Microsoft Research Network Speed Test

Microsoft Research releases top notch Network Speed Test app for Windows Phone 8

Although we now have an official app for Windows Phone, after what seemed like an eternity of not having one, options are still good for users and we like today’s new offering.

The app comes by way of Microsoft Research and is simply called ‘Network Speed Test’ designed for Windows Phone 8 devices. The app is straightforward and very clean looking, with the user having to merely tap “Start Test” to let the now familiar process begin. Users are then presented with upload/download speeds, latency (network delay), max jitter and packet loss. Other network information is also provided by sliding over, as well as user history.

Microsoft Research Network Speed Test

The app also has a second use, one for Microsoft:

“When you test a network connection using the App, certain characteristics of your device and the network connection will be sent to Microsoft to help improve our understanding of network quality and availability.  If you consent, we may also collect information about your location at the time of the test.  The data we collect is not associated with you, and will not be used to identify or contact you or for other purposes like targeted marketing.”

An interesting idea and a great way to collect data from users about, well, data usage and speed over various network types. Microsoft has been focusing heavily on this area as of late, especially with such unique services as Data Sense (which is expected to go wide with the GDR2 OS update this summer), browser compression and more.

While the app is not as robust or fancy as’s app (it also lacks the ability to share one’s results) it’s still a great option for those looking for a solid, comparison service to measure their network efficiency.

Pick up Network Speed Test from Microsoft Research here in the Store. Thanks, Rod H., for the tip!

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Reader comments

Microsoft Research releases top notch Network Speed Test app for Windows Phone 8


I´m loving the "radial design thing" that is coming to Windows 8.1 Blue and now in this app!! One Note also has this!
i hope this is coming to Windows Phone 8.1 (or whatever they call it).

Actually Microsoft has had a 7.x equivalent for a while. It's called TestMyNet and it accomplishes the same thing (albeit with a more geek oriented UI)

LOL Awe I kinda Miss wp7, Oh how I loved my HD7. :) If MS would just fix the Xbox music I would start recomending WP8 to my freinds again :)

I like it so far. It seems to run smoother giving you better results over the app.

This is a beautiful app, but it would be cool if they could make an app for something we don't already have.

Showing completely unrealistic upload speeds for my wi-fi connection. I'm limited to 1.5 by Uverse, but this shows 13 up. Is it possibly using both connections or something? Speedyest still shows the proper 1.5...

Difference is MB or Mb. 13 Mb is 1.3 MB. Closer to the 1.5 speed you're looking for. If I'm not mistaken. Most ISPs use the Mb to show a larger number for marketing purposes. So those super fast 50 "meg" speeds is really 5 megabytes while also 50 megabit's... I think I'm explaining this correctly.

Well aware of MB vs Mb... but both apps say Mbit.  
The app is definitely not defaulting to the Wi-Fi connection... after I turned cellular data off, now the app shows 1.8 Mb up, which is about right for Uverse (little fast).  With both connections enabled, I again get 8+ Mb up.
So either the app is defaulting to the cellular connection (which is not what is listed under "Network" in the app), or it is using some mixture... my download speeds between the two networks are a lot closed so I can't tell if that is varying.

Speed seems to be a much faster option tight now. Somehow this app takes eternity to establish connection and test the speed

Oh... The ping was nearly 2secs. And it took almost a minute to start the DL speed which went on for another minute! How starnge is thatt! While speed showed me the same speed in just a matter of seconds. I guess, US gets a better ping and test times owing to the server locations.

Why Verizon has its own, that is more accurate.
Look at the download size(93K), this is a website.

What is "jitter"?

I turned off my WiFi and got 7.75Mbps/up & 6.76Mbps/down. That's 3 bars of LTE in Los Angeles. I'd start a forum posting to compare speeds, but I have no idea which forum to post it in and it would certainly be moved.

How much variance in latency you see with different packets.  Typically you want a low jitter for network stability sake, but it's not absolutely necessary in most cases.

Strangely, the new MS tool is providing much higher speeds up and down than the Speedtest app.  I wonder which is more accurate.

Good app.. My wifi test on this new app and speednet are almost same for downloads.. 15mbps.. However, the upload speeds show at about 4mbps on this app and speednet shows above 10mbps.. Not sure why there is so much difference..

any one else have large descripency between MS app and SpeedTest. Using AT&T LTE Service
SpeedTest app: (Detroit MI for server)

  • 17 avg down
  • 10. avg i[
  • 82ms for ping

MS Network Speed Test App (unknown)

  • 28 avg up....
  • 6.97 avg down
  • 75ms for ping


Still like the app. But it would be nice to beable to pick the server location. Also it doesn't seem to log test, so far it is showing only one test in "History" and I have done many this morning.

I don't believe the numbers provided by this app. When I tested with my wifi, it seems to be way off than what I observed in the past. It gives me 19, 10 and 15 Mbps downstream on 3 different test and around 15 Mbps upstream (which is unlikely). I tested with Speedtest app, it gave me 3 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up(more likely). Time warner promised 20 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up. I've never observed the upstream more than 1 Mbps in the past and this app consistently shows more than 10 Mbps... Microsoft Research, you gotta to do better testing with multiple servers across multiple location before releasing app like this in a hurry!

Same issue here.  Try disabling cellular data, then restrat the app and retest.  I htink it's using LTE for at least the up speed even though it says wi-fi.  I have a 1.5Mb up connection on wi-fi and this app tells me 9.  Not possible.

Just confirms what I thought.. Verizon LTE is faster then my wi-fi connection, I guess its time for a new wireless router...

Download 11.06Mbps, Upload 243.97Mbps...
Upload seems okish but the download should be a tad higher :p