Microsoft announces BUILD 2012 developer conference

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Although Microsoft’s MIX conference is now kaput the plan was to merge that dev conference with the bigger, more exciting BUILD event. And today, Microsoft has announced BUILD 2012 is a go for October 30 through November 2 at home base, Redmond, Washington.

The timing is of course perfect—Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Surface, new Xbox updates and more. You almost get the feeling that Microsoft has been planning to sync all of this together for one big explosive event.

Registration opens August 8th at 8am PDT, so make sure you sign up and book your flight for what’s sure to be an exciting few days—especially since it overlaps with Halloween.

We’ll of course be there with our A-Team for live coverage and analysis should you not be able to make it.

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Microsoft announces BUILD 2012 developer conference


One thing, I find very few WP sites actually get to conduct interviews with the WP team members, can you guys try and get a one-on-one with Joe Belfiore? Would like to hear from him from a knowledgeable WP user. Thanks.

Haha you can tell Daniel took that personally. @Daniel, even though you already have one you should definitely try to get another.

I wish I couils be there, you guys are so lucky to be able to be there live when it happens. Its a great time to be a Windows fan.

I was hoping it would be LA again, but I guess that's too expensive and this will be a lot more like the old PDC. I don't think anything new will be announced there because Nokia has there event two months before, but if WP8 is going to be released in November, it will be better to only announce the full line of devices and the full feature set at Build, just a couple of weeks before the devices are available

So I'm guessing were going to see and get panels on surface.

Windows 8
Windows Phone 8
hopefully the next xbox.

Also when are you guys going to start spotlighting windows 8 apps like you do windows phone.

All good but I'm just curious why they wouldn't prefer late August instead.  The product has RTM by then and developers would still have 8 weeks or so before general availability to get a push for more apps.

im guessing there will be another event prior to that to showcase wp8 features? i don't know, it just feels like there will be too much leaks for late oct and early nov time frame to be of any use...

Aha, I love these events and podcasts and TV etc. Some snacks, some beer and I can get intoxicated with a MSFT overdose...bring it to meee...

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