More Tango ROMs headed for the Lumia 710 including Europe

Lumia 710 and Tango

Just yesterday we reported that China was destined for some Tango ROM goodness for the Nokia Lumia 710. This was verified by peeking in on Nokia's own servers where they like to toss up the ROMs before they're pushed out (yet another reason to like the company, we suppose).

Tonight, with a quick cache refresh of our NaviFirm software we were able to seen yet another Tango ROM show up, this time destined for Belgium operator Proximus. This ROM has a slightly different firmware as it's labeled 8773.12120 versus the 12111 we saw for China.

We haven't loaded this one up but we feeling a little safer about English being on board. The big question everyone is wondering is Will the bring tethering to the Lumia 710? Our hunch says yes, at least for those carriers who want it.

It was speculated that Nokia did not tie the battery-saver update in the Lumia 800 (and 710) to the tethering feature for fear it could limit adoption by carriers. By separating them, Nokia could get the important battery fix out to the most users while it separately delivers the tethering update.

We imagine we'll find out soon enough. At least it's a good sign that Nokia is pushing out these updates on a wide-scale and we imagine the Lumia 800 will follow soon too.

via: Mi Movil Windows; Firmware image via Francesco S.


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More Tango ROMs headed for the Lumia 710 including Europe


Do all windows phones get tango? I have an unlocked LG Optimus 7 and I'm in Australia so I don't think my carrier can hold back updates etc as I've read online, like AT&T holding back a bug fix or something.
Sorry I'm new to the WP in general so my knowledge is a bit limited.

It's basically up to the OEMs and the carriers. If unlocked, then up to the OEM.

We don't know if every phone will get it but there are usually ways of "force updating" the device to the latest version. That will probably happen eventually for most phones out there.

To be honest, Tango is not that big of a deal. It's mostly for low-end phones as it only brings a handful of minor features. For the Lumias, it's more about the firmware as that promises to bring some tethering support which the 800/710 are currently lacking.