Microsoft shows why IT professionals should switch from Google Apps to Office 365

Office 365

Microsoft has taken to the Office Blog to explain why IT professionals should opt for Office 365 in favor of Google's offering. The main selling points are controls enabling professionals to effectively manage installations and content.

From opting to deploy entirely in the cloud to migrating workload online while leaving parts on-site, Microsoft's suite is an excellent option for a workforce requiring productivity tools and software.

Check out the infographic below to see how Microsoft is selling Office 365 to IT professionals, enabling said personnel to support a mobile or distributed workforce. The company looks at parts of Google Apps and compares features against its own product.

Office 365 Versus Google

This move is part of Microsoft's serious push into business and enterprise with not only Office, but Windows 8. We'll have a more in-depth look at comparing Google Apps and Office 365, as well as migrating across to Microsoft's services shortly, so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds.

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Microsoft shows why IT professionals should switch from Google Apps to Office 365


Hahaha, my thoughts exactly... When I show people what the web apps can do, they are shocked that they didn't know about them, and question how google apps still exist... Just gotta get that word out there.

Students at my school refuse to use Office Online (Web apps), and continue to use Google Docs for two reasons:

1) They see Google as open source, and MS as proprietary.

2) It's uncool to support MS or show a positive interest in anything MS

The scary thing is, these same people are future IT Professionals, so where does that leave MS in 10 years?

If MS can't turn around their reputation soon, it won’t matter how good their products actually are.

If they work for any sizeable company, they will be starting at the bottom of the ladder, and will quickly realize that Microsoft Office products are heavily relied upon. For format compatability, to macros and VB scripts that pull information from different systems into Excel and Access DB's, these are things that Google Docs will likely never be able to do. They will quickly realize that their love of Google is best left at home, before their managers tell them they can stay there too.

Yeah u are right... Many teens in college rely upon google products...once they start moving up they will realise

I'm sure those students do a lot of things because they think it's "cool." Aside from the fact that doing something because other people might think you're cool actually makes you a pathetic sheep, when they get in the real world they'll realize they'll have to play with the grown-up's tools and not their little toys.

Sad but true.... MS makes great stuff for business /and/ young people. But young people seem to have some unwarranted hatred for Microsoft. It's pretty scary to be honest. Satya Nadella needs to pull MS through to be cool again, hopefully with his Mobile & could first approach. *fingers crossed*

MS has had this problem for 15 years. It hasn't hurt them much except for fake outrage at issues other companies have had as well and no one cared about. I'm in IT, and actually a recent Mac convert from the desktop side, and I see it from almost everyoneI work with. They claim to hate MS, but use all their technology. 

That was true 10 years ago, but since Google went public (IPO/Gmail time) they're definately the bad guys. Come ot think of it, that's eactly the attitude I've seen in... all the under 24s I can think of.

Besides, Office was made open-source in that nice period when Microsoft did everything right.

I was huge into Linux in college for the same reasons.  So when my nephew recently said in a "better than thou" voice that he used Ubuntu, I just burst out in a laugh.   Then I told him that over 20% of Steam users were already on Windows 8, and he was shocked.   He's just a dumb 18 year old kid, so I let it go.


Well there are other things you will need to consider. I worked at company where I am prohibited to use any free software. I was very unhappy that company is spending millions of $ on paid software. But the real issue is it depends on what type of license the free software is going to be. There are couple of licenses where they are free to use software but when requested company has to show the source code of their product. It might not apply over here in this case but what I am pointing out is there is other side of free software..

Exactly, there are certain places where open source softwares just can't be acceptable.

They are accustomed to an antiquated version of 'cool', where it's trendy to hate Microsoft. When they get into the real world they will figure it out pretty quickly.

And then they enter the real world where no one cares how cool you think you are and people care about productivity, results, and security and are willing to pay to achieve those results. Free software is great for college students. For corporation, cost is just one of many consideration a company looks at when it is selecting software.

Nobody cares what happens at school. Good apps are kids toys. Nobody outside of school cares about looking cool when stuff needs doing.

When the software consulting startup I worked for switched to Office 365, it was a great experience since we starting to get into more detailed software methodologies. We were able to expand the company from 5 employees to around 2 dozen and increase productivity and communication. I loved it. (: Honestly, I would be really surprised if larger companies were working solely off of Google docs. Google is great for students, though.

I'd love to read that case story. If it's solely based of the move to Office365 or the move had a large impact into being able to utilize better methodologies, that would be an interesting read.


Post a link if you have one.

good one. I will use it as ammunition for the next time we have somebody consider docs. However the version I really want is the one that shows me why I should buy a touch unfriendly surface 2 with office RT when office on ipad ships next week. I'm sure Satya is working on that graphic as we speak.

Bigger screen, USB, microSD, video out, doesn't shatter into hundreds of pieces when dropped from 4cm.

Office for iPad will not have close to the feature of full Office 2013. You cannot really compare Desktop Office with iPad Office.

Reason N.1: Google core business is reselling your personal data to others.
No good for business, no good at all..
Microsoft does not need it, it makes money with software ;)

People choose what is "free", they think all Ms products are paid, that's the main reason students may choose scroogle over Ms.

