Mugen Power teases Samsung ATIV S 4800mAh extended battery, shipping June 7th

The Samsung ATIV S sports a rather large battery, 2300mAh in fact. But what if you wanted some more power to last the day? Mugen Power has answered this desire with a massive 4800mAh extension. The company showcases the product in the above video, which is bundled with a case to accommodate the new battery.

There's a slight bump in the design and the Samsung Windows Phone expands somewhat, but it's a worthwhile trade-off for more than doubling the base charge. The cost of such an increase in power? $89, so be sure to really consider if you'd utilise the extra charge and wouldn't mind having the ATIV S put on some weight (dimensions wise).

Source: Mugen Power Batteries, YouTube; thanks, MBaumi, for the tip!


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Mugen Power teases Samsung ATIV S 4800mAh extended battery, shipping June 7th


Not for me. I own the Ativ S, but I'm quite happy with the battery as it is. I don't want to spoil the design of the phone too. But it's refreshing to read something that's not about Nokia...

That's like my 820. The battery is terrible but I have a case on it and wouldn't be able to use it if I got the bigger battery...

I agree it would be nice especially for people who have the lte variant of the phone but its easier to just buy a battery back like the one from samsung or if you want lightweight nokia. as it is until sprint releases the neo were stuck with 3rd party accessories that aren't all that great

I know Samsung hasn't promoted this phone much. I thought I've heard that they've pushed out a couple updates and updated some apps. So they seem to be supporting it, not as much as Nokia though.

Hmm, considering buying that. With my use of Ativ S, the battery drains in about 6-7h. Sometimes even 5h.. So,wouldn't mind it being doubled. Just hate that ugly fat back cover, and that i live in finland so i would have to order it from million miles away.. But yeah, we'll see. Am thinking of switching my Ativ S to L920, because of Nokia's support and camera..

From my experience with my 920 you definitely want get 5-7 hours. I get about 3-4 of steady talk,text and web surfing. The 920 does feel better in my hand than my sons G3 which is basically the ATIV S.

Yeah, that's pretty bad.. But the reason of getting a 920 for me is Nokia's support, I just have to get that 'storage check'.. And 32gb internal memory, too. Right now i have 2gb left from 16gb and over 3gigs of other..

My ATIV S is too sexy for that ugly battery extender. Much rather buy a second battery. Plus my ATIV S is not a battery hog....Good to see some support for the phone though.

Same here, I'd rather buy a second battery than have that .... thing sticking out the back of my ATIV S. Not to mention you would lose NFC functionality by using this battery.

i don't know about this. 4800 mAh is impressive and all but turning the second thinnest windows phone (the title now belongs to the L925) to a fat monstrosity?

I'm not getting it in selling my ativ s its crap no support from Samsung the phone isn't worth anything im getting a lumia 920 at least Nokia support the phone. When i go on the store dome apps are not compatible with thos device. I made the wrong choice buying this so if you know anyone who wants to buy this let me know. It has no marks on it only a month old it has had a screen protector on it since day of purchase it will come with another screen protector and a 32GB micro SD card and a back case i was asking £400 for it with the added extras but i will let it go for £380 its sim free to and i live in UK.

Too bad tmobile doesn't have the ativ. That's the wp8 device I wanted mainly because of the size and battery. My hd7's 1230 is ridiculously stupid. How HTC thought that was a good amount of power for a "then-high-end" device is beyond me.

Yeah, had the HD7 for a week then returned it due to its poor battery. And yeah, Samsung doesn't support the ATIV S like Nokia supports its Lumia, but there is not one exclusive app in Nokia's collection that is a must have for me, so I went with the 4.8in beauty instead. Until Nokia decides to enter the Phablet arena...they can keep their puny phones.

Ativ is a power hog so that 2300mAh battery doesn't feel that large. Why not take car battery with you while you're at it?

What? ATIV S is a power hog? How? My ATIV S lasts over a day on a single charge with moderate to heavy usage.

My guess is you've never even used the ATIV S and if you have then it obviously wasn't long enough.

I love my 920 but I only get 3-4 hours of steady talk,text and web surfing. So I'd say it's a power hog to. Still I wouldn't part with it. I do wish I could carry a extra battery around with me like a ATIV S user can.

Talking about an extended battery on a phone that wasn't even sold in the US.   Samsung should have done a lot more with this phone than just let it hang out to dry.

Any one who buys this and complained about the 920 thickness needs to roller skate down a hill into a brick wall

I manage my connection speed, I am in Edge most of the time when I just carry it around. I use GSM in bad coverage areas and WiFi or 3G when I do something other than email. I get easily through the day. My boss uses Edge and WiFi while on, he can get 5 days, but he only makes calls and reads his email. Not sure how you are killing your battery so fast... The Ativ S has the best battery by a wide margin.

I love my 920, but man, I love that Ativ. Wish it was in the US on AT&T. Hope they make the S4 WP variant with the same design, but better and bigger screen, eye scrolling, and the same features on the S4, just running WP and look better.