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Microsoft's New York City Windows 10 event, were you impressed?

Microsoft's New York City Windows 10 event, were you impressed?

For months, we have sifted through the rumors, offered our opinions and waited patiently for today's Microsoft event. The company announced two new Windows Phones, a pair of new Surface Tablets, the Microsoft Band 2 and more. The Windows 10 event seemed to offer something for everyone. For those...
Apple's latest hardware advancements are still a challenge for Microsoft

Apple's latest hardware advancements are still a challenge for Microsoft

Today, Apple announced numerous new versions of their current hardware. In fact, there was not a single surprise due to the thorough leak last week by 9To5Mac's Mark Gurman. That is not Apple's fault, of course, just the nature of the technology reporting these days. In case you missed the news...
Microsoft Send puts an instant messaging spin on email

Microsoft's Send email app arrives on the iPhone first, coming to Windows Phone soon

Microsoft's Garage project has launched a new take on email, Send, for iPhone. Send approaches email as though it were instant messaging, focusing on quick conversations, without the need for subject lines or other trappings of normal email. Send lets you start conversations easily. Just tap...


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Microsoft's Cyber Monday deals are now live

Microsoft has kicked off the company's Cyber Monday deals, saving you up to $150 on a new Surface 3 and knocking 50% off some Xbox One titles. Whether you're on the hunt for a new laptop or are looking to invest in an Xbox One bundle, there are a bunch of deals that are worth checking out on the...
Cortana vs Siri

Early version of Cortana for iPhone reportedly available for some beta testers

Microsoft has reportedly begun closed beta testing for its Cortana digital assistant app for the iPhone. The beta is being distributed by Apple's TestFlight beta software system. According to leaked screenshots from the app, Microsoft says that Cortana on the iPhone can be set up so that it...
Microsoft 'Create Together'

Microsoft's 'Create Together' program lets Windows Insiders build their dream smartphones

After the continued success of the Windows Insider program, Microsoft is looking to expand its functionality to include hardware design. The Redmond giant is currently sending out emails to select Windows Insiders around the world, soliciting their collaboration on the hardware front. Dubbed "...
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Microsoft's phone division cuts caused a lower overall percentage of women in its workforce

Microsoft's decision earlier this year to lay off 7,800 more employees, mostly from its phone division, greatly impacted the number of women that are employed by the company. In the annual update to Microsoft's employee diversity and inclusion among its workforce, stated the percentage of women...
The long-term effects of Microsoft's low-end mobile push

The long-term effects of Microsoft's low-end mobile push

The next billion. We've heard a lot about them. Particularly regarding Microsoft's and Google's attempts to reach developing markets with low-cost smartphones. It was a race to the bottom as Google's Android One strategy and Microsoft's low-end Lumias vied for mobile market share. Microsoft's...
Microsoft AppComparison

Microsoft shows Android users which of their apps are available on Windows Phone with AppComparison

Microsoft just launched its new Lumia 950 smartphone this week with Windows 10 Mobile, and it wants to entice you to make the switch. That's likely the reason for the company to also launch its latest Android exclusive app, AppComparison. The purpose of the app is to match your already-...

Microsoft unveils new Minecraft coding tutorial for students

Microsoft has announced a new Minecraft coding tutorial for students and teachers. The material has been specifically created for Hour of Code, a campaign to welcome new additions to participate in computer science. The tutorial introduces players to basic levels of code within the entertaining...

Microsoft will offer funding to companies delivering low-cost internet in underserved markets

Microsoft has launched a new fund as part of its Affordable Access Initiative, a program through which the Redmond giant delivers cloud-based services and affordable internet solutions to underserved markets around the globe. The fund will provide resources to companies developing innovative...

Microsoft to open cloud servers in Germany that will be controlled by a 'data trustee'

Microsoft is making new efforts to make sure data on its servers are not access by people, governments or other organizations without permission. This week, the company announced that it will open two cloud service centers in Germany that will be controlled by a third-party "data trustee"....

Microsoft plans to open new data centers in the UK

Microsoft has announced the company plans to open new data centers in the UK. Microsoft's own Azure and Office 365 services will be made available from localized centers in 2016, following stricter data protection and privacy laws being passed through in the EU for US-based companies. As well...

Microsoft acquires company behind MileIQ business mileage recording app

Microsoft has bought itself yet another company that has developed apps for iOS and Android. San Francisco-based Mobile Data Labs, founded in 2013, is now a part of the Microsoft family. The company developed the popular MileIQ business mileage recording app. Microsoft stated: "Mobile Data...
Microsoft smart city initiative

Microsoft rolls out smart city initiative in India, partners with e-commerce vendors over cloud technologies

Following the #FutureUnleashed keynote in Mumbai, India, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella charted out agreements with e-commerce companies JustDial, PayTM and Snapdeal. The collaboration will see the companies leveraging Microsoft's cloud technologies to deliver a better customer experience. Also...