First 100 in line for a Surface RT tablet get $100 Xbox Music Pass

Microsoft Surface RT

To celebrate the launch of the Surface RT tablets, Microsoft is giving away a twelve month Xbox Music Pass ($99 value) to the first 100 people in line at their local stores.

There is also the hint of additional Xbox prizes to be given away at the launch events.

Just follow this link to find a store near you and plan on arriving early. Curious is anyone will be camping out for the Surface RT.  If so, good luck!

Thanks, stmav, for the tip!


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First 100 in line for a Surface RT tablet get $100 Xbox Music Pass


Same.  The website for the store in Vancouver Canada doesn't show this giveaway either.
NVM I think it is available here.

They just had to do it, didn't they? I was planning on waiting but this is too sweet to miss. Looks like I will be standing in line.. Damn it.

Welp that just pushed me over the hump!  I have a reservation card and I wanted a $100 discount...this does it!

they did do something for you, they gave you a website and a delivery person to bring it to your door.  The people standing in line are hoofing it to the store and giving microsoft PR points for showing lines building at stores.  It is pure payola, and I have no problems with it.

Dammit. Why couldnt they have said this before I preordered mine... I was back and forth whether or not to travel an hour away for this, and just decided to preorder cause it was easier. This definitely would have pushed me over the edge to camp out!

Will the stores be opening at midnight on the 25th? 
I'll be camping (first time I ever do such a thing) as this Xbox pass deal is pretty good.

I'm local in Seattle so there's two stores nearby.  I preordered my Surface online though...wish they would just have a bonus for those who preordered online as well.  I never have a clue when to get in line for something like this.

Maybe it'll come in the packaging when we get ours in the mail? I can live with not getting a Pass but that would be hella tight.

Makes me wonder exactly how many people will be in line at the Dallas store. 6 million people in the area, how many know about the Surface? Dangit. I guess I'll get out there early. They told me the line opens at 7am. Aaggghhh!

hi Wyn6 - are you in the Dallas area? when I looked up our store it says "coming soon". Do you know if its going to be open by Friday? Also if you go early - I'll see you there!

Yeah, I'm in the Dallas area. The store Is gonna open on the 26th (Friday). I was out there last week and spoke to one of the PDs and the Assistant Manager. They were still setting everything up, but said that lines will open at 7am. If you're there I'm sure I'll see you. I won't know you, but I'll see you. Hah!

I will be there on friday too at the holiday store in Dallas, that will make 3 of us, I hope nobody show up untill i get mine first, JK.  picked up the reservation card today, so I hope I will be able to get one on friday.

the lines for the store open up at 7am on friday? no way  I can get there until after work 6pm ish..
hope I don't miss out on gift card!

I'm trying to find out what time the Dallas one opens as well. Got a reserved pass last Sat.

That sucks. I went out Friday and they told me there were no reserve passes. I was hoodwinked! led astray! run amok! I didn't land on the Surface! The Surface landed on me! Malcolm X references aside. If I go out there and see a separate line for those with passes or am unable to get a base Surface and magent keyboard, I will be sorely disappoint.

I am not really sure, but the way I understood it it will be outside since the mall dont open before 10, they are hiring a third party company to manage the line, it sounds like they expecting a lot of people to show up or they are hopping i guess, they still have a lot of reservation cards to give if anyone still looking to get one, the card will garanty that you gt a surface, but which one? thats not garanteed.

Thanks for all your help. One more question. Will there be a line for reservation and one for without? Or just one line?

That's not good. They told me there were no reservation passes. Now, why say that? Maybe they didn't have them Friday. I'm gonna have to have a chat with ol' Michael and Michelangelo when I get there Friday, because I'm not going back out there till then.

WTF mate, I pre-ordered mine online.... maybe I should stand in line, buy one and then return it at the store just to get the Music pass.....

should be cheaper, but I'll take anything I can get since Microsoft isn't throwing in the keyboard for free.

what if you have a reserv card...if there are 100 people in line without card, but i have a reserve card to purchase, do i get?

yes your reserve card gets you in a separate line.  So all the schlubs who didn't get a card will have a line and you will be in the reserve line.  More than likely you will get one.  I think the reserve cards have numbers on them so you can get an idea of how many were given out before you.
The ultimate coup is if they process the entire reserve line first THEN the schlub line lololol...

Anyone from the Tulsa area hear anything about the mall opening early for this? I called and asked but she thought I meant Black Friday. =/

I'm going over there today to ask.  There is no number at the kiosk to ask.  The guy said when I was there though to come between 9 and 12 to make sure they have one.  He did not say if a line started before that.