Super fast coin trick for Monster Burner on Windows Phone

Monster Burner for Windows Phone coin trick

The Xbox Windows Phone version of Monster Burner started out as a free game before jumping up to 99 cents a few days later. Like most freemium games, it features In App Purchases that speed up player’s progress in the game. Using the in-game currency, you can buy upgrades to increase your firepower and life or single-use items to slow down the enemies and make tough levels a bit more manageable.

The game doesn’t force players to buy coins; you’ll earn some every time you complete a level. But while the first upgrade of any type sells for a reasonable price, subsequent upgrades cost astronomical prices. Even if you repeat an easy and high-coin level like Plains 3, it would still take hours of grinding to afford the best upgrades on your own.

Fear not! We’ve caught wind of a trick that reduces grinding times tenfold. Using this method, you could easily earn an average of 10,000 coins every two minutes! Read on for our full guide and video.

Rush for the gold

Tricks or no, the highest paying single levels are found in Gold Rush mode. The actual Gold Rush level changes based on date, so some levels award a lot more coins than others. But Gold Rush is only available every six hours, so you can’t normally grind it over and over.

Monster Burner for Windows Phone coin trick

Thankfully, this trick removes the time restriction from the equation. First, head to your phone’s Settings menu. Then scroll down to Date and Time. From there, switch off ‘Set automatically.’ Change the date to June 03, 2013. This date creates a particularly good Gold Rush level that lasts for 120 seconds and distributes coins like candy.

Monster Burner for Windows Phone coin trick

Now launch the game or return to it if it’s already running. Gold Rush will be available right from the start, even if you just played it a few minutes ago in real time. Play through the level as normal, reflecting your shots to create the largest combos you can. You’ll easily get combos in the forties and higher, and enemies will drop tons of items as a result.

Repeat as necessary

Monster Burner for Windows Phone coin trick Prepare for War Achievement
Change the clock back to normal before you buy that last upgrade!

Once the level ends, you should earn a minimum of four- or five thousand coins. If you bought the permanent 2x coin multiplier, you’ll get anywhere from 9,000 to 11,000 coins from one attempt! But that’s not enough to buy all the upgrades – not by a longshot.

You want to repeat this Gold Rush over and over. Whatever you do, don’t press the right arrow at the bottom corner of the screen; otherwise you’ll have to switch the time back and forth again. Instead, press the Back button on your phone. The level will restart and you’ll get to keep all of the coins you earned in the previous attempt! Now just keep repeating this process until you have enough coins to buy the upgrades and items you need. Return to the Date and Time menu and change it back to ‘Set automatically’ whenever you’re done grinding.

Just be careful not to purchase that final upgrade and unlock the ‘Prepared for war’ Achievement while your date is manually set. Doing so will cause the Achievement to unlock at a later date, and you don’t want that. Before you buy that last upgrade, double check to make sure your phone’s clock is accurate.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for our full Monster Burner review!

Thanks to K4rn4ge at TrueAchievements for discovering this trick! And thanks to Marcel at InsideGames.Ch and Mark Tepper for letting us know about the price increase.

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Super fast coin trick for Monster Burner on Windows Phone


Paul, don't forget to hop on a hoverboard and pick up a sports almanac before coming back. And for god's sake, don't let anyone see you!

Ha, that would've been the perfect comment for the article in which I referenced Back to the Future 2 a few weeks ago. :)

There is the easiest way and saves you time: play when gold rush is ready then hit back on your phone and the gold rush starts again. Do that as many times as you want.
That is not cheating.

Me too, Luckily it was still set to todays date,
Gold Rusher - Played 3 gold rush games,
Pretty Heart - Saved 25 Princesses

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I'm actually kind of disappointed that you guys would publish this. Its one thing if a glitch helps you beat the game faster, that only hurts players. This takes money straight out of the devs' pockets, and shows a total lack of respect for them on your part. Sure it's 100% their fault for not coding/testing better, but you don't have to go and make it worse. I'd have liked to think you guys have a bit more integrity than that. You'd be pissed if the roles were reversed. :(

Really? Of all the things to get hett up over and complain about.

This isn't a scam to defraud blind orphans, its a cheat for a game.

Its making some gold coloured pixels appear at a greater frequency than intended. Its not cutting down rainforests or handballing a goal in a world cup final, this isn't steroid induced tour de France championships.

This is the moral equivalent of skipping ahead a few chapters to see which one of the two ken dolls bella ends up with in twilight.

Its a goram cheat for a goram game.

You're assuming that anyone using this trick would actually pay for gold or the multiplier. I'll never pay for those as I actually consider that outright cheating as you're not playing the game to earn it. All this does is give you a consistently good level, and entices me to play the game more. If people want to support the dev they can still pay 0.99 for the game, or pay to unlock the 2x gold.

