i have no knowledge of these sytems but google certainly knows  Amazon and MS have very deep pockets, so why give the money away? Are google big in this field? or is there motivation to attempt to cripple the viability of these platforms for others or what is the devious motivation? Google does nothing that dosent benefit themselves first second and third, and if they can cripple others in the process its only further motivation.

You have to like that Microsoft is putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak. I like the sense of urgency I see with the company, hopefully it will payoff in the long run.

Totally out of topic, but does anyone know what happened with myAppfree app? It's not available in any region. I had it yesterday, today I did a phone reset and I can't find it anywhere.

Azure websites need their price reduced. If never receive a price cut when everything else does. However good to see there sticking to their wood of price matching. It going to keep getting cheaper.

Hmm, I'm thinking about signing up with Azure just because it's among the few Microsoft services I don't use. Now sounds like a good time.

Microsoft Coud Service -- You can deploy .net apps, java, php -- get db space -- sql servers -- virtual machines -- the list goes on and on.  Very useful for getting stuff to the web.

Personally, I like Savvis' now CentryLink's cloud offering. It doesn't nickel and dime you to death like Amazon, plus its built upon top tier hardware like Cisco UCS vs Amazon which dumps old hardware from their website to serve their cloud.

Best of all it is priced competitively and has a higher SLA.

- Roger

Best of all it is priced competitively

I very much doubt that. What would be their reasoninig for not displaying their competitive prices proudly on their web site and requiring their prospective clients to give them a call?


I have not used azure yet, though if price cuts continue I may have to investigate. One of the barriers for someone like me is the mystery behind figuring out what it will cost, though. But this is a step in the right direction.

Nice MSFT cutting prices everywhere. Soon MSFT will be open source. Can you imagine MSFT working of donations? It will be the next big thing. Thanks Sam for the tip.

Niiiiiice! Good to know that Azure is remaining price competitive! As I'm a BizSpark start up I'm in the Azure land and it's awesome so I'll be sticking with it as long as they keep this kind of behavior up I have no reason to leave Azure :) Currently run a trial enforcement WebAPI for my Music Import app on Azure and have stuff in development on it :) Good stuff MSFT!!!!!

Competition is good because some companies too Greedy for money .. More competition more products cuts prices