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How to move or uninstall multiple apps with Storage Sense on Windows Phone 8.1

For those of us who love our apps, or have limited storage on our phones, freeing up space can be a concern. Prior to the Windows Phone 8.1 update, we were limited to installing apps directly on the phone, so when things got tight, one might take to uninstalling rarely-used apps to free up precious space. And anyone who has had to uninstall a bunch of apps at once can tell you how much of a hassle it can be to go through the list one by one to clear them out.

However, in this new post-8.1 era, we now have the ability to conserve device storage by installing apps directly to a micro SD card, should our device have one. With Storage Sense, it becomes easy to move apps that are already installed on your phone over to micro SD in a group, rather than individually. Similarly, if you want to uninstall several apps at once, you can use Storage Sense to do that as well.

Here’s how:

1. Open Storage Sense on your phone. TIP: If you think it is something you will use fairly often, you can now pin it to your Start screen. (The same goes for Battery Saver and Data Sense.)

2. Tap where it says 'phone'. Storage Sense may take some time to enumerate your data usage, but you will eventually see something like this:

3. Next, select Apps+Games and then press the folder select icon at the bottom.

4. Here you can select which apps you want to uninstall or move to the micro SD.

5. If you choose to uninstall the apps, simply confirm your choice. If moving them to your secondary storage, choose the micro SD, then confirm.

And there you have it.

For a little more discussion about phone storage, especially on low-storage devices, be sure to check this out.


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How to move or uninstall multiple apps with Storage Sense on Windows Phone 8.1


Oh, I transferred some games to SD (which is nice) and sometime later noticed some performance issues while playing (some) games.  I forgot that I relocated them.  Now I have something to troubleshoot - time to move one of them back and see if it works better now.Thanks for reminding me.

yeah,go to your personal videos and at the bottom you have option to select multiple videos and then deleting them

Where is personal videos? I have checked in "videos" and "photos" and can't seem to find just the videos. I can see the videos in the photo folders, but when I do the multi-select it won't allow me to select multiple.

When I use storage sense I can get to something called personal videos, but when I click on it and it "updates" it doesn't ever load up and update. Is there a trick to this? Thanks!

I tried that Video app, but it doesn't show personal videos. It could be because the  videos were copied onto my phone vs. recorded on my phone. Oh well. thanks for the help.

I have tested games like dredd vs zombies, temple run which works smoothly without zero lags.

Well I was playing hill climb racing.. It lagged so much that I got pissed off and uninstalled the game.
P.S: the game was installed in phone memory

I don't get why you wouldn't move other apps to SD and leave games on local storage because that's where the fastest access is? What you're talking about is like moving your games to a SATA drive D on a workstation while leaving Word and Firefox on your SSD system drive. Just doesn't make much sense IMHO.

Takes a bit more time(about 1 to 2 sec) to load apps in class 4 SD in my 520 otherwise no problems.

Beware! I've moved apps to SD card that ended up not being able to run at all. This still seems to be buggy in the WP 8.1 developer "preview".

Are you (read: we) able to bring back apps (and games) back to the phone storage AFTER we've moved them from the phone storage to the sd card in case it lags or does not open? Do we get to keep all progress BTW?

Several bugs I am facing I my 925.
1. Call notification is coming 1-2sec on screen but tone starts on time.
2. Little bit of glitch while scrolling down action centre.
3. Even if I close facebook app with back button, it remains open in background. I have to close it everytime by long pressing back button.
4. After checking mails, messages the notifications automatically get deleted but not happening with WhatsApp. I have to delete notifications separately from action centre afterwards.
5. Battery drain. Too much of battery drain.
6. As usual heating of mobile so much that it gives burning sensation on hands and ears.

Are you guys facing such issues? 925 here. From India.

No glitch while scrolling.
Yes it is a new feature of 8.1 and fb is updated for that.. Back button won't close apps it will suspend it... What's app yet to update...
Battery drain ur location wud be on.. Check battery sense and disable which are not needed... Heating is an issue... But reduced on my L820

If I turn off location, Cortana won't work. And already most of the features are off. Like double tap, touch keys vibration,etc.

Many apps backgorund taks are enabled by default in 8.1, go to battery sense and disable them.

