Microsoft updates Extras + Info with more unknown improvements

Extras + Info

Extras + Info for Lumia Windows Phones has once again been updated, but the same changelog exists and we can only spot small bumps in version numbers for system settings. Some of Microsoft's new Lumia system apps were inherited through its purchase of Nokia's mobile devices division and are updated regularly. The issue is with each release it's not always clear what each version brings to the table.

The store listing states that this version includes bug fixes, but we're aware that this note has been present through numerous updates. Looking at displayed version numbers for some of the backend systems on Lumia Windows Phones, we were able to spot where some of these improvements have been implemented.

Extras + Info Update

As one can see in the above image, the following received a minor bump:

  • Lumia First User Experience: >
  • Nokia Share: >
  • Rate us: >
  • SpamFilter: >

Download the update from the Windows Phone Store and let us know in the comments should you notice something we've overlooked.

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Reader comments

Microsoft updates Extras + Info with more unknown improvements


That's because it was the last updated. The next time something else is updated, at least that is more hardware related, it will move from last to second to last (or however many settings were updated).

At this point I really want the settings page completely redone and preferably have folders similar to the "Live folders" in WP8.1.1. It's getting out of hand...

Is it too much to ask that they give their own platform a changelog? They added in the section "New in this version" the least they could do is properly use it.. :P

Yep. For sure. This update fixed an issue I had with external microphone on 920. It wouldn't have sound with video recording. Now it can. Still no able to record audio file.

It is about being a role model in software development for your own plattform. if they dont care about this - why should any other developer care?

WTMF, lazy Biatchs never tell us what there up to. Are any of the"extras" like facebook messenger with permission for camera, microphone etc......,

So is this update rolling out, or is it limited to devices having at least the Cyan update? I'm on a Lumia 810 with Black and WP8.1 and the store (following the link in this post) won't show the recent update.

I'm on black with standard 8.0 OS. I tried DP 8.1 screwed up my 920 in big way. I got the extras update today. Fixed microphone issue I had.

"Lumia First User Experience" was also subtly renamed, to "Lumia First Use Experience". Probably a typo fix, as "first use" makes more sense than "first user".

Yup there is a huge improvement imo...cus before the update it used to crash as soon as I opened it(after updating to 8.1DP on L620) and now its absolutely fine..

Nobody on earth really knows what these components do in fact. Only people who know this are the Nokia / Microsoft employees, but according to internal policy any of them who leak sthis info is immediately shot in the head. Thatswhy you dont find the explanation of these components on nokia.com or anywhere on the entire internet.

I am new to Windows Phone. If I hadn't seen this article, how would I have known this update was available? It didn't show up as needing an update in the "store."

You phone would notifiy you naturally in a day or so after an app gets an update. You would get a number next to your Store Tile in 8.0 ("1" if one app needed updating) and a note in the Notification Centre in 8.1

Oh fuck now i can transfer files from skype using it. Bugless skype due to this. Facebook now equal to android ... Fish.. I was dreaming why MS dnt update thosee onee

It seems that i have a battery drain after installing this update,does anyone have the same problem ?

Lumia 925 with Cyan and DP installed.

My Lumia 920 w/ Black and DP8.1.1 is eating battery and I cannot connect to the internet through wifi or cellular. Thinking I might need a hard reset. :(  I've tried multiple soft resets, removing SIM, and everything else... Not wanting to do this... hoping it just starts working!

I am also getting a SERIOUS battery drain on my icon.... as high as 15%....when it has always been around 5%....could it be this extras update? this is not good people!

I don't understand why the Extras + Info app's size is 15MB while the other system apps are generally abt 3MB. It just shows some data basically, doesnt really do anything unlike other system apps :O :P

that's where i first noticed it - then i realized, i cannot connect to the internet - DNS issues or something...

This update actually fixed the microphone issues I had with my Lumia 920. During video recording I had no sound, but this fixed now. The bigger issue remains that I'm still not able to use voice commands or record audio notes.

No,I have Cyan,and unfortunately installed this update,and my phone has,slowed down and drains the battery,got about 3 hours less of use after this update. I have a Lumia 925,I did not install it on my Lumia 820 and it's faster than my 925.