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Nextgen Reader updated. Adds Tumblr and Buffer support

Today has been all about apps getting some nice updates. We saw Facebook Beta and Oggl get some new features earlier, now Nextgen Reader is doing the same (and yes, 6tag got some minor bug fixes too).

Nextgen reader is currently one of the most popular apps on Windows Phone for accessing and staying on top of your favorite websites. Let’s check out what’s new.

The last time we saw Nextgen Reader updated was earlier in the summer. It picked up a new design with some other improvements in the performance department. That was v5.1, this is v5.2:

  • New: Post to Tumblr.
  • New: Share using Buffer (see for more details)
  • New: Support for HTTPS (enable via app settings -> general).
  • New: Tap 'YouTube' in bottom-right corner to open videos in MetroTube app.
  • Fixed: Switching between mobilizers.
  • Several other bug fixes and improvements.

Nextgen Reader

The app picks up a ton of new features that will make fans of Nextgen Reader really happy. Find something you really like? Share it to Tumblr or Buffer. What’s Buffer ( It’s a smarter way to share. You can add articles from Internet Explorer to your Buffer and share them through your various social media outlets throughout the day. Don’t worry, it’s new to us too, but we’re cautiously optimistic that this could be a really cool feature. While there isn’t a Buffer app available for Windows Phone. The Nextgen team does have a trick to add articles in Internet Explorer to your Buffer (

Other features include sharing to Tumblr and the ability to open YouTube videos in MetroTube. It’s a great update all around. What’s your favorite feature? Sound off below.

Want to try out Nextgen Reader? It’s available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. You have an unlimited, ad-free trial, but can then pay $1.99 for it. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR codes below, or swipe to the right in our app.

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Thanks for the tip ryraansh!

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Reader comments

Nextgen Reader updated. Adds Tumblr and Buffer support


I think that the update for Temple Run: Oz was pretty good, as the game was before that unplayable (you couldn't start the game, it got stuck after loading), not sure if it got fixed as mine worked after hard reset.. So basically before the update everyone wjo bought the game spent 1€ for nothing.

"So basically before the update everyone wjo bought the game spent 1€ for nothing"

That's not true. There were no widespread reports of the game not working. That's just your experience. The game has a 4.5+ rating in the Store.

Hmm. That's odd? Cause on Finnish WP Store it has 2 star rating and every review says it's not working, stuck on loading screen?

Now if only it didn't crash for me literally every second time I open the app from the live tile..

Hi. Is it after fresh install or update? We do test the update scenario every time and haven't received any reports from other users about such problem. 

Either or.  Been doing it for a long time now, with the All Feeds tile pinned to start.  Sent in the crash report months ago, but just sent another now.

Someone describe to me what buffer is. Even after looking at their site I still don't understand what service they offer.

And no nextgen reader I don't like your damned paper theme, stop automatically reverting to that with every update.

I was doing the same thing using the function "ADD TO READABILITY" of Nextgen Reader.

There is a excellent Readability Client at Windows Phone Store named Reedability (FREE).

Great app! Would be nice if the live tile automatically adjusted the unread count whenever you read some articles. It can take quite some time to refresh. I remember Flux used to do that.

My feeds where imported from my google reader and i have much more them 1000 feeds in there.
It's there a way to see them all in nextgen reader for windows phone?
Or at least some settings to tell nextgen that feed i want to update all the time and that never ( at least on my phone)
Thanks :)

My only criticism of NextGen Reader is that I have to use an account. I want to use it as a standalone reader with an OPML file.

So, for now, I stick with RSSCentral.