I love when I read articles on this site that teach me something I didn't already know. I did not know I could move apps. Moving about 10 GB of stuff to my SD Card. No need for games to be kept on internal memory. I'll reserve that for photos/videos. My SanDisk SD card just doesn't seem to deal well with video recording.

Now I can download a ton of Beats music since it didn't have an option to store audio on the SD card. Now it will all be on my spacious 64GB card and leave me lots of room for other stuff internally.

Now to see just how long it takes to move 10 GB to the SD card.

I only wish I had the ability to pick where to install the app when I download it the first time. I want my Apps internal and my Games/media on the SD card when possible.

Daniel, does SanDisk ultra class 10 memory card works good with my Lumia 720...
Right now I am using class 4..
Can't decide.....

A little off topic but any way to force Xbox Video downloaded movies to the SD card? I removed them from collection but when downloading again they download to phone memory

What if I eject my SD card and factory reset my phone. Wonder if I can just put it back in and all is good.... Or if I eject it and copy its contents to a larger SD card and then put that one back in. Btw... I have a class 10 SD card in my L1520 and have not experienced any slowness issues to my knowledge.

Copying to a new card I can't comment on, but I just did the factory reset on my 1520 (which solved 99% of my 8.1 issues) and it made me delete all the apps I had on the SD and reinstall them. I assume an anti piracy effort.

Thanks for this, I was wondering about that. I though since they were in my SD card, I could just hard-reset my phone and still have all the apps. I guess that would've been too easy :/

NOOOOW all they have to do is make a high-end Windows Phone that has a SD card slot... and isn't 6 goddamn inches of screen in your pocket.

Noticed some stuttering in some of the games I moved to the SD card. Could be due to the fact that WP8.1 is not completely cooked yet, since the card is class 10.

Btw off topic, my old Nokia 5230 received 2nd WhatsApp update in last two months today, whereas my Lumia 525 has got none in that time period. Plus, WhatsApp seems to be accompanying Cortana in sucking the battery dry. So compelled to use WhatsApp in the old Symbian.

Well, if it's anything like Android was, higher class doesn't always mean faster performance.

I spent a long time trying to understand how that works, and finally gave up and accepted that some phones just work better with class 4s.

The class defines only the sequential writing speed, but using a app and/or game is a completly different scenario. For that you need a high random reading speed. Due to technical limtations today you can either have the one or the other not both on one SD.

The random reading speed on SD cards compared to the internal storage is very slow, thats on reasy why google did not allow apps on memory cards either in the earlier android versions! Because people had blamed android for the bad perfomance!

I noticed performance degrade in apps on card. I tried playing Angry Birds Go and it took a lot of time to load the game.

Please post about the error 80183309!! Everyone has to know!! It's many of us that still can't update!! MS and Nokia stop ignoring us!

installed some heavy games in my toshiba class 10 uhs-1 (32Gb) memory card. i noticed  some frame skips - six guns, asphalt 8, dungeon hunter 4

i am still afraid after hearing all the horror stories on the lagging 512mb devices. I just wish they would release an update to smooth things out first, im still going to stick to old wp8.0.

Hey i got the point of transferring the apps to SD card but there is a query,
After transferring most of the app, i calculated the total mbs of apps in list, it was 178mb but the total shows in the phone is 350 Mb, is it possible that still some of the aaps store their data on phone memory???
Any solution for this?? Cus on my 820 after transferring also remaining storage is only 2.1g......

Can some one help 


Ok Now i moved all the apps to SD card on my 1520 , I am completly unaware what should i do when i have to switch to another phone,I have a plan to buy another 1520 of different color, If my app data is on my SD card,  How can i install apps on my new phone,can i just put this SD card into new phone or what is the process, 

Amazing! The inability to save my games on an SD card was my only complaint with Windows Phone. Now thats a thing o the past!!


Can I play the games from my SD card or do I have to move them back onto the phone to use them???

Awesome, wish I knew this yesterday!

installed a 16gb card in my 520 and spent hours moving apps 1 by 1 ):

uhh hey guys, i installed app to phone memory and then moved it into sd card, but it accdntly turn off.. now i cant find the app.. but in store, i canot donwload it anymore, it says it was installed.. thanks for helpin in advance