Look, I think in-game purchases are completely lame too. That's not the point. Regardless of anyone's opinions, it's one of the devs' revenue streams for the game. I stand by my statement that you'd be pissed if it were your game you spent a bunch of time and money developing, and then news sites started spreading news that caused you to make less money than you otherwise might have. It's just not a very cool thing to do. Even if it is just a silly mobile game.

Game cheats are a time-honored tradition. They've been published by professional publications since the very first gaming magazines in the 1980s. The horses weren't so high back then I guess.

Also, I come from a background of writing strategy guides so I enjoy writing articles related to game strategies and tricks when I get the chance.

This game crashes on my L920, I tried uninstall and reinstalling but still froce close when opening the app after start screen

Thank god for this, though I think the point is to make a simple game last longer and force it to be played in short doses.

They changed the achievement to 111 orbs and forgot to edit the ingame achievement text. It happens all the time. The correct achievement can be found in the XBox hub > Achievements > Monster Burner.

I'm probably going to end up using this method too, however this is one of the reasons why Microsoft is at least thinking about making games always online.

Thanks for the tip Paul.  I'm not sure if I actually like this game enough to keep playing this, but grinding out some gold real quick might make for a more fun game since I'll be a little bit more powerful.

That's exactly where I'm at... The game is okay, but getting more frustrating to get all the orbs. I am not inclined to buy gold, as I feel that is cheating (ironic I know) but I will happily play the game to get fat lootz :P

How come you advertise this tine trick for coins in this game but outlawed it and deleted my comments In the review or guide for ice age village?

That's a lot of assuming there, especially since you overlook that the time trick on Ice Age Village would have driven just as much traffic as this trick. And you assume wrongly. There were other factors behind our stance on the other game's trick, as I've just explained to Arsenic.

Two reasons:

1 - I specifically asked people not to discuss it in the Achievement Guide article, and you know how I hate when people don't read teh article.

2 - More importantly, the other game's publisher asked us not to discuss that trick. They read our articles about their games and we want to maintain a good relationship with them, so we respected their wishes.

I'm not philosophically opposed to cheating as long as it doesn't impact the experience of other players.

Ok thanks, but I don't see where you pay for it, I click the 2x thing and it doesn't do anything.

Make sure you have an internet connection - it should pop-up an Xbox Live purchase confirmation to spend your points to unlock it.

#1 you don't have to change the phone's clock to do this trick.
#2 the highest gold is not gold rush, instead survival mode (you get 14k~16k gold without double gold item).

I've done this trick far before this article posted, and I'm here to tell Paul that it's not necessary to change the clock to do the trick. Repeat, you can do that (press the back button) without changing the clock on any levels.

The point of changing the date is to give you the BEST level, not just any old level that may or may not be good.

It completely depends on the game - there are lots of different ways to integrate IAPs. And even games without IAPs often force or encourage players to grind. The point of this guide is to reduce grinding time so players can enjoy the game better.

Best legit way = Survival mode.
Use those flame waves (the double taps) and who really cares about the princesses and how much fireballs you use.  And the bagged baddies will often drop extra fire waves so you can replenish them and use it more than twice.  unfortunately you do not particularly get the extra waves at the times you need them so you kind of have to user them whenever you can, at the points you believe is the best points.
There are certain waves that come in rows after rows after rows.  Just wait for one row to get to the bottom of the screen and double tap for the wave, and watch that multiplier jump to like 50+.  Theres one particular section where its a boatload of water badguys so you best use one fire wave there.  The good thing is that only occurs once.
Be sure to pick up as much of the drops as possible.  there will be lots of special coins (the ones that you tap repeatedly until it explodes into a coin bonus) but you wont have much if any time to get them, so just best to ignore those.
I get more coins in survival than i do gold rush.
Even if you suck and die halfway or something you'll still get like 5000+ coins.  And you just hit replay to try again after you win or lose.

The number of coins you can earn in one playthrough of Survival is higher, but Gold Rush is shorter (only two minutes) and far easier.

How come you don't want people to discuss time manipulation tricks for Ice Age Village but post the same trick for this game yourself? A time traveler's guide for Ice Age,is more useful as you can easily glitch your game if you are not careful.

Honestly, it's not worth the trouble. Coins flow so freely, especially when you've got the 2x purchase and have reached the later stages.
It only takes a couple of days to get through and unlock every stage and by that point you've been able to unlock enough upgrades that it makes achieiving high scores fairly easy.

LOL I glitched the 2x coin for free xD I just pushed it in the shop for fun and it said some kind of error and now I have it. fk yea :D

There is no need to mess with your date and time.  If you receive any email or text messages while you're playing with the date and time changed, they will stay at the top of your text messages list until that date passes - and when you text those people, the tests will show up before the ones you received.  It's crazy.
All you need ot do is wait 5 hours and when you play the gold rush, don't click on the right arrow when you're done. Click on the back button and just play over and over.  I don't see that as cheating.