Nokia announces the Lumia 1320

Nokia’s portfolio of devices this past year have been remarkable at hitting a variety of price points for consumers. The lineup they’re announcing here at Nokia World 2013 appears to be following that same theme with the Lumia 1320. Here’s a device that’s set to appeal to shoe on a budget, but still wanting a large phone. Let’s check out the full specs of this 6-inch device.

The Nokia Lumia 1320 has a 6-inch display, but running at 768x1020 versus 1080p found on the Lumia 1520. It’s also powered by a dual-core processor and features 1GB of RAM. Here are you easy-to-digest facts in a bulletin list:

  • 6-inch display, 768x1020 resolution
  • Dual-core processor
  • 3400 mAh battery
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 5MP camera
  • microSD support
  • Three rows of normal sized Live tiles
  • Comes in matte yellow, matte black, glossy white, and glossy red
  • $349

As always, we’ll be bringing you hands-on photos and videos of the Lumia 1320 in action today at Nokia World 2013. Anybody interesting in a budget-friendly smartphone at this size? Sound off below. 


Reader comments

Nokia announces the Lumia 1320


Good thing is they did not skimp on display and processor on this thing.
Tom warren saying display is impressive with great viewing angles and he can't tell the difference between 1520 and 1320 unless you look closer.
Also, SD400 is faster and has better graphics than any processor used in WP8 till now except 1520.

With the exception of the camera this phone is almost in line with the 9xx series of devices, and it's considered mid range.. Today has been a major pivotal point for WP, and W8..

Actually Full-HD displays on 5" devices can not be detected by human eye, considering normal distance from display, it's completely a advertisement war.

Well, that is not the point. The point is we want a phone with a comfortable screen size. The spec war is just coincidental.

I don't think normal everyday people care about the numbering. I really have no problem with the numbering either.

No, but I would rather the numbering scheme told the device's place in the Lumia chain. 1320, higher end than the 1020, lower than the 1520. This device intuitively feels in between the 820 & the 1020, minus a decent camera though.

If i wanted to buy a phone I would not worry about a numbering scheme. What has that got to do with it?.

Well, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't buy a device based on the numbering, but I would definitely want that the number on my device reflect intuitively where my device stands in the Lumia hierarchy. If it is the 13 series it should at least be higher end than the 1020, even if lower than the 1520.

Probably. Canadian carriers have pushed most budget Windows Phone to market, i.e. Lumia 520, 620 and 625. This is a well priced phone for the specs it's offering, I'm sure it'll end up on at least 2 Canadian carriers.

yeah... and then un-announced by Joe Belfiore, but then re-rumoured as  Nokia firmware thing... Let's hope it comes with "Nokia Black"

No, it will not come to small phones (anything less than 5 inches). This is not just resolution dependent. It's also size dependent.

Well...no 5" version of the L1520, no sale. Disappointment.
Also...forget 8.1 in Spring 2014.

Nokia Black and GDR3 will only come in beginning of 2014 according to Eflop. So that means 8.1 will be pushed further back

Lol just curious how do you exactly  think this is a better device then the 5C?? The only advantage im seeing over it is if you want to pocket around a big 6 inch screen other then that the camera is worse on this then the 5C etc. I like Wp dont get me wrong but this def does not put the 5C to shame!  Lets not forget that before the 5S the iPhone 5 was high end. The 5C is high mid range.

Works fine with SD card on the 520, and since this is aimed at that same low end market it makes sense.

Dual core? Seriously? 1 Ghz isnt enough...... Grand made the same mistake by givin only 1 ghz dual core :/ n grand sucks.....

Again, what's with all the large phones? These are not going to be great sellers as most people want a normal sized phone.

IMO, Nokia should concentrate on packing more into something smaller or normal sized.

One thing keeping my gf from switching to WP is the large rectangle, sharp cornered phones.

I agree.  Currently, there is no phone that is sized appropriately for my wife.  My Lumia 920 is too big and heavy for her (same with the 1020)...the 620 and the 720 are good, but they are not available on AT&T.  There is a whole segment of the population they have missed while delivering 3 large screened phones (625, 1320, 1520).
Something like the 520, but with front facing camera, a flash, and slightly improved specs would be welcome.

^^^ I agree with you there. These super sized screens with low to mid range internal specs seems wrong to me. They should have released some decent Snapdragon 800 chipset phones with lots of RAM and on board storage but also with a reasonable sized screen. I honestly don't believe that there is a big enough demand for extra large screens on mobile phones for these to do well enough for Nokia to make any profit on them. This is the sort of behavior that got them in trouble in the first place, which was not supplying the market with what the market actually demanded. Instead, we got half baked and crappy Symbian phones.
Maybe they don't really care about that anymore because of the impending Microsoft buyout so they can afford to be Cavalier without having to suffer the consequences.

Much agreed!  I feel like Nokia is really hindering themselves with these "designs" there coming out with to big of displays to pocket around then they dont put a very good camera on it etc. I had used an unlocked 620 before & 720 (which was my fave) those are the types they should be focusing on the 720 is one of there best designs too. Not all bulky and  wide etc like most of there others. Main
reason I switched was the lack of some apps & I got a good deal on iPhone 5C. Nokia needs to come up with more like the 720 to be LTE avail too & release them on the US carriers. 

Screen is too big, 5" is what most find as the limit of being"useful". Nokia, there's a reason phablets aren't that popular.

Nokia should have made this a 5" screen instead and added a better cam instead. Probably a 8 MP cam?
That would have been an awesome product. 6" I am not sure how easy it would be to handle. Hope they will launch in India soon and not hold it back for a long time.
Best thing about this product is the pricing! :)

Now, can we have a premium device that's smaller please.
HD (720p will do) <4" screen
Polycarbonate case
CPU - blah, dual, blah, ghtz, blah (really - I've never noticed a difference in UX between devices for WP)
micro-SD slot
NFC, GPS, Wireless Charging, 42mp camera, Bluetooth 4, all the motion sensing "good stuff"
Fill the rest of it with a battery...

What?  Like every iPhone up until the 5 (and it's bang on 4") and in the WP world, for example, the Lumia 800?
They've just missed out this corner of the market SINCE WP8 - Android NEVER covered it.  I don't understand why not.

The original Galaxy S only had a 4" screen and the much loved and award winning HTC Desire had a sub 4" display. There were other Android phones of that era (circa 2010) that had a screen size of 4 inches or less. One of the first (if not, the first) Android phones to go bigger than 4 inches was the HTC Desire HD. I seem to remember that a lot of people thought that screen was crazy big but not anymore.

My shoes on a budget can't wait to get their laces on this!! (I'm guessing Sam meant to type "those on a budget").

Hardware is only one part of the equation when it comes to smartphones, just as important is software!! While I do like the phones nokia/windows are bringing forth (phone or tablet) with an app market of a 1-2 hundred thousand app, the users experience will fall way short of the enjoyment experienced by the users of Apple, and Google devices.