More online preorders for Nokia Lumia 820, 920 show up online

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Sweden & Belgium get early orders online

Either online stores in Europe are taking advantage of the preorder craze or they know something we don’t about device availability, specifically for Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 Lumia line.

Such is the case with online Swedish shop Phone House who has the Lumia 920 now listed on their site with a going price of 5799kr with tax and chargers. We’re told by reader elversson that Phone House is normally more pricey than other online retailers so if you have sticker shock, that may be the case (we’re also not sure if prices have been finalized or these are 'guestimates').

Likewise, the Belgium-based SmartPhoneshop.be has both the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 now listed for €499 and €599, respectively.  In addition, you can do the email/SMS signup to be immediately notified when both devices are available for purchase.

Combined with Phones4U listing both devices and the increasing amount of online preorders, it looks like these new Lumias are destined for a late October release, though that is surely subject to change. Alternatively, you can preorder the Samsung ATIV S if you're in the Netherlands.

Thanks, vixez and elversson, for the links


Reader comments

More online preorders for Nokia Lumia 820, 920 show up online


There is nothing wrong with the 820... it's a nice phone but, after my curent phone being a HTC Trophy, I really want a flagship phone.
The 920 is pretty much a flagship phone and is ALMOST perfect, if it had the SDcard slot, it would be perfect

I also want the 920 on t mobile. Looks like t mobile is ONLY getting the low line like the 720 instead of the 900. Might be time to do the switch.

It seems as with the 710 and 800 before, that the EU market could get the 820 and 920 before the US does, if only by a week or two.    I'm ready to get my 920 as well.

Verkkokauppa.com is in Finland also has pre-orders up for Lumia 920 and 820. (note that the 999 euros is a place holder).
Worth to note because verkkokauppa.com is quite famous at receiving some Nokia accessories and devices first in the world.
Interestingly enough i was talking just yesterday with pone of the guys that handles products on the site and he said that they still had not received anything about grey Lumia 920.
So grey Lumia 920 is the only color not up in the pre-order yet. 

499 euros is bloody expensive for what is ment to be a bloody mid range phone that's probly something like $800 and near enough the same in £ I defo won't be buying if those prices are accurate :/

499 euros would probably be in the range of $499 or less. After all these years you would think people have learned to not directly convert euro prices.
Is iPhone 4S 32GB 931 dollars in North America?
And anyways Nokia has not released the prices to retailers so it's uselsss to try to try commenting on these placeholder prices by shops that want some attention. 
That said i certainly expect the price to be 4xx euros. No way it will be in the 3xx range.

I agree, VAT in Finland is 23%, I don't know about US VAT, but it's lower? So a direct conversion does not apply.

Yes it is, but I googled a little and saw that they don't have VAT in the US, only some states have a sales tax, usually around 8-11%. So a direct conversion does not apply.

I wasn't directly converting it was off the top of my head the euro is now similar to the great British pound and when you convert the pound to dollars its almost double i don't see any reason to start attacking

Bitching? How is that even possible i was just stating that the phones are abit expensive which most smart phones are yeah i got the conversions way off and and then every one jumped to call me an idiot im was just saying

Has anyone heard anything about att letting you upgrade early to a 920 at a discounted rate like they do if you want to upgrade to a new iPhone before your eligible.

Everytime I see the lumia 920 I always say to my self this phone is not gonna be my next phone.. But men the more I see it I just have to buy it...

The funny thing is that the Lumia 920 is set to the price of 5700 SEK on the Swedish phonehouse site. On the same site a 16 Gb iPhone 4s costs 6500 SEK. That gives a 15% higher price for iPhone 4s vs. L920!

It's a good thing most people are mentally disabled. Let them buy those overpriced iProducts so I can buy better ones for less :-)

more useless info for me. I work for sprint so I have a free cell phone bill and I'm screwed until sprint announces any WP8 device.

Smartphoneshop.be also has the Ativ S listed (for €559) as well as the Ativ tab 10.1 9 (for €699), the Ativ smart pc (for €849) and the Ativ smart pc pro (no pricing given). I realy hope I can get my money back for my TITAN so I can buy the 920 :)

PhoneHouse has withdrawn the expected price of SEK 5800. Now there is only the information about Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 and no prices. ON THE OTHER HAND the mail order vendor Dustin has Samsung ATIV S (silver) at SEK 4999 for pre-orders (that's inc tax but excl freight). I expect these prices will come down slightly before actual shipping.
I definitely know which one I will go for if these (prices) are indicators.