Microsoft wants you to beta test upcoming Office products and services


Ever wanted to test out new features before they launch? If so, today's your lucky day as Microsoft is currently looking for beta testers for the Office family of programs and services.

Beta testers will be able to run pre-released software and provide feedback as well as suggest product improvements. The pre-release software includes the Office suite, which features Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Visio, Access, Publisher and Outlook, in addition to the enterprise focused Exchange, SharePoint and Project server products and cloud services.

You can either register as an individual or get your company signed up for testing the pre-release software.

Interested? Head on over to the link below to register.


Reader comments

Microsoft wants you to beta test upcoming Office products and services


Lol, what's changed since office 97?
Maybe if Bing Mail and Office Outlook can merge or better sync.

Ribbon interface, new file formats, One drive integration, Office 365 subscription, touch mode in desktop version, just to name a few of the bigger ones. I'm assuming this one might include the touch versions, though if not there will be many new smaller features and tools that need to be tested.

As much as I would love to test new features I really don't think I can risk having some of the most important productivity software on my pc being beta.

Yeah, this caught my family with the 2007 version when the beta version of the new file version wasn't compatible with the release version.

I wanna beta test a new Youtube app

Ikari Warriors

Metal Slug 2


Yeah and plenty other apps that we should have had after 2 years.

I did. There actually was a great general commotion at the time for the lack of a proper dark theme.

why dont they just send it out even if it distroyes everyones lifes....... isnt this what they are doing to us and WP8.1, skype, surface, music... we have been ginny pigs since wp7.

Seeing how WP 8.1 is DEVELOPER PREVIEW you've downloaded on your device yourself yes, it's very much the same as this, intended for finding bugs and getting things ready for world wide launch.


Do everybody a favour and don't participate in this beta, your ignorant whining would drive everybody working on the program nuts.

Beta is not sent out to millions of peoples. Beta should be controlled so that they can fix bugs.

The Developers Preview, is the final build. its not a BETA OS. The Develeopers preview, was for Developers to BETA test their apps (on a final build), before world wide launch.

And thats not whining, thats sarcasim, i particpate in this ecosystem by freewill, if i dont like it i can leave, though i stay, because its amazing. and i want it to improve.

Finally, you need whinny people to joing beta programs. other wise it will fail.

The build from the Developer Preview WAS NOT the final one. Joe Belfiore said it, and you can read that here: http://www.wpcentral.com/joe-belfiore-ama
If it was the final build, then why did we get two updates? But, you're right about the intention of the program: It is for DEVELOPERS to test their apps, not for consumers (Otherwise it would be called Consumer Preview).
Finally, beta testers don't whine. They report bugs, make suggestions and contribute with telemetric data.

Not available...I'll try again later... :(
I've beta test 2013, it was fun and even it was beta, it's quite stable on me. :)

yeah right,

I am not interested anymore because I saw how well they listened to the the feedback of Windows 8 testers

You do have Windows 8.1 and know about the start menu coming back to Windows "Threshold", right?

Of course, but that is much too late.

They have stubbornly and arrogantly tried since the beginning of Windows 8 to push the Metro interface through our throats in spite of the fact that a majority said (already during the previews) that they didn't want it (at least not on desktops and laptops).
That is the reason why I will never adopt the Metro interface (not even on a tablet), they ignored the user far and far too much.

I have never installed Window 8/8.1 and I will never do.
I will have a look at Windows 9 when it is released but I will not give any remarks, suggestions, etc during previews or beta tests anymore.

B.t.w. I have been an fervent MS fan since the nineties (more than 20 years).
MS ruined my addiction to them completely with Windows 8.

Obviously a problem of some kind. The site now says they are working on the issue and they will be accepting applications in the coming weeks. oops! Keep trying!