With windows 8 tablet prices coming down, I assume office looks free to me, Unless you need deep office work, then you'll need the subscription.

I honestly can't think of any serious company that would opt for Google Apps. The same goes for Windows... I'm not saying Google sucks; it just doesn't have the power to face Microsoft and its services. In my experience, I tend to think Google lacks in so many important factors that even for college I fell poor using Google Apps. They're good, but not that good.

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I can think of one-- the company I work for "went google" around a year ago. There was a big promo push and everything, as though "going google" was some beneficial morale booster or something. FWIW I work for a (very) large national company.

very similar to my company.  But it's more a cost saving measure reducing licensing load from other softwares

I work with an IT Consulting group who recommends and resale's google services. It makes me sick cause the product is nowhere near as powerful or full featured. And the before you get to the privacy and security issues. Lets take all our companies trade secrets and give them away so google can continue to make money advertising about stuff not even related to my data which I no longer own...

I know of numerous places that have switched to google docs. And everyone I know who works in those places absolutely hates it. The small incompatibilities with the official Office suite makes multi-company projects painful. One company creates a doc in office, then it is revised by another company in google docs, comes back to first company for approval, first company says, "what the hell did you do to all the formatting and smart objects?" Then every exchange afterward is an exercise in pain. One friend actually brings his tablet to work for the sole purpose of editing office docs, using a license paid out of his own pocket. Seriously wtf.

This takes me back to the days Sun was trying to push their office suite and people at Sun actually took their own versions of Microsoft Office in to be productive.

The online tools needs to be way better.  Like doing meeting notes online in in google docs is way superior to online office word.  In google 'word', people can edit anywhere in the document without screwing around with others in other places of the document.

In office online word, you try that and it screws up everyone else in other parts of the document.  Someone on page one is editiing and it makes someone else on page two have their view jump around and if you press the enter key, it jumps around everywhere.  It's like people are fighting for where the cursor should be.

That's not collaboration. Fix it microsoft!

Or maybe wait until a person has finished their edit, review edit, everyone discusses edit, change or approve and go to the next page when the page is finished? (All the while communicating with your colleagues). This approach saves a heck of alot of time as opposed to having multiple people editing at the same time and then reviewing changes afterwards.

Lol, sure for a meeting of 2 people.  One person is not going to capture all the meeting details exactly.  The person(s) responsible would know best how to record what they discussed. And the topics coming up the Agenda, a person would go there to add any additional info to discuss.  Not all parts of the agenda are pertinent to all persons involved.

It's not limited to meetings, document collaboration, ie: ok you have section 3, I have section 5, joe has section blah blah.

I used OneNote and lately Office Lens for work related. My colleagues were very impressed with the result. They too wanted it on their iPhone or Android but told them to throw away those shit and start using Windows.

Sorry.but these pro Windows people know absolutely nothing..Google is awesome quite frankly.we use both at my work..love th hem equally.

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Google is awesome? Pull the other one!
They continue to 'reinvent' their products to the detriment of the end user. Just go and have a look at the new Google Maps - see how clunky and unintuitive it is! Or how about the removal of Google Latitude, ostensibly because Google+ will offer the same service (real reason; Google+ is a better way of gathering advertising data). Gmail is a pig, and Youtube is pumped full of adverts.
The Microsoft ecosystem is an oasis in comparison. V.little advertising, professional grade products throughout - and a coherent design philosophy.
Sorry, Google at the moment look like amateurs in so many of the sectors in which they are competing. They have expanded too quickly IMO.

(edit)...google docs lost my favor when it lost/couldn't connect to a presentation a friend of mine was working on. Dependability is critical to me.

I use office online and offline for my works. OneNote is a great tool, I do folders of my research's, before I make some report. And is great to have an excel at OneDrive, and from any computer I can change it.

Oh, and OfficeLens, very nice tool!!

I recently founded a company and like every startup I had to setup my infrastructure. Naturally Google Apps was an option, since pretty much nothing beats free. Another option was to go the traditional route and deploy my IT infrastructure on premise. This soon was a non option though, since it meant thousands of dollars for hardware and software and getting a business off the ground is hard enough as it is. So I was close to go with Google, at least until I could afford something more professional. Luckily I came across an ad for O365 and after using the free trial, I now run my entire business in the cloud. It is scalable, professional, reliable and most importantly, I don't have to give sensitive data to Google. As a small startup, I have all the tools a mega corporation has. And it doesn't cost me more than my monthly electricity bill. Hands down, no small business should pass on O365. I think MS needs to get the word out a lot more to SMB. This is where O365 shines... And now back to work, so this startup turns into something big :)

If you are a small business owner you can get into Microsoft's Bizspark program and get their software to use free for a few years.

Doesn't Mobile Nations use Google Apps themselves? Interesting if you do why you chose it over Office 365...

Well, as I read the comments before me, I've been thinking that even though business are based on Office apps, Microsoft need to start doing the PR to show what really happen in the real life, because Scroogle could start some things in the next 10 years to make sure that the current student will stay in their Google realm and ignore Microsoft's, even try to persuade their company to use Google apps,