More images of the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 show up, show off new colors

Lumia 820 and 920

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Although we’re less than 24 hours from Nokia doing the big unveiling of their new Lumia range expected for AT&T and other carriers, the leaks are still happening (which may be planned, for all we know).

The latest shows the back of the Lumia 820 in purple—that device is expected to have removable backplates for different colors akin to the Lumia 710.

The other shows the familiar stance of the Lumia 920 and its colors, including Yellow, Red, White, Black and evidently Silver/Grey.

Besides the removal of the chrome bezel for a presumably more scratch-resistant gunmetal grey bezel and matching buttons, there isn’t too much else to be gleaned. But that’s okay, as all will be shown tomorrow morning and we’ll be there live to cover it.

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More images of the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 show up, show off new colors


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Somebody's going to have to explain to me how we get associated with the color purple. Unless you're referring to the Oprah movie. Purple usually just represents royalty.

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Well black and white still black and white, and cyan still best selling and more noticeable then others, so...lets wait and see

Could be revealed at the event, or later like the white for 800. Nokia probably will not trash Cyan / blue , since it's their image color.

Nokia's Facebook page has a 'Faster Is Better' title posted - could mean LTE, could mean that charging with Nokia's Wireless Charging pad is faster (than say, charging via USB).

No one is saying that the other networks can't throw down their money for exclusivity too...  AT&T is PAYING for no love to the smaller players.

Cyan is probably gonna be what they show at the launch so why give it away in a leaked picture ? Don't worry people im almost positive that Nokia will have a cyan colored Lumina

The 920 seems to have an awful lot of dead space below the screen. Specially if the screen is as big as 4,6" or whatever it is. Relative to that the dead space seems huge.

Love red and yellow, but I was really hoping for orange as a choice personally.
These leaks have served well in keeping the new Nokia line in the news for about a week straight now, I approve.  Now, all I need to know is how much an off contract ATT version will be so I can use my StraightTalk sim with it.

No, your spot on, the 820 looks pathetic. And sorry to say the 920 just looks like the 900 in different colours, nothing new. I'm going to wait on HTC now, as my favourite is the Samsung so far for on looks. I love my 710 but Nokia need to come up with an alternative for those who don't like in your face colours, or is that up to HTC, Samsung and the others to fill that gap!

Cyan Has done so well online and in BM shops that they have decided to give it a premium touch. Hence releasing it later down the line. At CES13 I presume

Anyone else notice in the Lumia 920 pics the 2 unread messages on top of 1 unread email? 21 MP PureView subtlety?

Thinking about getting one, but I don't see how you can hold these WP phones comfortably without pushing at left one button on the right side of them. Is this a problem for others? Thanks.

The only thing that can kill this are the carriers. My gf would love that purple one, hope it goes to Verizon.

I like the extra space at the bottom but wish the three 'buttons' were lower, I feel like I always hit one of them when using the keyboard.

Idk about these phones. I find it hard to believe they would just rehash their old phones like this as their flagship. They just be concealing their high end device until tomorrow. The lumia 900 is a great phone don't get me wrong, but the screen can always be bigger. Here's hoping to the LUMIA 1020 being revealed tomorrow!

Hmmm, i would like all these colors. Red for eye candy and christmas. Yellow at the beach. White and Cyan for causal everyday. Gray for work and black if i ever go to a goth paty =)

Shut up and take my money NOW!!!!
Those are some hot looking phones. Ready to make the jump from the android camp to WP. Just hope t-mobile gets some decent high end phones and not some middle of the road stuff. That ATIV sammy phone looked fantastic!!! Reminds me of my GSII but I'd rather have some color and the nokia phones are looking bad ass!

It's nice to have a lot of colors to choose from but it may not be that nice for the retailers as mentioned here in regard to the color choices: http://blog.faktat.com
Especially if you are a smaller retailer, you will have to have a lot of different boxes for a single phone model because of the color choices. And if you don't get all the colors, those customers who want them will go elsewhere. I would think that it puts some limits to how many choices Nokia can provide.

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