Microsoft releases eight new 'official' wallpapers for Windows Phone (Nature)

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Since Windows Phone users can't spend a lot of time customizing their OS (instead we live our lives), there's much focus on the lock-screen. We know we change ours every few days (we use Ffffound for inspiration).

Today, Microsoft has announced a partnership with London based graphic designer Levi Freeman and as a result, they've released eight "officially sanctioned" wallpapers to spiffy up your Windows Phone.

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The eight images are nature focused so they may not appeal to everyone (we're more into abstract art here). Still, the designs are nice and they're meant to look perfect on your phone. What's more, the images all have a corresponding QR code for easy download (see, not even Microsoft uses Tag). Plus Microsoft notes that they hope more of these collaborations will happen with Levi, meaning we can probably expect different themes in the future--we like that idea. Levi also plans to release desktop versions too.

There's some interesting tidbits about the inspiration for each image and details about Freeman at his site, so hop on over to grab those images and learn a little bit about their origins.

Source: Windows Phone Blog, Levi Freeman's blog


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Microsoft releases eight new 'official' wallpapers for Windows Phone (Nature)


No it did not!
Go to settings and change the wallpaper from there (NOT pictures hub)... You will see way more default wallpapers, like 25 or something.

I agree, I found the site interfacelift by mistake and soon realized its incredible. Having an app absolutely blew my mind. I actually like it better than ffffound for content but ffffound's UX is much better.

"Since Windows Phone users can't spend a lot of time customizing their OS (instead we live our lives),"
I really don't think the last part is necessary; It's neither funny nor clever.

I just view the image at full-size on my phone and long-press it. I have the option right there to save it directly to my phone, and also to make it my wallpaper-the fastest option of all!

I was secretly hoping these would just magically appear in the built-in wallpaper album. Bah, too much work.

Maybe it's just me, but while these are all great images, in my mind they're not really framed well for a WP7 lockscreen.
Quite a few of them are just really busy where the lockscreen text shows (2, 6,7).  Others are nearly perfect, except they just need to be cropped slightly differently.  (4 needs to be higher so that the text is just a little lower on the grass, 8 needs the text further to the right in the image).  The only ones that I think would actually be usable are maybe 1,3,and 5, and in my mind 5 is a little bit of a stretch due to light text on a semi-light background.
Like I said, these are really great images and the photographer is clearly talented.  I'm just not sure they work that well for lockscreen images.

Nice but the insider app is where its at!! All those awesome Bing pics at our disposal? New ringtones? One of my favorite apps period and you wanna good laugh, check out I love you kitty ringtone. Kills me!

I've been using and loving the Insider app for Bing wallpapers myself, but the quality and sharpness of these images are awesome! Looking forward for more from the author. Thanks!

Weird, already have it in my wallpaper gallery. Maybe it's because I already got the Tango update.

I get the "We're having trouble displaying this page" message when I try to follow the QR code link on my phone. Anyone else running into this?

I just use Bing, so it changes every day.  Like you said I've got better stuff to do than manage my wallpaper.

Windows Phone users can't spend a lot of time customizing their OS?!!
Are you kidding me??!?!!!
I am ALWAYS changing and customising my homescreen! Is it just me?
P.S. I know this article is old and pretty much irrelevent now, but I just had to say it.